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12 Aug 2011

Bob, When you were doing the Internet Tourbus, you had a coauthor, Pat Crispen. What happened to Pat and the Internet Tourbus?

EDITOR'S NOTE: The Internet Tourbus is still rolling. Patrick hopped off about 3 years ago, but he still posts occasionally online in various places.

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15 Aug 2011

Dear Bob. I don't know how much or whether to thank or blame you for turning me into an addict. Every night, when in bed, i find myself, having grabbed my mobile phone, and into your website for my daily dose of enlightenment. From the day I got to know of this site, i just can't keep off. Fortunately, its transforming me into a 'geek' which is a good thing I guess. Am humbled by your bio. Just knowing that you were already into computer world ages before I was born is tremendously interesting. Indeed you are a guru by any standards. Thank you for the good work you are doing particularly to me and my likes who savour every article with the appetite it deserves. Kudos.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Thanks for the kind words!

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19 Oct 2011


I just wanted to say thanks for all the interesting and genuinely helpful content you share. Your email update is litterally the only non-work/non-personal email I actually care to open and read!

Keep it coming!


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20 Oct 2011

Many thanks for all the times you have saved my computer, for all the interesting reading, and for increasing my general knowledge. I appreciate you being willing to share your experience and expertise.

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21 Oct 2011

Grew up watching a great man and legend on television. He is something I consider a hero. His name is Mr. Rogers. :-) Discovered computers around 1994-96 or so. Found another Mr. Rogers in my humble opinion, his name is Bob Rankin. You are both great men and inspirations. Thank you both for your contributions to the world.

EDITOR'S NOTE: I am stunned and humbled. Wow! :-)

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21 Oct 2011

I enjoy getting your helpful e-mail updates,from "AskBob",as I did,getting them from the"Internet Tourbus".I would however,prefer to get them,on a weekly basis,instead of daily.I do realize,that many of your readers & e-mail recipients,like getting them daily.It would be nice,if you would offer an option,for people to have them come daily,weekly,or maybe even monthly.I hope you will consider this.Thank you,for your time.

Posted by:

Dorothea Gillwald
31 Oct 2011

Hi Bob, I love your new "ask bob rankin" articles very much, especially the one where you warn us about scams.

I really appreciate the depths you go into and the simple English a German born grandmother like me can understand.

Posted by:

Daniel Matsumura
05 Nov 2011

Hi Bob.

It is really nice to know more about you and your life.
I know something about you but I didn't know that you have an online flower shop.

Your life remembers mine too, and I also have an online shop, but for products of silver and located in Japan but for internal market only (we don't ship outside).

You have been doing a good work with your Ask Bob Rankin and I am very glad that you keep posting and helping people with your knowledge.

I just want to thank you for share your articles with us.

Daniel - Aichi, Japan.

Posted by:

08 Feb 2012

Bob, thanks for the many insightful articles that help to keep me current. I just recently became aware of your Flowers Fast connection and wondered why you don't have an ad on your website for them. It seems to me that it would be ideal, people surfing the web and realizing they need to send something to a friend or relative for some occasion and voila there's your ad.

Posted by:

Roy Vyskocil
07 Jul 2012

Problem with Windows 7 64bt. Runs fine in safe mode, normal mode task host starts and uses all the memory. Sure miss squirrel.

Posted by:

16 Nov 2012

Sir: I got STUNG by the FBI ransomware virus
and still can't get out of it. I have a Lenovo IBM Thinkpad and re-installed XP Professional. Still locked out. Then I became desperate and returned the Lenovo to original factory settings. Still
locked out! Now I've lost valuable photos.
How stupid are the people working for the FBI that a second and third version of this malware continues to freely circulate? I am poor! Can't afford to have this taken to a shop. I've researched this thing to death. Any suggestions?

Posted by:

Melanie Goddard
12 Mar 2013

HI Bob - Thank you for such timely and inforative topics. Here's one that I'd love to see you tackle (although it may take a few separate emails to cover). "With such a variety of computing options, how do you know what you need? Desktop, all-in-one, laptop, tablet, smartphone..." What does each do best, and what combination of them makes sense? What can't you do on a tablet that you can do on a laptop, for example? I'd love to see a chart with features that compares each device!" Keep the great advise coming...I look forward to it.

Posted by:

22 Aug 2013

Thank you.

Posted by:

Bob F.
31 Jan 2014

Been reading your tips for several years, thanks for all the good info. Just sent u a cup java, enjoy

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25 Mar 2015

WOW!!! Impressive ... Very impressive. I am surprised, that I hadn't read this, before. I knew that you were smart, as all get out ... But, I didn't realize, just how far back in the computer time scale, where you started.

I bow to the master!!! I have so much respect for you, Bob and of course, all of your knowledge. You definitely are the TRANSLATOR of computer knowledge, to those who don't really understand!!!

As you know, I am a self-taught geek. I willing admit, you have been the biggest influence and mentor, to my geekdom. Yes, I had a dear, dear friend Norm, may he rest in peace, who actually started me, from scratch. However, it was he, who told me about the Internet Tourbus or just The Tourbus, back in early 1998, to read all of your articles and to subscribe to your newsletter.

Subscribing to your newsletters, has been the best thing, that has happened to me, in my computer learning. I have always sought knowledge my whole life. I feel that, if, you don't seek knowledge, you whither and die. I know, that is dramatic, but, I really do firmly believe it.

Knowledge is power and helps you grow old gracefully, while you keep alert and on your toes. This is coming from a 71 year old mother, grandmother and great grandmother. I have also, been a wife to the same man, for over 52 years. Not a bad record at all. :)

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15 Jul 2015

Congratulations on your twenty years. Thanks

Posted by:

31 Jul 2015

I have been reading since the tour us days. My family calls me the "computer guru" but my secret is you and your website. I never knew I was in the company of such greatness! I would have been too humbled to even read. Thank you for loving what you do and sharing it with others!!

Posted by:

Ron Thompson
06 Nov 2015

Bob.. getting calls from guy names Jason asking to keep my computer hackers out of my computer. My service providers offers free McAfee for all its users. This Jason keeps calling me and told me I have hackers by showing me to go to the C;prompt and type netstat a and a bunch of addresses came up. He said these are hackers. He ask if they were established and I saw lots of them. What do I do .. Can I take out these established connections by myself? Keep in touch.. Love the site. Is Spotmau a safe site for us computer geeks. hell I would not know unless I ask you>?!!? What do you think..Ron..keep in touch..!!

EDITOR'S NOTE: This is a scam. The netstat command is not showing hackers. Block that number and don't allow anyone remote access to your computer.

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12 Jan 2016

a href="http://askbobrankin.com/ready_for_driverless_cars.html">
Ready For Driverless Cars? (Ask Bob Rankin)
I'm not against advancing technology but I would rather pour the billions of dollars into better ways to restrict terrorists from using the internet to communicate. I don't see the monetary reward
paying off except Google or Apple saying we did it first!!!

Posted by:

08 May 2016


Where I had to click to get Flowers Fast was way below the words. When I clicked on the words "Flowers Fast" I got a paid advertisement for some terrible fix your Apple service.

When I tried again I didn't have the same problem. Very erratic performance.

Take Care,

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