Should I Buy an HD Monitor?

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The fashionable thing in computer monitors these days is HD or High-Definition. If you don't have an HD monitor the geeks will look at you with puzzlement and pity. Naturally, HD monitors are the most expensive sort now, too. Do you really need a HD monitor?

HD computer monitor

Do You Need an HD Computer Monitor?

It depends on what you do with your computer most of the time. HD is a practical investment if you play the latest 3D games, or if you watch HD movies often. Some people's HD monitors double as both TV and computer screen; there's a bargain! But if you already own an HD TV, you may not need a second one for your computer. It's a matter of coolness and, in some cases, convenience.

HD monitors are priced in the "reasonable but not cheap" range up to a couple of thousand dollars. The low end is around $250-$400 and it typically supports 720p, the minimum resolution that can be called "high definition". At the high end you will find 1280i resolution, the maximum and overkill for all but the most obsessive geeks. Also, more expensive monitors include bells and whistles like USB ports, built-in DVD drives, etc.

A variety of input sources should be accepted by any HD monitor you buy: SVGA, HDMI, S-video, analog 15-pin, the more the merrier. If you plan to hook the monitor up to your computer and another device, such as a DVD player, you may need duplicates of some input jacks. Plan carefully and pay attention to inputs when shopping.

Other Considerations for HD Monitor Shopping

Along with an HD monitor, you may want to buy a Blu-ray read/write drive in order to play and store the massive amounts of data that HD video contains.

The size of the HD monitor you buy depends on the applications you will be using; the number of open applications that you want to be able to view simultaneously; and the distance at which you expect to be viewing the screen. If it's a dedicated monitor a couple feet from your nose, then it can be smaller than a dual-purpose monitor-and-TV that sits ten or fifteen feet from the couch and your computing desk.

Speaking of "remote" monitors far from the computer, a wireless HD monitor adapter can make it happen without a cable snaking cross the floor. These adapters cost in the range of $100 to $200. If you're networking-savvy, you may be able to make a connection with a less expensive ordinary WiFi adapter.

HD monitors offer a much more vivid, sharp picture. The question is whether your source data - game program, DVD, Blue-Ray disc, etc. - is putting out HD quality video to be displayed. If not, then you won't notice a great improvement in viewing experience. You may even see distortion when displaying a normal resolution video on a monitor configured for HD. That can be adjusted but it's rather a waste of HD's potential.

Do you have an HD monitor for your computer? Post a comment and tell me what you use yours for.

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23 Nov 2009

Sounds great but I think I'll wait.

Posted by:

02 Dec 2009

Cool monitor. Thanks to this site for posting this!

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06 Dec 2009

Nice and informative article....i liked it. Your way of sharing is nice sir....please keep it up in future too..coz you know "Share is Care" right?

Have a very nice day to you and May God bless you.

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Posted by:

Stan Reynolds
19 Jan 2010

I just don't understand. I've always used the maximum resolution as my guage.
My monitor resolution is 1920x1200. I watch BlueRay movies on it, and they look fine. Is my monitor an HD monitor?

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