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23 Jun 2011

Steve, you can have my keyboard when you pry it from my cold, dead hands.

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23 Jun 2011

Vista was so bad that I will be hard to convince that I should change from 7. I have, so far, found 7 to be even more stable than XP, but I feel that Vista was even worse than Millennium.

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24 Jun 2011

It sounds like one would have to buy new hardware to use Win8.

I have an old laptop which I upgraded (ram and hard disk) so I could dump XP and embrace Win7.

I am not going to invest in new hardware to use my fingertips instead of a mouse.

My first reaction is to stick with Win7.

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24 Jun 2011

Time for a protective non scratch laptop screen!!
Like the one on my Zumo G.P.S.

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24 Jun 2011

I'm perfectly happy with my nice stable WinXPSP3, thank you. I have 'downgraded' 4 systems that had Vista installed back to XP when I bought them. I see no reason to change any of the current systems I am running XP on to anything else.
I've worked with Win7 and it seems alright, I can do without the Aero effects and some of the other nonsense on it, which I turn off.
When I buy another system I will leave Win7 Pro on it. However, I dislike the Win7 Start Menu layout and the Desktop Taskbar doesn't work in the XP style which I prefer.
Since I minimize the silly Office Ribbon, I sure won't be all excited to see Win8, that's for sure. There's too much emphasis on eye candy and not enough on the technical side it appears. I also won't be doing touchscreen as the mouse and keyboard are much more accurate. Plus at what point do we stop with this continual insane OS updating? MS gets too much money already and there's no pressing reason to make a change for me and probably for 90%+ of the rest of the world; most update because they WANT to, not because they NEED to for technical reasons. They just want the newest eye candy for bragging rights to their friends.

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24 Jun 2011

A little over a year ago I left XP and went with 7 and I'm happy with it. I'll pass on the 8 for now.

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25 Jun 2011

I still use XP and am happy with it. Before I switch to another OS, I will wait for the inevitable bugs to be worked out before I will even consider it.

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29 Jun 2011

I have a tablet and really don't care for it other than it's size fits in my purse. There is no way I want that type system on my LT. I love W7 and as others say will stick with it.

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30 Jun 2011

I have Win 7 Prof./64 that I happily upgraded from XP/Sp3/32, and don't like the Win 8 desktop. Have my desktop with icons hidden and personal photography as wallpaper. Win8 looks like a cheap version of a highway billboard. It takes away any personalization that might be created.

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Peter Ridgers
18 Apr 2012

I don't know anybody who ever bought Windows on its own because they needed (or wanted) the upgrade. All changes I have seen have been people buying a new computer and getting the OS that came with it.

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22 Apr 2012

@MmeMoxie, since you asked, here's a list of removed features:

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18 May 2012

I have a neurological disorder (dyskinesia is the overall term) that causes uncontrollable movements. There are millions of people just in the US with some type of dyskinesia that makes the use of touch screens difficult if not impossible to use. It gets very frustrating to deal with these new technologies. I can slow down a mouse and change the sensitivity of a keyboard, but I can't change the amplitude of my tremor or the unexpected movements of my hands and arms. Fortunately there is a backspace key on a keyboard.
This is just another screw the people moment for Microsoft. Doesn't mater what people want or need, they will just force feed it to you. Look at the "no longer support XP" proclamation even though 60% of users are still using XP. What a wonderful world MS is building!

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19 Aug 2012

Will every body is going to love this just wait and see. To many people have cell phones now that almost replaces laptops and some day they will just like they turn off the signal to TV so you where forst to upgrade to the box or satellite .Just what and cell phones will take over every thing and those who says they wont switch you will when Microsoft don't support laptops and desktop anymore......IT'S COMING!!!!!!!!

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