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16 Apr 2016

Just heard... buy cheap Android tablet...hookup HDMI to tv. Download Showbox... Get all movies free.. any confirmation?

EDITOR'S NOTE: Have not heard of Showbox, but what you describe cannot be legal.

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16 Apr 2016

I do not understand any of the options or their differences. Would love to see you write an article explaining all of the different types and their differences.

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17 Apr 2016

I second Audris comment. I am 73 and don't understand most of this stuff! My 14 year old grandson wants me to get Netflix rather than up-grade my cable to 200 plus channels.
And what is ROKU???
I can't even get a router to work so I can use the tablet they gave me!
An article explaining all this would be nice.
Thanks.....enjoy your day.

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17 Apr 2016

Oddly enough I dropped Netflix for the same show that initially got me to subscribe: House of Cards. As an animal welfare activist I was deeply disturbed by the unnecessary and gross animal cruelty references. From episode one's neck breaking of a dog that had been hit by a car ... what, no veterinarians there? ... to the last episode I watched with its disgusting description of the torture of pigs scheduled to end up as barbecue. I think the dog incident was to establish in viewers mind the core personality of the lead character but still there are better ways. The pig thing was just too disgusting to go into. It was a great show, but those glaring sensationalizations of animal cruelty turned me off more than all the good stuff turned me on, so (sigh) buh-bye, Netflix.

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17 Apr 2016

Have been a $11.99 subscriber to Netflix for awhile now because there are 5 of us using the account. It's a good value for us. Because of business, we also use Amazon Prime for shipping and utilize the programming too. With having our HOA paying for basic cable, we see these two services as a good value for our dollar.

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17 Apr 2016

I get my Cable and Internet service from Cox Cable. It costs $123 a month for basic cable, no premium channels like HBO or Showtime. A few months back they sent a notice that my bill was going up $20 a month. I called them and they agreed to keep it at $123 if I agreed NOT to change to another provider for the next two years. Last week I got a new notice from Cox that I'm going to lose all my cable channels come June if I don't "rent" a $2.99 "mini-box" for each TV in my home. I currently have no cable boxes of any kind, and now I'll have to rent 5 boxes, one for each TV in our home just to continue receiving the channels I'm currently getting. These boxes push my bill to $138 a month. If I want a DVR to record shows, that will cost me another $23 a month pushing the total to $161 a month. Currently we use VCRs to record shows on different channels that we would like to watch but I understand that the VCRs may not work with these new mini-boxes. I'd like to see some of the new shows being offered by the likes of Netflix and Amazon, but that would increase the cost of TV viewing to $180+ a month depending upon the number of content providers you sign up with. Who can afford $180 a month to watch TV? Regarding Netflix in particular I don't think its worth the price to watch old movies and TV shows that I've already seen at the movies or rented via Red Box, and I'm not really interested in their new shows with perhaps the exception being the Daredevil show.

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18 Apr 2016

Love my Netflix. We do both the DVDs and the streaming. It's still a bargain. We have Amazon Prime, mostly for the shipping, but the video is an added attraction. I don't think it comes close to Netflix, but there are still some things worth watching.

We cut cable/dish 4 years ago and have never looked back. The ONLY thing we miss is our local Fox Sports channel which carries our local baseball and hockey. Oh, well, we just listen on the radio instead.

I echo those wishing that there were more old classics films available on the services. But as a suggestion? I've found many of them available from our public library! I was really surprised by the selection. Maybe you would be lucky, too!

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19 Apr 2016

As a foreign and classic film lover, I was thrilled to discover the Criterion collection on Hulu. I also subscribe to Mubi.

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01 May 2016

I cut the cord over a year ago and will never go back! I have a Roku with both Amazon & Netflix plus many other channels including YouTube etc! For local stations I have an antenna but I don't need to use it too often. I also have a channel that I added to my Roku that allows me to watch some other streaming content...yes, I admit, not entirely legal:( I actually have access to so much content that I usually say I have content overload :) I share the Netflix w/my son & he also runs it at his business and at his home he also has Roku. So we feel completely satisfied for under $20 a month!!!

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11 Jul 2018

Do you have any comments that aren't two years old ??

EDITOR'S NOTE: Well, since this article was published two years ago, the hubbub seems to have died down. But there are several hundred new articles published on this site since then.

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