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With RemotePC from IDrive, you can access your PC or Mac from another computer or mobile device with ease. If you'll be travelling for the holidays, this is a must-have!

This is the best (and most affordable) remote access service. Don't take my word for it, PC Magazine recently gave RemotePC 4 Stars! Along with an EXCELLENT Rating, they noted "RemotePC is effortless, with a simple interface and learning curve, and fast performance."

All you need to do is install the RemotePC application on both ends for secure remote access. You can access even your logged off and locked computers.

Compared with other products like GoToMyPC, LogMeIn and TeamViewer, RemotePC is an effective, low-cost app that you should seriously consider if you need remote access capabilities.

RemotePC is cross-platform compatible. That means you can easily access your Windows PC from a Mac computer, or vice versa. You can also access and control your computer with a smartphone or tablet, using RemotePC apps for iPhone, iPad and Android.

RemotePC helps you to...

RemotePC requires no technical skills, and gets you started in just minutes. Check out these awesome features of RemotePC:

Get one year of RemotePC (on up to 10 computers) for only $3.48.

That's not a misprint... you pay only $3.48 for ONE FULL YEAR of remote access. Competing products charge more than that for one MONTH of service!

Compared with other remote-access products, RemotePC costs less and keeps things simpler. I use RemotePC to access my home and office computer while traveling, and it's so convenient. I can use my laptop, my smartphone or even a friend's computer to remotely login to my desktop PC at home. That gives me access to files, as well as all my browser bookmarks. And more importantly, it ensures that my online activity is encrypted when I'm using public wifi or hotel internet service.

Rest assured I've tested this product, I use it myself, and can recommend it without hesitation. I'm confident you'll love RemotePC.

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Get one year of RemotePC (on up to 10 computers) for only $3.48.


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