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Heavy D
11 Jun 2011

This is coming alittle late, my first instance with "System Tools 2011" was Jan 1 2011 on Myspace.

And i when i unistalled it, windows would not work, so I formated and reinstalled windows.

I went on Myspace after it was there again, so i stopped using Myspace, and have not encountered again.

Oh, and I was not even asked if I wanted to download anything, it just installed. And I do work as a computer IT.

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11 Jun 2011

I always launch Microsoft Security Essentials when accessing any potentially risky websites (those I haven't used before). So when the rogue Total Security starts I access MSE and start a scan. It will work because it has already been launched. While that runs I close down the rogue program.

Posted by:

Bob C
11 Jun 2011

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11 Jun 2011

I have dealt with several instances of this virus. In most cases AntiVirus was present, but it loaded via a social media connection (such as FaceBook) where most people have granted the program rights to install small programs (such as a game or Farmville).

If you log into the infected PC as a different user you are unlikely to encounter the infection, as it has attacked in the profile space of the original user. At this point Malwarebytes IS an effective cleaner without modification.

Once clean the original user profile will still show damage. A new profile (username) can be generated and data mass copied from the old profile without worries. On a network this requires a new user account in the domain.

As a user always be suspicious of free cleaners that offer themselves to you. And any cleaner that finds a problem but says you need to download something to fix the found problem should be considered suspect.

Posted by:

Andrew G.
11 Jun 2011

Yes I had a problem with this the other day but Spybot - Search & Destroy took care of it just fine.

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11 Jun 2011

Running WinXP SP3,ran into this issue about 2 weeks ago. The file was a numbered(i.e, 12345.exe)or something like that. Once I found the folder where the file had installed itself, tried to delete it but kept getting "File is in use by another program". The simple solution was to reboot in Safe Mode and I was then able to delete the file. Ran full system scan, haven't had any problems since

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12 Jun 2011

I found it blocked Malwarebytes installing.
In task manager it was listed as hbv.exe

It resides in \Documents and Settings\"username"\Local settings\Application data with hidden & system attributes

Have to Show hidden files & folders as well as untick " Hide extensions for known file types" & "Hide protected operating system files" before it can be seen. After stopping it with task manager I deleted hbv.exe
Then run regedit & delete all keys associated with
Afterwards I installed Malwarebytes & did scan, didn't find any more traces of this infection

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12 Jun 2011

I had to remove it from my girlfriends daughters netbook. As noted it did start anytime you opened a browser. I however first found the program in task manager and ended the task. then I disabled all start up programs in msconfig and restarted the computer. Then I did a system restore to before she remembered the problem. Then a scan with Windows Security essentials and found and deleted the offending files and not a problem since. I believe the key to it was figuring out the process to end in Task Manager and then doing the system restore to predate the registry to the problem. I got it on the first try so the details are a bit shaky. I had dealt with a similar problem a year and a half ago so I had an idea of what might work.

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12 Jun 2011

As a system builder I've cleaned this virus at least twice so far, both times with Malwarebytes. I then put the paid version on the computers (and charge for it) to keep it from happening again. I do a couple things different to the article.
1) Install the latest version of Malwarebytes AND the latest definitions to the infected PC.
2) Boot the infected PC into safe mode and run Malwarebytes (I've not had to rename any files)

Hope this helps someone. :-)

Posted by:

13 Jun 2011

I had a problem with this rogue malware too. I used system restore to get rid of it.

Posted by:

Herb Klug
19 Jun 2011

Bob - You are a lifesaver!! I read the article, How to Remove XP Total Security 2011, one night and two days later I was infected. Your directions on how to get rid of it worked perfectly. I would normally say I don't know how to thank you, but I found the webpage where I can send a gift to you so the Audi is on it's way. (Actually, it's the granola bar, but I wanted to give you a thrill for a moment.) Your columns are great. Please keep up the good work.

Posted by:

Abi CAlcano
27 Jun 2011

I had one of this nasty malware and I had to buy a new HDD because at that time I did not know about this awesome site (askbobrankin.con)

Posted by:

09 Jul 2011

Changed the system date by 8 days and then it no longer ran and I was able to remove it with malware bytes without any problems.

Posted by:

18 Jan 2014

How do you even know if you got an infected computer in the first place??????

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