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Do you have an URGENT computer problem, need personalized help, or have a question that's difficult to explain by email? Consider talking one-on-one with me. I'll spend up to 20 minutes with you on the phone (and remote access, if needed), helping you diagnose and find a solution to your computer or Internet problem, for just $49.

As part of your consultation, you'll get the following services:

  1. Internet Security Review: I'll help you identify and remove any security or privacy risks on your computer. Plus, I'll advise if you can switch from a paid antivirus product to an equivalent FREE solution.
  2. Software Review: I'll examine the software installed on your computer, help you remove unnecessary apps, and suggest free alternatives to any commercial software you currently have.

These bonus reviews alone could save you much more than the cost of the consultation! Geek Squad charges $149 just to clean up viruses, or $220 for a phone support service plan. My $49 fee is a one-time charge, and if you need software, I'll recommend FREE products that get the job done.

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