Finding Lyrics

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I've heard that when a song gets stuck in your head, it's because your brain is trying to remember the words. So where do you go when you just have to have the lyrics to that song that's driving you crazy? Let's explore the options for finding lyrics on the web...

Finding Lyrics

Where Can I Find Song Lyrics?

When I don't know the name of the song or the artist, I usually go to Google and type in a snippet of the lyrics that I can remember (unless the song is "Blinded by the Light".) Quite often I can find the complete lyrics with only a few words from the song, but that's doesn't always work. If you do know the artist's name, another good idea is to check their website, since they often post the lyrics there.

Here are some other great sites that provide searchable databases of songs and lyrics.

  • A-Z Lyrics Universe has been around since 2000. Not only do they provide lyrics with a 90% success rate via search engine, you can add some to the site or correct those that you find erroneous. They also have Music Videos and update almost daily. As with most sites of this type, you can search by artist, title or album by letter.
  • is another site that features lyrics by the alphabet as well as listing new record releases to make your search easier. There are top artists, top songs and top ringtones because, if that latest Black Eyed Peas song is in your head, chances are it is in others, too. Once you find the tune, you have the options of downloading the tune or ringtone, sharing it or adding it to your personal playlist.
  • LyricsFind provides a humongous listing of other resources. They also provide background information on the artist and a "Pick of the Day" website.
  • Of course Yahoo had to get in on the act. Their newly launched beta site includes a listing of lyrics, videos, radio station guide, exclusives and several blog links. You can also rate them if the whim strikes you. By the way, they list "I Kissed a Girl" by Katy Perry as the most requested lyric.
  • Sometimes the best way to search if by genre. A site such as All Gospel Lyrics is a good example. I didn't realize there were about 11 different types of gospel music, but that certainly will narrow down the hunt.
  • And don't count out karaoke sites. Karaoke Play features an online, free service for those who want to sing in the privacy of their own domicile but still have the need to share. Become a member, record a song and others can comment on your tunage.

Sometimes you hear a song on a commercial and they will post the name and group/artist on the bottom left corner. Recently, T-Mobile began airing one that featured "If you Want to Sing Out, Sing Out" by Yusaf Islam (formerly Cat Stevens). That song stuck in my head until I not only had to find the lyrics, I wanted to listen to the entire song.

Check out my companion article on Internet Radio, visit the artist's website, or fire up iTunes to get your music fix.

Got something to say about finding lyrics online? Post your comment or question below...

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Most recent comments on "Finding Lyrics"

Posted by:

22 Sep 2009

If you can remember the tune but not the words, go to (actually, it is, but if you type in what I wrote first, it works).

Using your keyboard, you tap out the rhythm of the song and then a list of possible songs is suggested. I can usually find my song this way.

Posted by:

22 Sep 2009

In Google, just type lyrics: followed by the name of the song - for example, lyrics:Big Yellow Taxi

In Google, you can also just type a line or two - even just a couple of words - of the lyrics and chances are excellent it'll find it for you.

Posted by:

Peter Kelley
23 Sep 2009

I like MySongbook for the iPhone. Shows you both chords and lyrics, plus chord fingering diagrams on demand. You can search for guitar tabs as well, on Chordie and other online sources.

Just got another app that adds lyrics to your iPod/iPhone selections as they play. It's called Camena.

Also trying out Lyrics+ and LyricFind, all for the iPhone.

Posted by:

J. J. Markin
23 Sep 2009

Kristin Hall's "Fabulous Songbook", wide range, especially helpful for songs sung around the campfire:

LyricWiki, subdivided by various categories (genre, artist, label, hometown), searchable:

International Lyrics Playground, over 34,000 (and counting); artists and composers established before 1985; international in scope:

Posted by:

24 Sep 2009

For times when all you remember is a snippet of a song go to google and type, for example,

lyrics silicone sister

Don't need the colon after lyrics unless you know the song title.

Posted by:

24 Sep 2009

Cowboy lyrics is great for country tunes as well.

Posted by:

Ken Dales
25 Sep 2009

Hey, Bob - thought it would be good to warn people: a recent study by McAfee of the malware risks associated with internet searches placed the search term "lyrics" very high on the list. So be careful out there! Only go to the reputable sites.

Posted by:

26 Sep 2009

Posted by:
18 Jul 2010 is another great websites for lyrics!

Posted by:

Jarrod Montes
18 Aug 2016

I like LyricsMusic - good site with lyrics.

Posted by:

25 Aug 2016

If you're searching for Gospel lyrics try

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