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I am creating 10-20 new spam filters in Eudora each day. But I am afraid that I will lose them in the event of a computer crash. It would take a tremendous amount of time to recreate them. How do I back them up so that I can easily re-enable them in the event of a crash?


Your Eudora filters are all stored in a file named filters.pce, which is located in your Eudora folder. To find it, click on Start then Search, then search All Files and Folders for the filters.pce file. Make sure the Look in: box says either Local Disk or Local Hard Drives before you whack the Search button.

You can use copy and paste to make a copy of the file in another folder, copy it to removable media (floppy, CD, flash drive) or email it somewhere safe.

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08 Sep 2005

Hello, Bob:

I regret the time I have wasted creating email spam filters in the past. "Challenge and response" programs, like Choicemail, for example, stop every message that has no permission.

Permissions are automatically created when I send a message to somebody. I also create a few permissions each month to allow mail to arrive where *their* message would be the first contact with them.

Only in the first few weeks is there any real task: configuring CM for existing correspondents and distribution lists.



Posted by:

12 Sep 2005

I think creating 10-20 new Spam filters is not efficient. I would recommend to upgrade to version 6 of Eudora, which has built in automatic Spam filtering.
In case you want to stick with your current version of Eudora and keep on creating the filters yourself I can recommend the following web site:

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