Free Online Survey Tools

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I'd like to do a survey of visitors to my website. I need basic demographics, some multiple choice questions, and the ability to generate reports. Oh, and free is nice! What tool do you recommend?

Free online survey tools

How Can I Put a Survey on my Website?

Whether you're interested in market research, political opinions or customer satisfaction, free online survey tools can be a great way to collect data. These tools allow you to quickly and effectively set up an online survey that collects information on subject matter that is important to you, your organization or your business. While some online survey tools charge an annual or monthly fee, there are plenty of basic online survey tools that are free to use.

  • - is another online survey tool that offers a variety of programs that you can choose from. However, their basic version is the only version that is free of charge. This program allows you to create multiple surveys per month, you are allowed up to 100 responses per survey and you can include up to 10 questions with each survey. Choose from 15 different question types, view live results, include a survey completion progress bar, require survey validation and collect your results from a weblink or email. If your survey needs surpass what the basic version offers then you have the option of upgrading to a premium service.
  • Zoomerang - is one of the most popular online survey tools available. It has had over 1 million users and it is still going strong. Zoomerang offers both a basic free account and more comprehensive premium accounts. The free account will allow you to collect up to 100 responses for each survey you create, you can include up to 30 questions per survey and you can view your live survey results online.
  • - is an online survey tool that is a web based program that allows you to set up your survey in under 10 minutes. All data collected by this site is 100 percent secure and confidential and you have access to live results. Select from email or webpage surveys, as well as multiple choice, true/false and essay responses.
  • QuestionPro - is similar to the other free online survey tools. It limits how many surveys you can create each month, it limits your responses to 100 per survey and it offers survey templates for you to use. Use this survey tool to create multiple choice questions, open ended text questions, essay questions, scaled order questions and ranked order questions. Like Zoomerang, you have the option of upgrading to a premium service, which offers more flexibility and more features than the free basic account does.
  • Survey Gizmo - is one of the most generous free online survey tools around. It allows you to create an unlimited number of surveys, you can ask as many questions as you want on your surveys and you are allowed to collect up to 250 responses per month. This survey tool also allows you to personalize your quiz, poll or survey's sub-domain, you can export the results to Excel and this site will store your data for you.

Online surveys are fabulous tools to use for data mining and collection. You can use these tools to collect information about your customer's shopping experience, you can use them to guess who will win the next election, or to determine what people are most interested in. Many of the top online survey tool companies offer a free basic account that are perfect for trying out a tool before upgrading to a premium service. However, for many smaller businesses and for personal websites, the free basic account is generally good enough for your needs.

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Posted by on 14 Dec 2007

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Most recent comments on "Free Online Survey Tools"

Posted by:

Tom Bullock
17 Dec 2007


Glad you put this together. My employer used Survey Monkey, so I was leaning toward that provider. But it is great to know about the competitors and I want to check them out before settling on just the first one I learned about.

I am working with a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that is just getting started. This will be a great tool to help us find out the extent of interest there might be among those that we reach out to.

Thanks again.


Posted by:

Andrew Foster
23 Mar 2008

Hi Bob, great article. There is some really great links here.

Recently I have been using a site called Kwik Surveys at This has worked out really well for me. I have used it for my final year project at uni. I had a whopping 967 responses! The best thing about using this site is they did not charge me a penny for using it.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Andy, isn't it a little odd that your email address ends with "" ??? That makes your endorsement a little sketchy in my opinion.

Posted by:

08 Apr 2008

Just accidentally came across this site. We are a consulting group and we often have requirements to collect primary/secondary data. We used; these guys are good and it’s a value for money to develop an online survey.

Posted by:

Jennifer L
03 Sep 2008

Bob, thanks for the great article. I've been scouring through the web for the best and easiest online survey creator that suits my needs. I'm an elementary school teacher who needs to occasionally create surveys for parents regarding academic events. I've tried most of your list above but eventually settled on using Usability and ease of use is important for me, so I've more time to do my day job better.

Posted by:

Kalle Svensson
27 Oct 2008

Dear Bob, You put a lot of effort to this article. There are some new tools available such as and which are both in my opinion very good.SurveyPirate is actually a completely free survey tool and Polldaddy is also free on the polls. Together they are very sufficent regardless of needs.

Posted by:

London S.
23 Mar 2009

Another one worth mentioning is I found out about it from this post: I liked some of the others like Polldaddy, but the main reason I'm now using Surveybob is that I can do all of my polls and surveys with unlimited questions and respondents for free. Other than that I like the ease of use and professional look. The features for survey creation, launch, and reports are all there, and it lets me export my data to a spreadsheet.

Posted by:

Kathy W
17 Jun 2009

I'm looking for a tool that my Board of Directors can use to vote for new board candidates. Although a survey format would work, this is a case where I do need to know who has voted. Do any of these survey tools meet that need or is there another way to go? I appreciate any help you can give me.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Sounds like something you could do very simply with email, since there is no privacy requirement.

Posted by:

11 Sep 2009

Another good tool is Interceptum, a web-based market research platform. You can create online surveys and questionnaires, and they have a great web site visitor interception feature that lets you automatically invite your website visitors to complete surveys.

Posted by:

19 Oct 2009

Hello Bob,
I certainly agree about what you have said with zoomerang. If anyone is looking for a good online survey tool and How to get better respondents which Zoomerang provides both. Check:

Keep It Up and thanks for the space provided.

Posted by:

Terry Mickelson
07 Dec 2009

There are differences between free and enterprise applications. One category that is not covered very often in articles is enterprise survey software. I work with a company, who provides additional security, creation of panels and other features to meet the requirements of large business needs to meet.

Posted by:

08 May 2010

I always use It's simple to use and has all the features I need.

Posted by:

Jan Zerzan
16 Sep 2010

My favourite is it has 4 languages, many options and it's easy...

EDITOR'S NOTE: Fine, but disclosure is always nice. Since you're posting from the same city in the Czech Republic as the developers of the software, it seems likely that you have a vested interest.

Posted by:

22 Dec 2010

I've been using KISSinsights for a few months now. It's really easy to use and it happens to look good on my website :)

Posted by:

19 Jan 2011

Alternative Survey Tool:

I highly recommend Rational Survey, it has the easiest to use interface and takes the least amount of time to configure and distribute.

Posted by:

31 Jan 2012

I have member of, now i am golden member of
SurveyTool provided best Features and advance feedback as well as survey monkey and survey gizmo...

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