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A reader asks: 'I have heard about free satellite TV channels you can receive if you have a free-to-air satellite receiver and dish. Is this true? If so, what satellite channels can I get, what equipment do I need, and is it legal?' Read on to learn about free satellite TV options...


Satellite TV For FREE - Free-to-Air Satellite

Can you really get free satellite TV? Yes! If you're paying for satellite TV service, it may surprise you to learn that there's a free version, too. "Free to air" (FTA) satellite TV delivers thousands of channels of broadcast content via satellite to consumers all over the world. FTA signals are not encrypted; if you have the right receiving equipment, you can forget about subscription fees and decoders.

And yes, it's legal. The producers of FTA free satellite TV content distribute their programming via satellite because it's the most efficient way to reach their audiences. It's quite similar to the free over-the-air television broadcasts that you can receive with a TV antenna - just a different means of transmission.

Free Satellite TV

Typically, FTA broadcasters are government-sponsored public TV services, like PBS in the United States. They don't air commercials or charge subscription fees. But you can also find a wide variety of channels, including news, sports, religious and ethnic programming.

Of course, you won't get MTV, ESPN, HBO, or any of the high-priced premium channels that are delivered only via encrypted satellite or cable TV signals. But there are plenty of broadcasts that you can get free of charge, from many sources that deliver FTA broadcasts via satellite. FTA satellite TV is a favorite among expatriates, who want to stay tuned to the channels of their home nations but don't want to pay for it.

Are you looking for free access to popular TV shows or movies? A variety of online services and clever gadgets can bring news and entertainment to your home via the Internet, for free, or a lot less than a monthly satellite or cable TV subscription. See Free TV With Hulu and Can Roku Replace Cable TV Service? for details.

FTA Satellite Equipment - Getting Started

What you need to receive FTA satellite TV content is pretty basic: a satellite dish, an FTA receiver box, and some coaxial cable running between dish, box, and your TV set. The dish needs to be compatible with the satellite at which you're going to point it; however, most satellites transmitting FTA signals are compatible with the basic DTV dish available online, or at many electronics stores. Popular makers of FTA satellite TV gear include Pansat, Coolsat, and Conaxsat.

The receiver box will cost a couple of hundred dollars and up. Prices vary depending on the signal formats supported and various bells and whistles (Ethernet jack, wireless in-home signal transmission, etc.) You can also buy FTA satellite TV kits which include dish, mounting hardware, coaxial cable or wireless transceivers - everything you need to get hooked up.

Pointing a dish at the correct satellite is simple, in theory. But many people prefer to hire a contractor who specializes in satellite TV installations. A pro can put the dish on your roof safely and securely; orient the dish correctly to get the optimal signal reception; and run cables into and around your home neatly. See "satellite television installation" in your local phone book.

What can you watch on FTA satellite TV? There are literally thousands of channels, and many Web sites devoted to keeping you informed of what's available. is just one such resource. Keep in mind that you'll be looking at channels from all over the world; many will be in Arabic, Japanese, and even more exotic languages. But the video portion of the broadcasts may be most important to you.

FTA satellite TV is not for major league sports fanatics, people looking for the latest movies, or for anyone else who likes to follow the crowd. But if you want free satellite TV on a particular topic, or from a specific country, then you are in luck. For more helpful information, check out the FTA links and forums at the Satellite Guys website.

Free Satellite TV Scams

You might have come here looking for information on how to get free satellite TV programming - the kind that usually requires a subscription from DirectTV, Dish Network or some other commercial satellite TV provider. I've written about the "Satellite TV on PC" scam -- software that promises to give you access to thousands of premium satellite TV stations on your PC for a one-time cost of $49. Don't fall for it. These "free satellite tv downloads" will NOT get you free MTV, VH1, or any other subscription satellite channels. Read my related article Free Satellite TV on PC for the whole story.

You've also may have heard there are special satellite receivers you can use, along with 'FTA keys' that are downloaded from various and nefarious sources on the Internet, and that this will enable you to decode and view those encrypted premium channels.

That might be true. But even if I had that kind of information, I'm not here to explain how to illegally pirate a satellite television signal. The little bit I've read on that topic leads me to believe that it's rather geeky, and requires a constant effort to stay one step ahead of both the satellite providers and law enforcement. I'd much rather pay my $30/month, sleep well at night, and not have to bother with loading a string of hexadecimal digits into my set top box before every show.

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Most recent comments on "HOWTO: Get Free Satellite TV"

Posted by:

07 Oct 2013

Satellite installers inform me they will not send the signal via my own in wall co-ax cables and that I have to have a hole drilled through my house wall and have co ax cable snaking around my baseboard or top of my walls.

It is not an option I will consider when I already have co ax cable hidden in walls throughout my house. It would be really easy to hook into these cables at the box, just like my cable company does now.

Anyone else been told that? And anyone know why they have this "rule".

Posted by:

07 Oct 2013

30 dollars a month? Mine is over a 116 dollars a month and I am sick of it.I only keep it for my daughter so she can watch disney ch, cartoon network and scifi channel(and internet service). I really with there were an alternitive

EDITOR'S NOTE: This page lists packages starting at $30, $35, $40, and $45 monthly.

Posted by:

Jack Agnew
08 Oct 2013

I found a FREE basic online TV service with about 9 channels -- they also have a paid subscription similar to full cable TV.

Posted by:

08 Oct 2013

I pay a fortune for basically ONE channel! There is only one channel I can't access by other means and actually, my antenna brings in all the local channels even clearer than my DirecTV so for poorer picture and only one channel I pay over $80 a month! This may be the year I give up watching my favorite baseball team because I can't justify this expense any longer! This channel is my regional sports channel & isn't even on any of the basic packages so I have to pay this huge monthly fee. It's ridiculous-highway robbery! Why can't they do ala carte? So frustrating!

Posted by:

08 Oct 2013

I've dumped cable and gone to capturing the free high definition digital TV signals floating through the air using an affordable digital antenna that works with my existing coax cable ( and a TiVo unit (

Now I'm saving over $100 month. Got my investment back in just two months!

Posted by:

08 Oct 2013

I used to know about this ... Totally forgot / didn't realize it could still work. Does anyone know if my HD Tivo box, with the card slot for the cable company's card, can handle FTA satellite without an additional box? Obviously, it's capable of running decoding algorithms...

Posted by:

R Jay
08 Oct 2013

Could nof forward to a friend. Can you help?

Posted by:

09 Oct 2013

I discovered Free to Air satellite TV in 2008. It's a great source for international news, news and sports feeds, special events, as well as programs from around the world. As Bob said, check out the Free to Air forum at for lots of info on FTA TV.

Posted by:

Digital Artist
09 Oct 2013

For R Jay: Put your mouse pointer in the blank line directly below here. Hold the left mouse button

while you move the mouse pointer into the blank line directly above this sentence. When you see the cryptic computer gobbledegook light up BLUE, press the "C" key while holding the "Ctrl" key. Now go to your email and prepare a new message to send to your friend. After you address the message and enter a subject line, put your mouse cursor in the message area of the new message and click the left button. Then press the "V" key while holding down the "Ctrl" key. If you want to include a message along with this magic "code", do it before you do the "Ctrl" + "V" trick, or you may have trouble. Sorry I assumed you didn't know anything, but I hope I covered everything. Best of luck and enjoy computing!

Posted by:

27 Feb 2014

Im from Ghana and have heard about FTA and im doin more research abt it but i have also heard that, you can get free internet access through your FTA and want to know if its right. If it is how does it work and how can i configure that maself. Please i will be glad if you can help me?

EDITOR'S NOTE: I've not heard about free internet access via FTA, sorry.

Posted by:

27 Mar 2014

Who is responsible for scrambling all our TV signals in the first place making people have to pay for expensive descramblers and pay pricey monthly subscription fees to receive any channels whatsoever? I used to deliver hundreds of the C-band satellite dishes in 48 ft. trailers and all satellite channels were totally free! Why would our Gov't allow the gigantic satellite/cable TV companies to perpetrate/perpetuate such a heinous scam onto the consumer? Esp. senior citizens on Social Security this is very expensive for them. Can recall elections be held to give these elected politicians the boot and/or file class action lawsuits against them? Dish satellite network cut my KNBC, KCBS, FOX west L. A., KPIX San Francisco, KOMO Seattle/Tacoma, Denver 5 Superstations, Network One, The Water Channel over 12 years ago and never gave me a refund or price adjustment whatsoever. So what is next on the Gov'ts agenda, scramble our short wave radio signals so people can not tune into foreign countries? If America got trillions to spend on foreign aide we should be able to have free TV signals............

Posted by:

Mary Wilcox
30 Nov 2014

How do I apply for free programming .Please let me know.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Not sure what you mean... what sort of free programming are you thinking of?

Posted by:

Darlene Arcadi
30 Dec 2014

Will this method of "free" satellite TV work in RVs?

EDITOR'S NOTE: Sure, the satellite dish can't tell if you mount it on a house or an RV.

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