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21 Jan 2010

Bob, you single out iDrive as the only one who does 'true archiving'. Recently I was recommending Mozy to a buddy in my camera club when another techie said that the online backup services Mozy & Carbonite don't store all your files indefinitely.

Can you clarify what Mozy & Carbonite store and for how long? Sounds like I should never delete a file from my PC (I'm using Mozy) if I expect to get it back if (when) my PC crashes? I hadn't heard of iDrive, so if they're the only one who will do this, I may have to switch.

Incidentally, I use 3 external HDs for backup, 2 'hot' ones in my house, 1 w/ my PC, another upstairs, and a 3rd I keep offsite. Then I use Mozy for critical stuff like family pictures, financial docs, etc. Call me paranoid :-)

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28 Jan 2010

well, i use dropbox, as it supports linux based os as well....

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12 Mar 2010

I personally use Diino at diino.com and so far I am very happy with them.

I am paying $50 for 100GB which I think is reasonable.

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09 Apr 2010


You have a great article there. Mozy, Idrive, and Carbonite are definitely in my top 10 Online Photo Backup Services.

In my experience Mozy is the best online backup software there is. It is so much better than carbonite for many reasons.

Carbonite lost many files and that damaged its credibility, While Mozy was acquired by EMC Corporation ( a leader of data management industry) for $76 million in 2007.

Carbonite doesn't support external drives, or network drives, and it doesn't provide real backup for businesses ( servers etc.).

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21 Jul 2010

HI..I want to ask a question..My computer says that my local disk (C:) has not free space and i cant open anything..can you tell me what to delet??

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17 Aug 2010

What is your experience with Zumo? I started to use it but their fold selection process for sending files into the cloud seemed quite clunky and inflexible.

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05 Sep 2010

hi there bob...nice to visit ur site....well onething u must have included in this post is about microsoft skydrive :)....

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08 Sep 2010

I had a client who installed Carbonite. System requirments met Carbonite's recommendations. He began noticing performance issues with machine even after the completed 'full' upload. Stopped ALL services associated with Carbonite (and even uninstalled at one point during troubleshooting process) and machine's performance came back. Reinstalled Carbonite and machines sluggish/poor performance returned. Saw similar instances posted by techs on various forums. However, no reasons or solutions as to why. Customer decided to leave running and "live with" the computer's performance.

I posted this to inform others I am now skeptical of Carbonite because of this incident and the things I learned while researching the problem. I initially recommended Carbonite based on articles and celebrity endorsements in tech industry. But now, I am reserved in boldly giving this product an approval.

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09 Oct 2010

I was looking for an online backup service that would include more than just one computer. There are a few out there but I just started using back4u.biz - They allow backup of my two laptops unlimited. They are resellers of live drive i think but they offer a better deal than going direct.

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21 Oct 2010

i need a carbonite that is free of charge and no trails anyone please help or my files will go bye bye

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Bev Robinson
23 Oct 2010

Not having the expertise to know better, I choose Dell online backup. It is very economical for the amount of data it stores. However, I did find that some of the data I thought had been saved, had not. But, I didn't know that until my hard drive and motherboard died. When trying to restore my photos, I found that a lot of them were missing, I don't know how to fix that, but for the most part they do a good job.

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09 Nov 2010

I personally use [08/11/2010 10:20:54 a.m.] Diego Gutierrez: ZenOK Online Backup and so far I am very happy with them.

I am paying $34/year for 150GB which I think is reasonable.

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Boris Mehling
18 Jan 2011

I tried some online backup services and ended up at Updatestar Online Backup. It has unlimited storage and a cheap price (4,99 € / 5,83 $). I´m very happy with this. You can find a free trial on the website: http://client.updatestar.com/en/onlinebackup/overview/

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Joe Smith
16 Feb 2011

I use Altdrive.com. Unlimited for $44.50/year. It has a two month free trial. No issues.

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Luis Claudio
24 Feb 2011

I use Norton Online Backup, but I'm not happy with it. It takes too long to upload (it seems it groups files in big chunks; if the upload of a chunk is interrupted, that chnk's upload will be restarted). Downloading is very slow. Usually it takes several minutes till a selected file is ready for download. I'm moving to SugarSync. Maybe it's not a real backup system, but it keeps copies of the files I need quickly accessible. Upload is very faster than Norton Online Backup. The drawbacks are it keeps only five versions of a file and yu can't use filters to select which file types shall or shall not be backed up (you can only select directories).

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Henry Zeisler
03 Mar 2011

At this time "Online Backup," is (in my opinion) in its infancy. All will preform better once the infustructure of our US TelCom's improves. At this time I'm using a D-Link NAS w/two 1Tb Mirrored drives, and it works fantastic! The DNS service offered through D-Link in conjuction with DNS.org is Flawless (so far I've been using it for my Server, six pc's, and an other six "Smartphones (both Windows, and Apple) to backup "JUST THE DATA," and only applications that were downloaded! Everything else is on CD/DVD's. If we need to backup "on the road," we either connect via DNS, or use our Gmail account to backup. The DNS is still for my money the fastest backup, and restore device I've bought. To complete "Disaster Recovery" we use "Spotmau," that creates a bootable CD for any kind of pc, and will remind you of the days when you could Insert the OEM's Recovery CD, and Just wait till it's done; at that point; just login to your pc, and go to your folder (screen name & password) of course, and watch your computer rebuild itself with allmost no intervention on your part. As for "Online Backup," at this point I think "I'll let Mikey try it." Dlink was $110, the disks 2 Seagate 1Tb drives @ $89, and Spotmau $39.00!

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08 Mar 2011

I was looking for an online backup solution that is compatible with both my mac and windows computers and then i later came across one called Safecopy backup.I was glad i found it on a certain website that writes about online backup services called www.backuplineup.com

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Jesse White
18 Mar 2011

Just to let all readers here know that filesanywhere.com offers a 5GB online storage for free. Of course you can get more storage for a monthly fee, depending upon the storage space desired.

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Jack Meili
24 May 2011

We have 3 computers in the hours (not uncommon, these days). They are used for entirely different purposes. I want all 3 of them backed-up but don't appreciate the cost for 3 subscriptions to Carbonite or a similar service. One can back-up 3 computers on SugarSync at a reasonable cost, but it does syncronise the Documents folders of all computers making all of the computers Documents folders exactly alike. For us, that is both a waste of disk space and violates individual privacy.
Is there a back-up service where one can buy a single, reasonably priced subscription that can be, effectively, partitioned so that the data from each of the computers is kept separate? My thinking is a single username could be used for the subscription with individual passwords to the 3 partitions.

Posted by:

Karla Marie Robinett
08 Dec 2011

Bob,you need to update your article. iDrive offers 150 GB personal use,not 50.

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