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23 Dec 2005

The open cd located at has a number of great freeware programs on it including open office and gaim.

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23 Dec 2005

Of course, easily the very best free download is Linux, because having downloaded that there are quite literally thousands of good, safe downloads available for it, and dozens of websites that will tell you which are the best (Although I have this bad habit of downloading every version of every application I'm looking for so I can try them all for myself... and some of them do crash the machine... but I won't mention that)!

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23 Dec 2005

There is a lot of great free software out there. Some of my favorites:

+ - graphics viewer, etc like IrfanView.
+ WindowsSizer - to see your work in a specific size window
+ Pixie - for selecting a screen colour.
+ 2x Explorer and Servant Salamander - great file browsers.
+ ATNotes - for little screen postit note reminders.
+ CapsUnlock - if you hit your Capslock too much.
+ Properties Plus can change file properties
+ Startup Inspector, PWGen - for really tough passwords.
+ Crazy Browser - adds tabbed browsing to IE.
+ Karens power tools
+ Evernote - a great tool for compiling bits of text from documents, web sites, etc and compiling for research. The paid version will OCR from scans too.

Don't forget to browse Microsofts Downloads section. Lots of good freeware there like the powertoys and Anti-Spyware. Also, is a great resource for Open Source freeware. Its a bit geeky and you have to look for the Windows version but some great tools there.

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David L.
23 Dec 2005

Here are a couple of other sites I like:

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24 Dec 2005

I find very useful since software that is free _and_ portable is often high quality stuff. Cheerio.

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24 Dec 2005 has a nice range of quality freeware / donationware software ... well worth a look

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24 Dec 2005

Great software that is free and tiny ... literally ... 99% of their software fits on a floppy be it viewers, editors browsers ... all less than 1.44 mb in size. Must see...

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25 Dec 2005

Another good source is Freeware Home:


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Michael Rusch
28 Dec 2005

I'd also suggest the GIMP (Gnu Image Manipulation Program, as an intermediate-level alternative to Photoshop. I would guess that it would leave something to be desired for advanced PS users, but it's fairly powerful in and of itself and the Windows version has gotten much more user friendly since Gimp 2 in my opinion.

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Tom Bullock
31 Dec 2006

The best and most full-featured free email program I know about is Pegasus Mail, found at I have used it for the last 4 or 5 years and followed its progression and development. It has an active and very knowledgeable user community that provides prompt and accurate responses to most requests for help (assuming adequate problem descriptions!). Right now it is free and even has a PDF user manual written in clear and simple explanations of features available. It even has integrated a Spamhalter Bayesian Spam Filter into PMail. It certainly merits a careful look-see by those considering a new email program.

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poppy fogarty
08 May 2007

I have been using Invircible Virus Defence System for over 5 years now, and it is the best anti virus protection system ever. It is a generic system and I have never had a problem with any spyware,malware,etc. At only $A 77.00 for two years, it is the best investment I have made for my computer, and thought I would let everyone know. It is fantastic and I don't own any shares in the company.

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31 May 2007

i have windows98se dell pent11 pc i had photo builder for a while but it did not do what i need i need too take photos from a walgreens cd of my artwork and get the pixels too 1000by1000 too download into my art gallery on this is a nightmare! i cannot find any software for free online that will help me change pixels or size of photos/help?

EDITOR'S NOTE: Try IrfanView?

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08 May 2010

I want to recommend you about my new software, it is called LangOver version 5.0. You can download it for FREE from here:

LangOver 5.0 - is a freeware that helps when you tried to type in one language but the result was in another... Annoying, eh?! That's because the keyboard layout was in a wrong language, and you forgot to use "ALT+SHIFT"... NO MORE! With LangOver 5.0 you'll be able to convert your text quickly between languages. Just click "F10" and your text will be fixed! LangOver 5 is free and Supports ANY language!

'F10' Change language

'Shift+F10' UpperLower Case

'F6' Reverse a text

'Control+G' Search in Google

'Control+T' Translation New!

EDITOR'S NOTE: Who knew there were so many people typing in the wrong language? :-)

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Eric Johnston
09 Mar 2011

I think another great Anti-Virus program is AVG Free. It works very well against all intruders. There is an upgraded version also available.

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