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31 Jan 2008

hi, i have tried to downgrade my new acer laptop that comes with vista home, i try to downgrade it by using windows xp pro, but it has an error saing that the harddrive could not detected, or like it cant see where the hardisk was.

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02 Feb 2008

I bought a HP Pavilion desktop that came w/ Vista home version. I downgrade to xp pro. w/ the upgrade disk. I been having a lot of computer issues. Do you think that is due to the upgrade disk? If I reload the xp pro w/ the full version disk, I will be able to eliminate all these problem?

EDITOR'S NOTE: It's hard to guess what you mean by "issues"... But it sounds like using the full version CD would be a good idea.

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05 Feb 2008

Hello... I'd tried to downgrade a Vista Ultimate to XP on an ASUS G2P notebook and it was bit difficult but it runs well on XP. The trick is to use a one computer that is connected with the internet and another is the laptop that you wish to downgrade and install the drivers from the internet where the downgraded unit do not support the drivers that is provided by XP and the CD support druvers. Well its possible. Junaks..

Posted by:

liam t
07 Feb 2008

if you are using a large HD via SATA the original XP disk might not be able to see them - you need to see the MS website about creating a winxp sp2 disk. this is done by merging the original XP disk with the sp2 service pack.

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17 Feb 2008

Don't you mean UPgrade?

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24 Feb 2008

I have a Toshiba A135 Satellite which came with Vista. I hate Vista and have had nothing but problems with it. Couldn't make it talk to my printer or home network at all.

I wiped the disk clean and installed XP Pro, but now the laptop will not recognize the following hardware devices (I go to Device Manager and each of the following have yellow question marks)

Ethernet Contoller

Mass Storage Controller

Network Controller

PCI Device (2 of them)

SM Bus Controller.

The computer seems to be working fine, but the internal wireless adaptor isn't recognized. I had a spare external wireless adapter, plugged it in, and it works after I installed the driver, so I can get to the Internet.

So what am I to do about the other hardware? Any suggestions as to where to find drivers for hardware that I don't know the specs on 9this is all internal hardware)? Are these devices necessary for normal operation of the computer? thanks for any suggestions.

EDITOR'S NOTE: If everything seems to be working, now that you got your wireless adapter driver, then perhaps you're fine. But you might have trouble if you want a wired connection, and perhaps with external storage devices. Just guessing, based on your input. I'd do a Google search for "Toshiba A135 drivers for XP" and see if others have found the missing drivers.

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06 Mar 2008

hi, i have tried to downgrade my new acer laptop that comes with vista home, i try to downgrade it by using windows xp pro, but it has an error saing that the harddrive could not detected, or like it cant see where the hardisk was.

Posted by:

Simon Hendrix
11 Mar 2008



Posted by:

13 Mar 2008

can you explain to me why I can't access the internet with Windows Vista and possibly how I can fix it?

EDITOR'S NOTE: Did it never work? Or did it stop suddenly?

Posted by:

27 Mar 2008

hi I have downgrade my laptop hp dv6000 vista to xp pro.. but my problem is I can't go onto internet, no matter how hard i tried..I don't if it is the router or the laptop problems or some file are missing.. please help me. thank you!!! for your reading

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29 Mar 2008

I bought a Toshiba X200-BB1 laptop, specifically because Toshiba - in writing - assured me this laptop could be downgraded to XP with no issues. 3 months later, $67 to Best Buy for installing XP (I had no disc), and a laptop which recognized none of the hardware, or network connections, I was told I had been misled by Toshiba; this model will NEVER work on XP...the drivers simply don't exist. As well, it comes with Vista Home Premium - not Ultimate as advertised - because it was a Best Buy exclusive (specifically loaded with that version to keep cost down, though I don't know the difference between the versions).

No other laptop with the specs I need (dedicated graphics card, 17" monitor - it's my primary computer) will ever be downgradable to XP without driver problems. Toshiba has owned up to its mistake and wants to know what I'd like from them. Any suggestions?

EDITOR'S NOTE: Well, they can't give that laptop with XP, so maybe a $$ credit, or some software you need, perhaps MS Office.

Posted by:

01 Apr 2008

Hi, I am experiencing lot of difficulties with Vista Home premium, I have Vaio VGN series. It takes 3 seconds to refresh the desktop, 8 seconds to play a small audio song. Hangs up when connected to internet and slowly resumes connecting and doesn't responds quiclky if you try to close the internet browser. I tried to contact the Microsft but the online programs are not finding my product key. Does Sony people can solve my problem.

Posted by:

04 Apr 2008

It is just like reformating a regular xp machine. Like my computer i turn it on and put the recovery disc in before it boots up and it automatically loads to the changing stage. Really easy if i could do it so can you. Maybe even a monkey the easiest thing of all it is not that difficult.

Posted by:

08 Apr 2008

I'm very very,very hate with my viesta, i can't use my handphone to be usb modem ( even i buy a new one ), I can't buy usb modem becouse not yet support with viesta, this is a bad think becouse right now I need to be mobile and open internet and use e-mail in any place, thats way I need to downgrade my viesta to xp.

Posted by:

23 Apr 2008

I just got HP Pavilion tx 1000 pre-loaded with Windows vista home edition BUT I want to downgrade to XP pro. I have a CD for Windows XP pro from my previous HP laptop. Is it possible and How? Please advice.

EDITOR'S NOTE: I would try installing XP in a dual-boot config, and then nuke Vista if everything works.

Posted by:

dell technican
30 Apr 2008

the option of downgrading from vista to xp is not a possiblity unless you had the option to upgrade to vista if your computer came with vista it stays that way unless you wanna put linux or whatever on it but we will not support changing the os to something it did not ship with it's just our policy just a little info for you bob get your facts straight.

EDITOR'S NOTE: That may or may not be Dell policy, but that doesn't mean it can't be done. Your comments are interesting in light of the fact that Dell is still offering new systems with XP installed. And this page seems to indicate that Dell *does* support the XP Downgrade process:

Posted by:

04 May 2008

Hello, I have a Gateway laptop model m6318. It has vista home addition. I want to downgrade it to XP pro. Xp instalation cd will not recognize the SATA drive in the computer. I am at a lost at this point. would you or anyone be able to help me on this. Gateway turned me away.

EDITOR'S NOTE: You may be able to install a driver for the SATA drive. Check the website of the drive manufacturer.

Posted by:

21 May 2008

I work for a large corporation and we purchase the same model notebook, HP 6510b, for many of our users. Because the software is predominantly the same, we use Ghost to image each new machine that we purhase. We are running into an issue now that Vista comes preinstalled on these machines where the downgrade is asking for a license because Windows recognizes a different hardware configuration than the one on the Ghost image. Because of this, we are required to reactivate windows each time. Is there any way around this? We do not want to spend the man hours to do a fresh downgrade/install on each machine when the ghosting process can do it in half the time, but nor do we want to spend the 5 minutes every time we set up a new machine on hold and on the phone with HP and/or MS tech support to get a new key. Is there any other solution out there?

EDITOR'S NOTE: I can't think of a workaround. Maybe if you explained the situation to HP/MS they could issue the keys in bulk.

Posted by:

28 May 2008

After calling the Microsoft Activation Center (+1-888-571-2048) six times, I wonder how anyone has succesfully downgraded Vista Busines oem to XP Pro before.

What happens is you call them in India. You're supposed to explain your situation and give them the Vista product key (according to official MSFT kb), and they give you a confirmation ID. Instead, what happens is they insist on asking for the Installation ID (which is based on an unrelated WinXP license). It's not a valid intallation ID. And then either they give you the number for fee-based support, or they say thank you, and then CLICK the phone goes dead.

I've called the activation center maybe a hundred times since 2002 for routine re-installs, and never had difficulty before this downgrade came up. I think the people in India understand how messed up this system is. How do you work it?

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07 Jun 2008

gateway talked me into purchasing vista desktop. I hate it. I call 2 gateway. their return policy is 2 weeks only. Some one suggested downgrading to XP home Edition. I spoke w/5 diff techs from Gateway, ea gave a different opinion. I have no choice but to buy from gateway the XP home edition. tech checked my model & said i have the necessary drive to connect to the internet. then go to give cp serial number and you can download. But, this cost is $219 with the tax and del. charge. Total cost for the desktop from $599 to a grand total today of $1,300. Some deal. I am only a user and enjoy surfing and using processor. I am totally mistrustful of sales people. They say anthing to make a sale.

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