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cheap laptop computers
24 Jun 2010

I think it better that most reliable anti virus should be used rather than listening to someone and go for that one. Anti virus should be according to your computer needs.

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31 May 2011

I am having trouble to connect to the internet for a few days now. Today a notice popped up on my screen that bigdog.exe can not complete a task - the usual message if a program has a problem. I do not know a bigdog.exe program and I did not load it. Then I found out via the internet it was a virus(or worm) - yet after the scan here my computer got a clean bill. !?

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20 Aug 2012

also had a virus mon my pc when scanned the pc with a USB attached all the info frm the USB was deleted,but i think that actually marked the high poerfomance of the anti-virus.and all thanks to your site it definety makes moy world safer

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