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Are you trying to convert iTunes music to MP3 format? Or maybe you have some protected WMA files that you want to convert? There are plenty of good reasons why honest people might want to use a DRM remover to convert their legally purchased DRM-protected music into other formats. Here's how to do it...

The Rankin File

How To Remove DRM from Audio Files

Perhaps you've purchased music from iTunes and you want to play those tunes on a non-iPod music player. Apple says no. Maybe you've become a Mac or Linux user, and you need your WMA (Windows Audio) files in a standard, portable format. Microsoft says no. How about making backup copies of your music library? Or burning your favorite tunes to a CD so you can listen in the car? The RIAA says no.

But that doesn't mean you can't.

Yes, you CAN free your iTunes music from the shackles of DRM. Yes, you CAN move your Windows WMA audio files to other operating system platforms. Yes, you CAN make a backup copy of your music library to protect yourself from hard drive failure. And yes, you CAN listen to your music without a computer, on that expensive stereo system in the living room, in your car or with a non-iPod player.
DRM Remover

If you're frustrated by the DRM protection roadblock, check out my list of audio converters below. These programs will help you convert iTunes AAC and M4A formats to MP3, or just about any other sound format you need. You can also use them to convert protected WMA files to MP3. Some of these tools are free, and some require payment. Generally, the paid-for software is a little easier to install and use, so depending on your geek level, choose the one that works best for you.

The Big List of Audio Conversion Software

  • Requiem - The Requiem software captures the audio stream of a song while it's being played in iTunes, and outputs it to an MP3 file. In non-technical terms, you could say that it "listens" to the song while it's being played on your computer, and converts it to another format. (FREE)
  • Audacity - Audacity is a general purpose audio program that allows users to record and edit audio. It works on Windows, Mac OSX and GNU/Linux, as well as a couple other operating systems. If you start Audacity and press the Record button, it will capture the song being played by iTunes. Add the LAME Encoder (also on the Audacity download page) and you'll be able to export from Audacity to MP3 files. (FREE)
  • Audio Hijack - Record live audio from software applications and audio devices. Similar to Audacity, but for Mac OS X only. (US $32.00)
  • TuneBite - The purpose of the TuneBite converter is to remove the copy protection from music and audio files, so that it can be converted into a more compatible format for your audio device. This software works with over 50 different audio and video files including: WMA, M4A, M4B, AAC, WAV, FLA, and AIFF. (US $24.90)
  • Sound Taxi - Sound Taxi is a program that is specifically designed for converting DRM files like WMA, AAC and M4P to MP3 files. It works with Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows Vista. (US $14.90)
  • NoteBurner - NoteBurner is designed to convert DRM M4P, WMA, M4A and M4B files, as well as regular audio files, into WAV or MP3 files. NoteBurner creates a virtual CD drive to simulate the ripping and burning process so you can convert iTunes M4P files to MP3. (US $29.00)
  • MAC M4P Converter - is a tool to convert M4P to MP3 on Mac OS X systems. It will convert DRM protected or unprotected M4P music files (as well as audio books) to plain MP3 files. Uses a "virtual CD drive" technique similar to NoteBurner. (US $35.00)
  • ShareDRMusic - is designed to convert any DRM protected music files (such as M4P, M4A, WMA, M4B), or unprotected music files (such as WAV, MP3, WMA) and audio books to MP3, WMA or WAV files. (US $35.00)
  • NoteCable - NoteCable is similar to some of the other audio converters. It takes protected DRM files and transfers them to a virtual recording platform and then you convert these files to unprotected MP3s. (US $34.95)
  • ImTOO Video to Audio Converter - ImToo Video to Audio Converter was designed to extract audio files from video files. It is compatible with the following file formats: DVD, AVI, VCD, GIF, WMA, Flash, WAV, MP4, M4A, ADE, AAC and CUE. (US $25.00)
  • Applied Technologies Replay Converter - This is a high powered audio/video converter software platform that allows you to record and convert a variety of audio/video formats like AVI, WMV and MP4. (US $29.95)
  • WMA Convert Platinum - This software program has been designed to un-protect audio and movie files so that they can be converted to other formats. It works with a large selection of protected files produced by companies like iTunes, Wal-Mart, Music Match, Rhapsody, Audible and Cingular mMode. (US $14.99)
  • Easy WMA - This conversion software allows you to convert WMV audio, WMA, Ogg Vorbis and AIF files to WAV, AIFF, M4A and MP3 files. This software also offers drag and drop compiling, batch processing, iTunes conversion and ID3 tags. Does not have DRM removal capability. (US $10.00)
  • SoX http://sox.sourceforge.net - The swiss army knife of sound processing programs. This software allows you to record and convert audio files to different formats. It supports a huge list of file formats including, but not limited to: RAW, AIFF, AU, ARV, CD-R, MP3, IRCAM, DOS, FLAC, VOX. For Windows and Linux/unix systems. Does not have DRM removal capability. (FREE)
  • TuneCab - Appears to be a clone of SoundTaxi.
  • TuneRaft - Appears to be another clone of SoundTaxi.
  • Melody Can - Appears to be yet another clone of SoundTaxi.

Do you have another DRM remover tool that works well for you? Post a comment below...

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Most recent comments on "DRM Removal"

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Posted by:

31 Dec 2008

Do any of these (paid or free) have the ability to scan your Itunes library and convert the songs to another location using some kind of organized file structure? Thanks in advance!


Posted by:

Paddy Steed
10 Jan 2009

I am using linux and want some software so that i can get all the songs off my i-pod onto mp3 is there anything you can recomend

EDITOR'S NOTE: Try Amarok or Banshee. See http://askbobrankin.com/itunes_alternatives.html

Posted by:

13 Jan 2009

I have an Intel iMac and have been using DRM Dumpster and FairGame for a long time. No problems at all.

Posted by:

25 Jan 2009

I have all the songs off and now I need a way to strip DRM off of them. All I need is a tool that works.

P.S. banshee works great, thanks

Posted by:

07 Feb 2009

I use Freecorder, a free tool that simply records the output of your sound card and converts it to mp3. Just play a WMA file in MediaPlayer and Freecorder does its thing on the fly, whether the file is DRM protected or not.

Quality suffers, as the file is converted from digital to analog in the sound card, then back to digital and compressed to mp3. But I mainly use it for listening to WMA audio books on an iPod.

Posted by:

08 May 2009

Yes, there are many usful to help people.

to convert DRM protected music or convert iTunes music to mp3, here is more one wonderful software to sharing.


And, there is detial using guide, I think it is also helpful


Posted by:

15 Jun 2009

After iTunes stoped selling DRM protected music, most of this software became unusefull. As file format converters they are not perfect. What I found great is sofware pack that comes from http://media-converter.info
They offer nice conerter and a tool to download video from youtube/hulu/etc...
Their converter (don't remember name - it's black) worked out for me as best from all listed.

Posted by:

02 Oct 2009

I'd love to use some of this free decoder software, but I'm finding it quite difficult.

Two links in this article lead nowhere. And on the hymnproject page I'm finding the same.

Please help.

Posted by:

Jason Linsey
17 Jan 2010

This is all well & good for music files. But you don't give any consideration to video files. What if I want to burn a movie I bought of iTunes to DVD?

Posted by:

25 Mar 2010

I used aimersoft media converter.

Quoted from its website:
"Remove DRM from protected music video movie from iTunes, BBC iPlayer, Windows Media Centre, Zune MarketPlace, Napster, Rhapsody, Nokia Music Store, Spiralfrog, iMeem, iMesh, Bearshare, eMusic, Puretracks, MusicGiants, CinemaNow, Blockbuster, Amazon Unbox etc"

I think its an all-in-one software which performs all round as DRM remover and music & video converter, fast and very easy to handle.

Posted by:

26 Mar 2010

drm remove software can help you remove drm protection and convert any formats

Posted by:

06 Apr 2010

almost never touching Windows Media Player except to activate DRMed music, which I would quickly rip into MP3s with the help of this DRM removal program

Posted by:

28 Apr 2010

drm remove software can help you remove drm protection and convert any formats

Posted by:

13 Jun 2010

Thanks, I took the Audacity route which, very simply, is: The audiobook will play in iTunes on your Mac. Soundflower will route the speaker audio to the microphone where Audacity+LAME will pick it up and re-record it and export and .mp3 file. Complete instructions at my my blog ...


Posted by:

23 Jun 2010

good job ! thanks for sharing. with your guide, remove drm become a simple thing

Posted by:

02 Jul 2010

Thanks for your sharing this information, Tune4mac iTunes Audio converter is also better software on Mac.

Posted by:

31 Aug 2010

Great information, thanks!
I'm looking for a good audio converter to convert DRM files, so it might be very useful for me =)

Posted by:

22 May 2011

you can use wavepad from http://www.nch.com.au/wavepad
it will directly convert itunes to mp3, even giving you the option of variable bit-rate encoding. Good stuff!

Posted by:

29 Jun 2011

Freeme2 is also a free DRM removal used to remove DRM protection from Windows Media audio and video files. drm removal

Posted by:

29 Mar 2012

I'm looking for a good audio converter to convert DRM files, so it might be very useful for me =)

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