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22 Oct 2005

I've had winfixer problems for a week earlier this month. I got rid of the popups by simply doing a system restore on XP (MCE). My restore point was about a week and a half before the problem was noticed. NO MORE POP-UPS!

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23 Oct 2005

Over the years I've learned most of these Pop-Ups are put on the Veb by some of the $pyware Remover Companies themselves. I wish there were laws to put these bums to work at a real jobs.
Best way I've found to stop this crap is to let them know you are over 65, then they'll figure you don't have any money to buy anything anyway! It works for me!

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spyware removal
27 Oct 2005

i'm not sure if the antispyware software you are using is able to remove winfixer parasite from your system. all i know, is a guide that removes winfixer located right here:

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28 Oct 2005

let them know that they need to disable restore before they try to get rid of the winfixer. then restore the restore

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02 Nov 2005

SpySweeper (free Trial) removed it for me!

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03 Nov 2005

I paid for and tried the Xoftspy program ($39) last nite and the winfixer problems (tons of popups and a very slow PC) are still there. I checked their help section - which is not very helpful - and it seems many others have had the problems 'reappear.' They recommend you email them the logs their program creates and they will respond. The only reason I bought their product was because on their site, they said it would get rid of the Winfixer 2005 problem.
I will send them the logs (first time it didn't work) but I am very disappointed - now wasting time and money on this.
Has anyone tried the PCTools product? I ran the Vundo.bat series a number of times but it didn't work. This is a nasty one.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Unfortunately, these things can be complicated by the presence of other malware getting entangled. If the Xoft product doesn't work as advertised, request a refund. If they don't comply, contact your bank and do a chargeback.

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06 Nov 2005

I gave in and bought the Winfixer, but that did not fix the problem! I also bought the XoftSpy and NoAdware. They did not solve the problem either! I am still getting those annoying Winfixer popups every 10 - 15 minutes. It makes me have to restart my Internet Explorer each time. I think I'm going to call ABC News and see if "7 On Your Side" can help with this.

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12 Nov 2005

I got rid of Winfixer!! It has bugged me for weeks. I tried about everthing offered online with no luck. I finally did a simple Restore on my XP Home machine and danged if it did not get rid of Winfixer. I had to re-install one program, but that was a no-brainer. If you can generalize WHEN you started getting Winfixer problems and it hasn't been an especally long time, simply try a RESTORE POINT to a time before you started seeing this pest.

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12 Nov 2005

I bought XoftSpy, ran it and WinFixer didn't bother me anymore... until the next day. I ran XoftSpy again and this time it didn't even detect the problem. Don't waste your money on this product.

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13 Nov 2005

I have been experiencing problems with Winfixer popups for the last week or so, and this is driving me crazy. I think I am gonna need to wipe the disc and reinstall everything.

At first I thought, no big deal, I'm gonna use system restore. Well, no luck there, somehow, all my restore points have been erased.

So I gave in and bought the etrust PEST PATROL Anti-Spyware from computer associates; but it didn't fix the problem. Though it did find a few other spyware thingies.

So, I went to the windows update website, and installed all the updates I could, but it seems to have made it worse, I was attacked by another wave of spyware, when that stupid anti-spyware program should have protected me. I feel so stupid for spending money on this.

Now I get these, AdDestroyer,Virtual Bouncer, Yazzle Sudoku things which keep coming back after they've been contained, on top of that Winfixer. Arrghhh...

The Internet is no fun anymore. I wish I didn't need to use it on a daily basis.

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13 Nov 2005

I just installed the trial version of SpySweeper, and after a thorough scan of my computer, it detected a lot of things that "PestPatrol" was unable to detect even after many scans, leading me to believe my computer was pest free.

Anyway, so far everything seems to be running smoothly, hopefully it's gonna stay like this for a while :).

If I had known ahead of time, I believe I would have invested my money in SpySweeper.
I'll let you know if Winfixer comes back to haunt me.

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13 Nov 2005

I find it so funny that WinFixer says in it's popup that it is certified "100% Adware and Spyware free." Someone should bust them for that.

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14 Nov 2005

Thanks so much to the people who mentioned the System Restore to get rid of Winfixer. It has been driving me nuts for a week...not just the annoying pop-ups...but it had crippled my Internet Explorer so that it continually crashed and was nearly unusable. I did a simple restore to 10 days ago before the problem started and things are back to normal! I did have to reinstall two programs but that was a small task compared to all of the aggravation I've been through trying to get rid of Winfixer. I'm going to be more vigilant in scanning for adware everyday from now on.

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15 Nov 2005

There are many different versions of WinFixer... the most common of which is based on a Vundo/Virtumonde trojan. *IF* you happen to have this version, here's a fix that's being used in the DELL Community Forum:

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15 Nov 2005

Kriss, don't let the bad guys win this war by taking the fun and usefulness out of the internet. It is possible to stay relatively problem free by following a few simple rules and using the right tools, which doesn't necessarily mean spending money. AVG has a free version of its anti-virus software that is EXCELLENT. We get updates on the signature file almost daily, sometimes more often than that. As for antispyware software, Spybot S & D and Adaware, which are both free, provide excellent coverage and removal. My husband and I have been using these, plus a few other FREE tools for years now and we rarely have any problems. But, remember that keeping your protection software updated is critical, as is keeping Windows up-to-date.

Hang in there.

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15 Nov 2005

This darn winfixer is driving me nuts. None and i mean NONE of the free virus and adware removal programs can remove it and the problem gradually becomes worse. Many people have have suggested i try doing the system restore point thing but I'm not too sure how to do it correctly. if anyone can help on posting a detailed desription on how to do it it would help everyone.

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17 Nov 2005

I bought Spyware Doctor because it said it would remove and it did until the next time I started up the computer. So don't waste your money on that program either. I have a lot of protection on my computer and this still got it. I am getting frustrated. Oh and a system restore did not work for me either.

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18 Nov 2005

Hopefully I am posting this in the right place... I am too having trouble with this darn winfixer crap... I am starting from scratch, can anyone recommend a system to help me with this... i.e. something to get rid of this now, and something to protect me from this in the future...
Thank you in advance to anyone who helps.

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20 Nov 2005

I had the same winfixer problem, and Norton and Xoftspy couldn't delete the cause of the problem - vtuts.dll. I found this advice on, and downloaded the file and it worked PERFECTLY. Winfixer is gone, and my antispam/antivirus say I have a clean machine now. I'm definitely sending the guy a donation.

The link is The file is at

I posted to a guy on Dell's website earlier, and one of the "Gold" members on the Dell site said they have just started recommending this - the thread is at

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21 Nov 2005

Spysweeper worked for me. It found and removed the Vundo/Virtumonde trojan which is a version of Winfixer.

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