Can You Trust ScanGuard?

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A couple of readers have recently asked me about a new program called ScanGuard. One said: “Hey, Bob. Just ran across this on the internet. Article makes it sound really good – maybe too good. Also, what other alternatives are available that do the same thing? Appreciate all the good work you do and the information you share. God bless, Elwyn.” So let's take a look at ScanGuard…

Review of ScanGuard

The item in question is ScanGuard, a PC cleanup, optimization, and protection program. It’s a very new program; according to Whois records, the site came online in June 2016. I don’t find any discussions of ScanGuard earlier than September.

As for the company behind ScanGuard, all I can find is a reference to “a highly regarded Microsoft Solution Provider.” No “about” or “contact” links on the site. That’s a huge red flag. I have no idea who I might be doing business with. Normally, I would stop right here and surf far away from ScanGuard. But Elwyn and other readers would like to know how well it works, so here goes...

My advice is to install strange, suspect software on an old PC that I would not mind re-formatting if the software turns out to be malicious. In fact, I’d re-format the drive even if I didn’t detect anything fishy; something may be lingering deep in the background. At the very least, I would create a Restore Point just before installing ScanGuard, in hope of being able to restore my PC’s settings and files to that time when I am done playing with SafeGuard.

scanguard software review

Installing ScanGuard goes a little too fast for my liking. There is no licensing agreement to read, no “I accept” button, no “cancel” button. A corporate lawyer would never allow those items to be omitted. There’s no “Advanced” page where a user can choose the installation folder, where he wants shortcuts placed, and so on. Once you click on ScanGuard.exe, installation proceeds almost without pause. I feel I’ve lost control, and I shouldn’t feel that way.

Now ScanGuard wants me to register, creating an “online account” in the process. Unlike any other site, ScanGuard does not insist that I re-enter my username or password to confirm it. Genuine sites really, really care whether users get registered. Rogue sites do not; they just want you to enter the “standard” password that you use on all or most of the sites you visit regularly. So I enter a password that I have never used and never will use. There are no rules; a password can be any weak thing.

Testing the Program

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Finally, I can clean and optimize my system. ScanGuard claims to perform four functions: Antivirus, System Boost, Disk Cleaner, and Web Security. I was not impressed by the Antivirus module; out of 27 files it flagged as “potentially dangerous,” the first five were innocuous, so I stopped there.

The only review of ScanGuard that I could find comes from a brand-new site called, which was registered in October 2016. Warning bells went off right away, when I saw that the top 2 items here are TotalAV and ScanGuard, two unknowns that have the same domain registration information. The reviews for both are glowing and vague, and the other products listed are all affiliate links.

Here's another odd thing I found while researching this software. The domain name for ScanGuard ( is listed as "for sale" on several domain marketplaces, with prices ranging from $10,000 to $22,800. Hedging their bets? Very odd, to say the least.

I would not use ScanGuard or recommend it to anyone. The company is sketchy, and it seems pretty obvious that the "review" site mentioned above is a thinly-veiled shill for the product. The product is crude and not user-friendly. There are much better alternatives, and they are free.

You can find my list of recommended Internet security tools in my article Free Antivirus Programs. For the past few years, I've been using the free version of Avast Antivirus, with an occasional scan using MalwareBytes AntiVirus, and this combo has served me well.

My advice on “system optimizers” is to stick with the tried and true. Advanced SystemCare cleans, optimizes, and protects very reliably. CCleaner is another tool that I've mentioned several times on this site. I also recommend Privazer, a tool packed with utilities to keep your PC in top shape.

You are unlikely to stumble across a brand-new antivirus or system optimizer tool that’s even slightly better than these established competitors. Why pay for something you can get for free? And why risk your privacy and security on an unproven entity? Your thoughts on this topic are welcome. Post your comment or question below...

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Most recent comments on "Can You Trust ScanGuard?"

(See all 153 comments for this article.)

Posted by:

Jimmy Garner
27 May 2017

When I read on their site, explaining how great they are, I read this : "Product Manager, David, from ScanGuard, explains" Any site that will not disclose the last name of someone touting their product is always suspect. My research lead me to Bob's site and after reading other users comments, I feel my suspicions are validated. Thanks for the good work Bob.

Posted by:

Ruben Rodriguez
14 Jun 2017

Thank you Bob for thorough explanation.

Posted by:

Dwayne Hunt
01 Aug 2017

I usually get somewhat verbose when commenting on Ask Bob Rankin, but not today. I ask the following question: If all comments are previewed, why did the two comments touting Dr. asumo and Dr. OKOSUN
get through the editing process? They are, at first glance, either a joke or an attempt to promote a fraud. What say Mr. Bob??????

EDITOR'S NOTE: They are gone now, and filtered for future attempts.

Posted by:

11 Aug 2017

Looking at the "Facebook comments" section of the site, it looked fake. I tried to click on a "comment" icon and the program immediately loaded itself onto my computer and asked me if I should Run or Save. I should've run, fast and far. I never asked it to load and I feel like my privacy and freedom of choice have been violated.

I'll see if it deletes as easily as it loads. Thanks for the review!

Posted by:

10 Sep 2017

Just a bit of info, at first i liked the program and paid the $49.95, i very quickly learned that their $49.95 annual fee would be $149.95. Also the 5 computers i loaded it onto began to have BIG problems, a tech professional told me it was SCAMGUARD, STAY AWAY form this POS!!

There is NO information on cancelling and NO contact info on their site. i have spent a lot of time figuring out how to get rid of these scam artists. Luckily i used my paypal account which has a cancel auto payment feature. I would have cancelled my Debit card and gotten a NEW one had i not found this.

Posted by:

25 Sep 2017

Thank you so much for this information. I'm looking for AV and Malware Software for my computers and I was looking at Scanguard and looked at TotalAV for reviews last night. I looked for a review for SG and came to this sight!! I'm a novice in all this but my gut said something wasn't right. Thank you again for the information and I look forward to checking out your site to learn!!

Posted by:

12 Oct 2017

I cannot get rid of Scanguard. It is not on the contro; panel. what can I do?

Posted by:

Ken Fox
24 Oct 2017

Great article and even better you step by step explain solid critical thought process which allows people to gauge credibility in the future. Nice job - also noticed this in the text of Scanguard Native Marketing site:

"For a limited time, everyone is eligible for a free security scan. Scanguard are still currently offering the free scan, we advise users to claim it whilst it is still available." - Notice the "whilst" and "Scanguard 'are'" instead of "is". Bad grammar is a common flag for spam virus trojan sites built overseas.

Posted by:

01 Nov 2017

Thank you, I have recieved a few emails from Scan Guard titled Your antivirus has expired.
I am with a different company and I know it hads not expired.
Next month I will start looking at who is better ahead of my renewal date and after their emails and reading your clear by the steps information I will not even be looking at Scan guard.
Than k you again

Posted by:

William Beard
11 Nov 2017

Tried to contact Scan Guard to cancel my subscription...never got through to the so called Billing Center. Left emails,never heard a word from them. As far as I'm concerned the whole company is one disgusting SCAM. Will never recommend them to anyone. "Fool me once, SHAME ON YOU; Fool me twice, shame on me." Contacted Pay Pal and Scan Guard will never SCAM me again.

Posted by:

09 Dec 2017

I requested the discontinuation of SCANGUARD contract, and the removed from my system. I follow all the proper steps to remove it from my system, and it won't. Even though the application is no longer visible in my apps. It continues block from from desired secure web pages. I WOULD NOT recommend down loading this software to your system, you have to go to a secure site to do business.

Posted by:

13 Dec 2017

Thanks!! That was a great help!!

Posted by:

28 Dec 2017


Looks like a couple more comments got past your reviewers. Check out eric 24 Nov 17 and Will Jon 28 Dec 2017.

I love this post because it shows the right way to approach this kind of issue. I feel for the people who fell for it before they found your site. Been subscribed to your posts since you set up the site (and was a recipient of the weekly newsletter that you co-published before that--miss the squirrels). Really appreciate the insights--especially the Weekly Updates.

Posted by:

28 Dec 2017

Everything that applies to ScanGuard also applies to 'TotalAV.' Stay away from both!

Posted by:

29 Dec 2017

Why would anyone ever use a Debit Card to pay for something??? They should only be used to withdraw from an reliable ATM. A credit card gives some protection - a Debit Card does not and an account could be completely depleted.

Posted by:

30 Dec 2017

Responding to KD - I use a special debit card for suspect on-line purchases, only a few times each year. It always has a zero balance, until I move just exactly enough money to cover the charge before I hit the Submit button on the ordering website. If they later try to charge, there is no money there. Works great for magazine subscriptions, or for "freemium" offers where the first month is free, and then they begin charging before you can get it cancelled.

Posted by:

Brummagem Flash
01 Jan 2018

Thanks for another great exposee of dodgy software. Your work will indubitably help tens of thousands of us lesser mortals from disruptive entanglement with ScanGuard scammers.
I spotted a typo/predictive-text error at end of paragraph 4: ScanGuard oddly became SafeGuard.'s website claims a Proven Track Record: "For more than 60 years, Safeguard has been synonymous with entrepreneurship and innovation. Technology has played a leading role in transforming virtually every sector of our economy over that time, and we have proven our ability to successfully spot and foster the next DISRUPTIVE innovations".
I had been thinking the disruptive innovation here was ScanGuard; but maybe your typo has uncovered the source of more at SafeGuard!

Posted by:

Bruce Berends
20 Feb 2018

Had Scanguard for a year, decided to try another software. I used a credit card to buy their subscription, and cancelled the card 4 months later. A new card was re-issued, and Scanguard still found the info. and billed me 139.95.... after the year subscription expired. Now that is malicious, they are supposed to protect you, not steal identity. now I was forced to either wipe the HD, buy another PC or find software that eliminated all scanguard cookies.

Posted by:

Luis G Lenero
13 Aug 2018

This antivirus should be called: ScaM guard

Posted by:

Jim B.
09 Sep 2018

Thanks Bob, You are a Program Jewel, Thanks again for the "Heads Up". Your review will prevent Scan Guard from Sticking their 'Heads Up' into my Wallet!!.

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