Free Satellite TV on PC?

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I saw a website advertising software that's supposed to give you free satelite TV on your PC. The program costs $40, but they claim it lets you watch hundreds of live worldwide channels free of charge. Sounds too good to be true... is this a scam?

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Can I Really Get Free Satellite TV on my PC?

Everything I've read about this type of thing tells me it's a scam, or at least a waste of money. The software you get for your forty bucks is nothing more than a menu of free online television broadcasts. Most of the stations listed are foreign, and the list contains many entries that are obsolete or do not work.

If you're considering buying a software package named "PC Satellite TV", "Satellite TV Elite", "Satellite TV on PC", "Satellite TV for PC Elite Edition", "TV on PC Elite", "Digital TV 4 PC" or anything similar... they are ALL THE SAME type of scamware. You will pay $40 and in return you'll get a crappy software program that does NOT deliver what it promises. You WILL NOT get any premium or pay-per-view channels for free. The only thing these packages offer is links to online video sites that you could find for free with a quick search on Google or Yahoo.

Sorry, but there's no way to turn your PC into a satellite dish and get free HBO or MTV. But there is some good news... You CAN get lots of free satellite television programming on your TV, if you have a satellite dish and a "free-to-air" satellite receiver box. My companion article Free Satellite TV explains it all in detail.
free online TV

You can also use your internet-connected computer to tune into a huge number of free television broadcasts. You can watch SOME programs from the BBC News, Comedy Central, Discovery Channel, ESPN, and other broadcasts from around the world. I suggest that you first go to the official website of the TV station or broadcast that you'd like to watch and look for a link to view live or recent broadcasts.

Here are some links to popular TV network websites:

If you don't see what you want there, try one of these sites that aggregate content from various video and TV sites across the Internet:

Exposing the "free satellite tv on pc" scam has not made me popular with some people. Many times I've received emails from people saying that I'm a liar, that I must be "really old fashioned" or "a Direct TV executive." Others post comments here with a glowing review of some Satellite TV software and a link to buy. But EVERY TIME, it's the exact same scamware, being sold through an affiliate link. My advice here is only meant to protect people who might otherwise be tempted to waste their money and fall for this scam.

As I said before, these programs will NOT give you access to anything that's not already freely available on the Web. What this software provides (when it actually works) is little more than a searchable list of websites that offer streaming video. You can find the same information yourself with a search engine query. It's ONLY dishonest people, who stand to profit from ignorance, that continue to push this scam. Don't fall for it.

Oh, and one last point... every few months someone posts a comment and asks "Why do you sometimes have ads on this page for the same type of products that you warn against?" That's a fair question, and I've answered it several times in the comments. But since those replies can get buried after a while, I'm going to address the issue here. The Google ads are not under my control, and are automatically selected for relevance to the content of the page. And in an ironic way, even those questionable ads are. My hope is that people will actually *READ* the article and understand why they should NOT believe the hype. Click if you want, just be forewarned.

Got comments or questions about free online TV? Post your thoughts below...

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Most recent comments on "Free Satellite TV on PC?"

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Posted by:

23 Jul 2012

Interesting article, and a good alternative perspective. I have to qualms with you about calling all the tv on pc products "scamware" you are free to do that. About you trying to rank this article in G and making money off CPC ads that you run, well I would like to see you either take the ads off, log into your adsense account and restrict the ads that are displayed (you can restrict which domain ads get served off), or donate the money to charity - then I will believe you are not simply trying to drive traffic off the "satellite tv scam" keywords for profit.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Max, you can believe what you want about my motives. I've addressed the issue of the ads on this page several times in the comments here. I make no bones about being a "for profit" publisher -- this website is my job, and it has to pay the bills or the free content goes away. As for my charitable giving, that's private, but rest assured it far exceeds the pennies I make from having ads on this article.

Posted by:

13 Aug 2012

Hi Bob , thank you for great article , i really like the way your explain how to get free satellite tv on your tv , but the way you are showed here not include alote of channels -

Posted by:

12 Oct 2012

If you go to the Joost web site, it now says:

"Thanks for your support and interest in We are re-evaluating the purpose and services. For the near-term we have decided to suspend the site to allow for a full re-evaluation. Thanks again."

Posted by:

06 Jan 2013

"Why do you sometimes have ads on this page for the same type of products that you warn against?" That's a fair question, and I've answered it several times in the comments."

Your explanation suggests 'Google' controls your site and not you, please explain. Being aware that Google displays relevant ads that contradict what you claim about such products is quite the oxymoron and reduces your credibility, though probably not your bank account.

You try to make it sound as though you have no control over what Google ads appear on your site and hope that 'people read the ads' and be warned. I find this to be the epitome of hypocrisy. And no, I do not believe my comment will be published nor do I expect it.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Surprise... you're published! You can call me a hypocrite if you like, but aren't you forgetting that I took the trouble to research the issue, and publish an article warning people away from this scam? When you read a newspaper or magazine, when you listen to radio or tv, do you assume that every ad is vetted, approved and endorsed by the publisher or broadcaster? Of course not, nobody does. So why expect a different standard on the Internet?

As for the ads, I wouldn't say I have *no* control over the ads that Google displays, but not much. Google selects ads based not only on the context of the page, but on individual user preferences, activities and other sites they've visited. Even if I were to try and monitor every ad that appears on the page (and over 1000 other articles on this website), it would take so much time that I wouldn't be able to research, write and publish new articles. Or respond to comments like yours.

As I've said before, if people come to this page, and don't bother to read what I've written (or decide to disregard it) and then click on an ad that's promoting the very scam I'm warning against, then there's not much I can do to help those folks.

Posted by:

13 Jan 2013

Is this a scam too?

EDITOR'S NOTE: No. That device lets you connect a coaxial cable from your TV antenna to your PC.

Posted by:

12 May 2013

You are right, the software just contain links to broadcast online.

Posted by:

12 May 2013

They can't replace a dish satellite .If someone wants to watch HBO or Cinemax, he still needs a Direct tv, these softwares contain only link to
free broadcast television already available online. Guys if you need help with your computer's problem, check this website
It has plenty of advice and help for you pc

Posted by:

07 Jul 2013

Thank you for another essential article. Where else could anyone get that kind of information in such a complete way of writing? I have a presentation incoming week, and I am on the lookout for such information.

Posted by:

13 Jul 2013

your article is very precise. nowadays everyone is moving to internet tv not cable anymore. i personally use for watching and streaming movies, tv shows and tv.

Posted by:

Leonard Morrell
30 Jan 2014

I agree with Bob as to most of the TV on your PC and satellite programs are for the most part scams and that HBO/and other channels are not free as I fell for the offers myself...But there is one I pay $14.95 per month for and get many good stations such as max / HBO/Showtime/Movie channel, and many other programs that are pay programs on cable service that cost you 3X the amount for the same service that I get for the $14.95 per month ...I have had cable service for many years as well as satellite service but now save a lot of money with the few internet service I have now. I did away with cable service some time ago and only purchase there Internet service package now and save about $100.00 a month.
Also Bob thank you for your great service and info you give as I have been able to put to use some of your valuable info.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Are you going to tell us your little secret? :-)

Posted by:

02 Jun 2014

I had bought Satellite TV for PC and it just gave me a link to a site anyone can access online for free.

A ripoff, because telling me about a website isn't a product it's more of an article with a link at the bottom.

Posted by:

09 Jul 2014

joost has currently suspended operation

Posted by:

15 Oct 2014

You should also try Netflix and YouTube. You can find almost everything there, except that Netflix costs 8$ per month.

Posted by:

29 Oct 2014

I get free TV all the time. I use a device called an antennae

Posted by:

25 Feb 2015

Enjoyed the article and especially your replies to the various comments. Some folks learn and some just spurn. Thanks, Bob

Posted by:

04 Apr 2015

This comment is off the mark; if you don't post it Bob, I won't mind.
Why watch TV? What you do is your business but it's a lot more fun and a LOT healthier to get out there and DO SOMETHING. Sitting on your behinder watching some paid professional doing BS isn't my idea of entertainment.
Reality TV should show people vegging out watching reality shows.

Posted by:

31 Jul 2015

The old top gear team is going to amazon prime,now thats reason enough to pay for a service.

Posted by:

T. Olivar
18 Sep 2015

Beware of the "Rabbit TV" USB device. It does the very same thing that you wrote about. It is basically a USB memory stick that contains a listing of web-site addresses that you click on, and it sends you to the selected site. Places like YouTube, Hulu, BBC-America and even Netflix. Also, it provides a listing of domestic and foreign radio stations that you can listen to.

Problem is that a lot of the supposedly free listed TV and radio stations are in a foreign language, has no real content worth watching or listening to, or are no longer in service.

So Buyers, Beware.

Posted by:

19 Dec 2015

Try Sling TV, a very viable alternative to cable. I watch 'over the air' and Sling with sports for $25 a month thru high speed internet.

Posted by:

04 May 2016

PC Matic does not let me open the veoh download to watch free movies. Is there something bad with veoh download?

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