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I have friends who have stopped using Internet Explorer and they're always telling me that Firefox or some other browser is better. What are my choices, and which one is best for the average internet user?

Which Web Browser is Best?

There are millions of pages of information and entertainment available online. In order to maximize your Internet experience, you need to have a web browser that has the features and technologies that are appropriate for your operating system and your preferences. Below is information on TEN of the most popular browsers available, along with a summary of features to help you decide which is best for you.

Internet Explorer

Explorer Browser LogoInternet Explorer is the dominant player in the browser field with about 65% market share. A product of Microsoft, it offers a user interface that is similar to that offered by Windows Explorer. This internet browser has been designed for accessing a wide variety of web sites and content. Internet Explorer allows third parties to incorporate Browser Helper Objects and rich content into the design of their websites. Other valuable features offered by Internet Explorer include pop-up blockers and tabbed browsing capabilities. The main criticisms of this internet browser have focused on Internet Explorer's security problems. Microsoft is working hard to fix these problems, and they continue to provide security patches to Internet Explorer users.

Mozilla Firefox

Firefox Browser LogoFirefox is an internet browser that works with just about any operating platform including: Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows. This graphic browser offers a great selection of features. Firefox was one of the first to have tabbed browsing, which has now been picked up by Internet Explorer. This browser also offers integrated download management, live bookmarking, incremental find using the Firefox toolbar, anti-phishing protection, and a dynamic search system. Because it's open source software, there is a vibrant community of developers actively improving the base software, and creating Firefox extensions to add new features to the browser. Firefox is rapidly gaining market share, mostly at the expense of Explorer. As of January 2009, Firefox was used by about 21% of all Internet users, an figure which is increasing yearly.


Safari Browser LogoSafari is a browser found on Apple Macintosh systems, but has recently been released for Windows too. It is a great browser that has been integrated into the Mac OS X operating platform. It has many of the same features as Internet Explorer and Firefox, including: QuickTime multimedia technology, a tabbed-browsing interface system, and internet searching tools. Safari uses Google as its main search engine, and it also offers users tools that automatically fill out web-based forms, manage passwords, check spelling, and block pop-ups. Safari is by far the most popular browser for Mac OS X systems, but people who use both Windows and Mac systems now have a choice between Safari and Firefox, since both offer a common interface and can share bookmarks. Safari is used by about 8% of all users, which tracks pretty closely with the Mac share of the personal computer market.


Chrome Browser LogoChrome is a relative newcomer to the browser arena, released by Google in September of 2008. Google says that Chrome was built from scratch, and is designed to handle the modern web all the cool stuff web users want to do, such as video, online games, and web-based applications. The four basic deign pillars of Chrome are Stability, Speed, Security and Simplicity. It has an Incognito browsing mode which lets you view web pages without saving any trace of your browsing history, cookies, temporary files, etc. Chrome is still in beta, and is available only on Windows platforms for now.


Opera Browser LogoOpera is another cross-platform browser like Firefox. However, this browser is more of an "internet suite" than a simple browser. It provides users with the tools and technology to perform a wide variety of internet related tasks like viewing web pages, searching the Internet, sending and receiving emails, conducting online chats, and even displaying the latest Widgets. Opera was developed with a philosophy of strict adherence to the W3C standards, which specify how the various HTML elements should be rendered on screen. So some pages may not look the same in Opera as they do in Internet Explorer, which is not known for strict adherence. Opera pioneered tabbed browsing, is designed to perform well on small systems and low-end computers, and also has integrated features that make it a great choice for people with visual or mobility impairments. Another great feature of Opera is its mobile version, Opera Mini. This free download allows Opera users to access this internet suite on their mobile devices. Other features offered by Opera include: a download manager, tabbed browsing, notes, and a pop-up blocker. The drawbacks of this particular browser are related to its limited capabilities for add-ons, extensions, and Widgets. Opera has some very vocal fans, but has never garnered more than 1% of the browser market.

Other Browsers

I've tried to stick with the browsers that have at least 1% of the market share for the purposes of this article. But there are dozens of other web browsers that you might want to try, if you like to experiment. Here's my list of alternative browsers:

  • Flock - a social media browser built on Firefox
  • Mozilla Seamonkey - a technology proving ground
  • Camino - an alternative Mac-only browser
  • Konqueror - an alternative Linux browser
  • Maxthon - built on IE platform, with some added features

Selecting an Internet Browser

There are several internet browsers that you can select from including those that were mentioned above. However, while most browsers offer similar features, not all browsers are created equally. The best way to find the browser that will work best for you is to first narrow down the field to include only the browsers that will work with your operating system. Then try out a few of the top browsers from this list to see which one has the features and extensibility that you want and need. If you want to learn more about alternative browsers and their user base statistics, visit the HitsLink MarketShare site.

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Most recent comments on "Best Web Browser?"

(See all 69 comments for this article.)

Posted by:

03 Oct 2009

I think Opera 10.00 is the best for speed browsing.opera 10.00 have turbo technology which make it super super faster.

Posted by:

04 Oct 2009

I used to use IE but now a days i use the firefox because it is very userfriendly and more costomizeable and do not provide trouble while using .

Posted by:

Kartikeya chaturvedi
01 Nov 2009

I like chrome and firefox

Posted by:

04 Nov 2009

I use Google Chrome, it is BY FAR the fastest browser out there, handles downloads very well, and is very user friendly.
Safari is good though, and Firefox isn't bad, though it is overrated. Personally i don't like the thick bar at the top of IE and Firefox, i like the Safari/Chrome thin bar.

Chrome is the best browser.

Posted by:

13 Nov 2009

Firefox is still the best browser overall. I think that for the majority of the users it covers what they basically need the best. Chrome and Safari both work well, although for some reason I always feel awkward with the button locations in safari. I haven't tried Opera yet, but because of some of the comments here I'm now very interested.
The one thing I have to say though is drop internet explorer! It is slow and just has problem after problem. Although its security has been improved (causing Slowness) It still seems by far the most buggy and complicated to me. Toolbars and favourites all over the web just stick to the navigation bar like dead flies!

Another note, some of the firefox add-ons are terrific! Rain from

Posted by:

20 Nov 2009

I have also used all the above browsers. FF is irrating trying to access google sites. It will lose my login and getting to gmail is a real hassle.
I tried Opera, didn't like the email client and what a hassle importing.
So after trying all of them I tried Maxthon 2.5.10 and for simply browsing the net I really like it. And on my computer, it is just as fast as FF or Chrome.

Posted by:

23 Nov 2009

i think that the opera is best net browser.

Posted by:

02 Dec 2009

SeaMonkey is getting better. Chrome may be fast, but google is a SPY-happy company and track EVERYTHING you do online!! They NEVER delete ANYTHING!! I REFUSE to use anything google.

Over the years Firefox has become known as FireF*x! It has become a crash happy resourse pig and with every new release, it gets a little slower and a bit worse.

Opera I can't even keep on my desktop for more than 30 minutes and I find myself uninstalling it! The Opera crew have been working on their browser for YEARS and they STILL haven't gotten it right!! There are so many sites that Opera is NOT compatible with, I just can't keep it on my computer. But I will say one good thing about it... I have always liked their GUI.

Safari is ok... but lacks many features and preferences other browsers contain. It is fast, but I need more than that.

IE7 or 8... I've been using this browser more so of late than any other browser. It has been simply working for me. It does lack some things and is a bit slow, but it doesn't crash nearly as much as FireFox does for me and I have used firfox for years on various computers... same story on all. So, I find myself left with no other choice... IE is it for now and I use SeaMonkey as a secondary browser.

Posted by:

19 Dec 2009

This is THOB, it is a very fast web browser. This web browser helps you to get to some of the most favorite sites very quickly. The founder is Brad Corby, he was also the founder of Wave Access and BradCorby sites

Posted by:

21 Jan 2010

"Chrome is still in beta, and is available only on Windows platforms for now."

Not exactly true.

Posted by:

27 Jan 2010

As I think all browsers have its benefits. I use Opera 10 and IE-based clients, my graany prefers FireFox, my Granddad likes Safari.
Some people are found of browsing with maxton - and thats good. Its wrong to force people to like yr fauvorites.

Posted by:

Daniele Simonin
08 Mar 2010

Check this Ballot Screen:
very very funny:P LOL

Posted by:

10 Mar 2010

i think someone forgot netscape :)

although i don't like it...
i like chrome but for some reason my downloads freeze on EVERY web browser i've used

Posted by:

Ryan Pangilinan
26 Mar 2010

I Think There's A Tie Between IE And FF Because They Are The Top 2 Competitive Web Browsers In The World.

Posted by:

16 Jul 2010

firefox is the fastest web browser

in term of facilities opera is the best

Posted by:

03 Sep 2010

CHROME BY GOOGLE is the best browser. It is convenient and fast also


Posted by:

12 Jan 2012

I like firefox and chrome atually, although I use Avant browser most of time? Why? Because I use firefox or chrome engine in Avant browser,Avant just a shell of Gecko and Webkit engine that it can give me some additional build features apart from the ones come from the engine itself.It also has IE engine, but I rarely use it.
Compared firefox engine and chrome engine, I prefer firefox.
So,over all, firefox is my favorite.

Posted by:

23 Aug 2018

As a rookie when it comes to technology I only ever use Google Chrome. I am also avid PC user, so I do not have much use for anything else. I always change browsers to Chrome since that is what I know. After reading the comments on this article I am compelled to try out Firefox as well.

Posted by:

23 Aug 2018

As a rookie when it comes to technology I only ever use Google Chrome. I am also avid PC user, so I do not have much use for anything else. I always change browsers to Chrome since that is what I know. After reading the comments on this article I am compelled to try out Firefox as well.

Posted by:

05 Nov 2019

Everybody has an opinion about browsers! One thing that you really need regardless of your choice is to install other browsers as well (and leave them stock).

The reason is - sometimes your browser (with addons) will not produce the result you are expecting. When that happens, try the same function with your other browser to isolate the problem.

There's more reader feedback... See all 69 comments for this article.

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