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Charles Myers
28 Sep 2012

A backup last Monday "failed" according to Acronis, though 2 validates say the backup to be OK. Log shows corrupt partition 0-0, all else OK. What is partition 0-0? Google has been no help, and can I trust a restore from that backup?
I have used Acronis since version 11 and have had several successful restores or new disk setups. Thank you for this article. Using 2012PP version

Posted by:

Sven Van de Velde
30 Sep 2012

Acronis True Image 2013 is simply said, a very unstable software! Read their forums before considering to buy this software!


- All kinds of backup types in one suite.
- User interface looks nice.


- Non-Stop backup failing on my work PC (have a running support ticket, they
need to revise their software...)
- Non-Stop backup service crashing on my Media PC. Cannot recover from crash in any means.
- Backups suddenly dissapearing from the explorer list.
- NAS support is obscure. Limit amount of NAS'ses are supported. Why?


I am using the software now for the last month. I am an existing client of Acronis, owning 3 valid licenses from Acronis True Image 2013.

Let my highlight my dissapointments here with version 2013, and with version 2012:

User support:
I've spend alraedy about 3 days (full days) working with customer support to resolve my issues.
- Customer support accessing my machine, trying to identify the bugs, asking me the same questions over and over again. Although i am telling them what to do, how to simulate the same errors, they are not doing that, they are just asking me the same stupid questions.
- Writing emails.
- Searching and responding on user forums.

Software Quality:
This piece of software is just not ready to go to the market. I cannot understand how such a company stays in business, releasing a software that contains that many bugs. The most issues that i am experiencing with it, is to work with NAS devices. Early warning, don't use any NAS device to backup your information using this software:
- Your backups may suddenly dissapear.
- Your backup files may become corrupted.
- Your may suddenly experience errors, stopping the backup process, and you are unable to recover from it.
- The user interface is really buggy. It crashes unexpectedly.
- The user interface is not consistent. when backups are started in the background, it does not show in the user interface! Only after a while, which can take up to 10 minutes to show up!
- Error logging is not consistent and correct. Actually, the logs show all goes well, with backups failing and crashing. Without any single error in the log.

They over market and advertise things which simply don't work. I feel tricked and cheated by Acronis that i have bought their software.

Small advice, try to install their software in try period, and try it out yourself. You'll see.
Look beyond the surface of the nice looking interface, and try to backup, restore from backups, restart your pc, stop backups, restart backups, work with NASes, disconnect networks and see what happens, restart your NAS and see what happens, etc, etc.
You will experiernce that this software is not worth to get all these nice credits from official reviewers, that's what you'll experience.

Actually, it is a shame that professional reviewers are scoring this software so high, it shows that these reviewers and not reviewing this software at all!

Consolidation of backups also gives errors. I am experiencing this here. Not just one time. I had to restart a backup because of consolidation failing, or, not running at all. Also, the versioning system of the software has errors. It shows 12 versions in the user interface, there are 13 files on my drive, and when i press consolidate, it shows 2 versions... Acronis, please fix the root cause of these issues that i experience.

Posted by:

Don Brohm
01 Oct 2012

Downloaded Acronis True Image 2013 yesterday. Largely based on Bob's excellent recommendation. I see another article recommending Acronis today, 10/1/12. Attempted install on a new 5 day old Lenovo Y580 I7, Win 7 64 bit Ivybridge laptop.

During the install, I got a blue screen of death, saying failure during install [or something like that] Using windows 7 recovery I was fortunate to get back to where I was before the crash. Acronis support is non existant, paid per incident phone support only. Tried online chat, but, could not make that work, it would not accept my error code. I called the paid support number [India] and when I was asked to pay I told the gentleman my situation, and that I wanted a refund as I was not paying for a support call.

After 30 minutes or so, most of this time on hold, and continual requesting for repeating what I was being told as I could not understand the support person due to the extreem Indian accent.

I was told that he would put thru a refund at "cleverbridge" the Acronis online store, that it would take 5-7 days. My case is pending. I would have been willing to redownload and try install again, but, the Acronis lack of any viable phone support was my last straw.

I used Norton Ghost for disk imaging on my XP machine for many years. Cumberson, but worked great. Now I don't know what use for saving a bootable C: image? I am afraid of Acronis.

Posted by:

17 Dec 2012

Bob regarding Acronis alternatives i'm will not agree with you that norton ghost is the nearest competitor, you see norton ghost 360 was not changed for many years by now and acronis releases upgrades every year for true image.

I would prefer paragon hard disk manager 12 instead of norton ghost, this comparison article may be of help

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