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I note there are several sites that one may 'check out' someone. Is there any way one may find out if he/she has been 'checked out'? Your tips help this old Senior stay up to date!


I assume you are referring to sites that allow one to do a background check on another person. There are many sites that provide free lookups for telephone numbers and street addresses. Internet search engines can be used to mine for information about a person that has appeared in a newspaper, newsletter, blog or other online posting. And there are many online services that provide fee-based access to public records, such as property ownership, voter registration and court filings. Online Sex Offender Databases can tell you if there is a sexual predator in your neighborhood. There's no way to find out when someone is digging for these types of public information about you, because the law permits anyone to access it.

For the non-public information, such as criminal and financial records, there are federal and state regulations that limit the types of information that can be disclosed, and to whom it may be released. Employers in some fields (especially those that deal with children) are required to run comprehensive background checks that report on a person's criminal record, credit standing, character, general reputation, personal characteristics, or mode of living.

It's also common for landlords, lenders and insurance companies to run a credit check when they are considering entering into a business relationship with a given person. Credit files maintained by consumer reporting companies include information about you such as mortgage, credit card and loan balances, along with your payment history.

Employers must obtain consent from the applicant before running comprehensive background checks, and on your credit report you can see a record of everyone who has received a copy of your credit file within a certain period of time. See my article Free Credit Reports to learn more about credit reports, and how to get a copy of your credit file.

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Posted by:

Kenny Hagstrom
01 Oct 2006

You said: "There's no way to find out when someone is digging for these types of public information about you, because the law permits anyone to access it". I disagree with this rationality (although I'm sure it's true). If the law permits public access to an individuals' background, then I feel the individual has the right to know what is going on also. It sounds like a double standard to me. You can find out about me, but I am not allowed to know who is asking the questions.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Remember, that applies only to the PUBLIC information, not private info such as financial and criminal records.

Posted by:

Bob Harris
29 Nov 2006

In most states and local governments criminal records are public records. In fact many counties and states and even the federal government allow criminal record lookup online. Most of the rest are readly available to the public at the local courthouse.

Posted by:

29 May 2007

Public records are essential to a free and open society. The only way we can ensure that those involved in criminal or civil actions receive their due process, is through open inspection of public records. More importantly these records help provide a safer environment to American business and the public. Lastly, there is no constitutional "Right" to privacy in fact; living in an open society requires a degree of transparency that is essential to our survival. Some feel privacy should mean anonymity which can only be provided by more oppressive forms of government such as communism or socialism.

Posted by:

Russ Adams
09 Jul 2007

The Ipooldata Method - is a free E-Book I am writing to help middle class and poor families conduct background checks on all of their Babysitters and care takers. To my knowledge this is the best and only true free way to do Background checks. If you are serious about learning give it a read. The link is

Posted by:

Chris Rempel
19 Nov 2007

One nice site for Online Background Checks that I am aware of is

The Background Records Registry gives you direct access to the same tools & public records sources used by professional investigators.

Posted by:

comprehensive background checks
23 Sep 2008

If you are seeking to hire an individual, to work for your company, or you require a caretaker or tutor for your children in your home, we are here to provide you the public records. We also assemble the report check activity of an entity when a on the criminal background check is requested. You can get more info at

Posted by:

06 Jul 2009

Looking for great Background check?? can help you,they have millions record for taking background check and 100% confidential so you can search quick easy and safe.

Posted by:

21 Apr 2010

The Blonde Accomplishment News Act (FCRA) which regulates the grouping, dispersion, and use of consumer ascribe collection, allows us landlords to run payment on likely residents with their authorization.
Credit Check

Posted by:

31 Jul 2010

Bob, I came across your page by mistake. You have helped me alot with your information. I REMOVED MY NAME OFF PUBLIC SITES... I hope it works. Also i will pass your website along to others.

tc / Indy

feel free to email me anytime.

Posted by:

20 Jan 2012

I have recently been checking for some background information and found a very useful and informative website

Posted by:

kevin alejandro herrera guerrero
09 Aug 2018


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