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12 Jul 2013

I've been using Crashplan and it's fantastic. On my main computer I use their online storage and an external hard drive. Currently I have about 60GB of documents, photos, etc. reliably saved.

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11 Sep 2013

I started uploading to Amazon Glacier it is very cheap and recommended if you have huge amount of data , I 've got a Zoolz Home unlimited account for 2 $ / month.

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13 Jan 2014

Love Carbonite. Used it twice. Flawless

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31 Mar 2014

Backed up 100 GB of photos with Carbonite three years ago. Went to do a restore after a disk crash and found that they had LOST much, if not Most, of my files. Carbonite totally stinks!!

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17 May 2014

I used Mozy for a while when they first came out -- before Carbonite was popular. It was simple to use. Until I lost everything. It was a horrible experience, as someone else here posted, and took forever. Perhaps they've fixed that problem, but I moved on.

Tried Carbonite for a few years, but it kept dying and stoving up my system with its resource usage. I was on the phone with 3rd tier tech support for literally 4 to 5 hours a month. In the end, a complete uninstall/reinstall worked. But I was tired of paying for backups that weren't happening.

Got a partial refund from Carbonite and signed up with Crashplan Pro a couple of months ago. So far, so good. On top of uploading silently and almost imperceptibly, and giving me the ability to pause uploads when I'm using something resource-intensive, it also allows me to backup on my external drive. (Not sure if the other two had this option, but if so, I never noticed.)

Hopefully, Crashplan will stay as trouble-free as it is now.

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David Stantman
20 Aug 2014

Interesting article. I've been using RossBackup for 3 months now. I switched from Carbonite because their customer service stunk. I am paying about $4.00 a month (I used a coupon from FaceBook) and have backed up 3.1 TB already. My computer is running fine and The customer service is fantastic. Although it's a relatively new company, they have really given me no reason to complain.

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