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08 Apr 2011

I like my Roku, but am frustrated with the selection of content. Rarely can I find anything on Netflix that I want to watch -- especially anything remotely recent. For something I'm paying for, there just isn't much there, compared to the entire Netflix library.

Also, I assume you must have meant that Amazon Instant Video *starts* at $0.99 each. Pretty much anything you want to watch is $3.99.

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02 Mar 2012

I have ROKU and I never use it. I don't like the frequent buffering that is typical for me when viewing HD programming. Also, I prefer to stream live video such as ESPN3 which ROKU does not support.

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12 Mar 2012

Please note, the cheaper HD does not have the Ethernet port; only the $100 XS model.
So it is no go for me as I prefer the speed and security of hard wire.

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03 Sep 2012

I have a question about these video-streaming devices. I bought one, RCA brand, and had to return it becuase it did not work with my internet connection, which is a Clear Spot. Is there any brand of device that works with this, or do I have to resort to the expensive internet from cable companies or satellite? Thanks for any help or advice. By the way, I am new to your site and let me say it's awesome! I have learned so much in just one day.

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02 Dec 2014

there are more free premium movies online. Can you stream online movies from your pc or mac to a tv. I prefer watching movies on 50 in screen rather then a 20 in pc monitor

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