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24 Apr 2013

Has hell frozen over yet? 'Cuz if not, I'm not switching to Win 8. I saw this coming from all the info on the net and bought 2 new Win 7 Desktops last year. And I have a new copy of Win 7 still in the box, just in case. I understand that Win 7 will be supported till (at least) 2020, so I'm all set till then.
And then, if MS doesn't come to their senses or even better, go bancrupt and have to reorganize, it's off to Mac-land for me (which I swore I'd never do either, but things change and you go with the lesser of two evils).
I know all the info you have given is a great help to anyone who is stuck with Win 8, but really, a brand new operation system and you have to install outside programs just to make it work? That's gotta be real efficient and not have any potential problems for sure!
My 2 new boxes have flash C drives, and they both boot in 30 seconds and fly! Good enough for me. If fast boot time is the only good thing in Win 8, why did they bother?

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Byron Miller
09 Jun 2013

I got a new laptop preloaded with windows 8. My nightmare started when I Loaded OpenOffice.org and then I tried to load Linux Ubuntu on a separate partition. The boot mode did not even recognize the load disc. When I rebooted the computer it locked me out of windows, totally. With no reinstall disc, which does not come with a new computer now for Windows 8 because of the Secure Boot program MS installed with it, I called Dell. After trying several ways to get the computer to unlock the Dell tech said he would send me Windows 8 reinstall discs. He told me that they weren't included so they couldn't be copied and bootleg copies distributed. I got the discs withing two days. I reinstalled the Win8 programs. After several updates downloaded and installed, I tried to load the Linux Unbuntu along side Windows 8. It loaded and when the computer rebooted and I tried to log into Linux an error message came up that Windows could not load because there were some files missing. I rebooted again and chose the Windows 8 to log in and it worked fine. But, I still can't get Linux Ubuntu to work. It won't boot and run from the disc because Windows 8 does not recognize it as a MS program. So, going totally to Linux as an operating system is looking better all the time. I have it on my old computer with Windows 7 in a separate partition and it works fine. MS Windows 8 may have some neat features, one of which spies on you and keeps track of your computer use, but I don't like it.

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03 Oct 2013

Bob I thoroughly enjoy your inputs and pundits ... you are a light in the sea of disinformation out there. Keep up the great work.

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12 Feb 2014

I like the touch screen, but not much else. I have had to reinstall it three times. I am about to call Dell again because I can't open Word again. I think it came out before it was ready. It is not user friendly for someone used to XP. I have gone beyond the start screen problem, but the rest is bleep.

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14 Jul 2014

Windows 8 is just an app-store.

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