Best Password Managers of 2015

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Good password management is a critical part of online security, but it can be difficult to do. The more online accounts you have, the more difficult it is to create strong passwords, keep track of them without exposing them to thieves, and remember to change them regularly. Read on to learn how password managers can simplify the task…

Managing Your Passwords With Ease

If you’re not using a password management program, you’re probably committing at least one of the cardinal sins against security best practices. Your passwords may be weak or obvious, like the popular “12345678” or simply “password.” Or you may be reusing the same password on multiple accounts. Both make for a hacker's dream.

Another definite no-no is storing a list of passwords in unencrypted text on a hard drive, cloud service, or a Post-It Note; that just makes theft easier. If this sounds like you, then please consider using one of these password management programs.

LastPass is a long-standing leader in password managers, consistently achieving highest ratings from reviewers and users. The free version is a cloud-based, client-server product for desktop machines only; if you want synced support across mobile devices, you’ll need the premium version for $12 per year. Download and install the LastPass client, then use it to create a LastPass account and a master password, the only one you’ll need to remember from then on.
Best Password Managers 2015
Add website login URLs and credentials manually, or let LastPass import them from your browser’s password manager. Once LastPass is installed, it will automatically log you in to accounts, change passwords regularly, and even fill in forms for you. Two-factor authentication is optional.

LastPass was acquired by LogMeIn in October, 2015, and a lot of LastPass users are unhappy about that deal. LogMeIn has a reputation for spiking acquisitions, hiking prices unexpectedly, and eliminating free options. This has prompted many LastPass users to search for an alternative. LastPass competitor, DashLane, reported a huge surge in Google search traffic immediately following the LastPass/LogMeIn merger announcement.

DashLane offers a free version for one Windows, Android or iOS device only. Support for multiple devices costs $39.95 per year. The free version does not provide Web access to your passwords stored in the cloud, and there is a limit of five accounts that can be shared with others. Like LastPass, DashLane can also store and auto-fill your credit card details, shipping addresses, and other user-specified information. Two-factor authentication is an option.

More Passwords Manager Options

QWERTY? Posting a list of passwords on the wall next to your desk is a bad idea for obvious reasons. But using one of the most common (and easily guessed) passwords isn't much better. See my article Hey, Is This Your Password? to see if you're using one of the top 25 worst passwords.

RoboForm Desktop excels at filling in complex forms automatically. However, reviewers say it’s not as good at capturing login information and replaying it where needed as LastPass and other programs designed originally for these functions are. RoboForm Desktop stores your encrypted passwords locally, while RoboForm Everywhere keeps them in the cloud so they’re available no matter which mobile or desktop device you use.

Password managers have suffered feature-bloat due to heavy competition. For those who want a simple, free password manager without the form-filling and “digital wallet” stuff, PassWordBox is a good choice. PasswordBox was acquired by Intel in January, 2015, and the chip giant has made the premium version totally free now. PasswordBox is a browser plugin for Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer. With a compatible browser, it runs on Windows, iOS, or Android devices. When you log in to a site for the first time after installing PassWordBox, it captures your credentials and asks you if you want it to save them. When you revisit a stored site, your credentials are automatically filled in; if you have multiple accounts on a site, a dropdown list lets you pick one to use. PassWordBox offers two-factor authentication, but only via a heartbeat monitoring biometric device sold by Nymi.

If you're still scribbling passwords on a Post-it note, using weak passwords, or the same password for multiple sites, using one of these password managers will boost your security immensely. All of the program listed here include the option to generate strong, non-guessable passwords, store them securely, and automatically fill website login forms. LastPass and Dashlane both have the ability to automatically change your password every 30 days on hundreds of popular sites.

Are you using a password manager? Your thoughts on this topic are welcome. Post your comment or question below...

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Most recent comments on "Best Password Managers of 2015"

(See all 92 comments for this article.)

Posted by:

30 Oct 2015

I have using Password Tracker Deluxe for many years. It is simple to use. Can be used with or without a master password. Generates 3 types of passwords as well as storing user-ids, passwords, and even answers to security questions. Website is

Posted by:

30 Oct 2015

If you're worried about the password manager server being hacked, be certain the program you choose has a Master Password using strong encryption.

Personally, I use Norton's Identity Safe. It's free, secure, and supports most browsers and devices.

Posted by:

Peter O
31 Oct 2015

I use LastPass & see it regularly score well in evaluations.
My own experience is that it is APITA.
Inconveniences are several but it's extremely frustrating to be unable to logon to a site when you know full well you have previously saved the PW.
I can't fathom the erratic behaviour.
And why is this never mentioned in reviews?

Posted by:

31 Oct 2015

If banks, hospitals, and government agencies are being hacked, password managers are conveniences where my security is the hands of a company with even less resources for security. How good is the security as these password manager companies? If my password managing company gets hacked, I don't want to find out about it the hard way with a company apologizing, going out of business, and leaving me with huge damage control problems.
Thx, JAF

Posted by:

Rodney Henderson
02 Nov 2015

What do you think of "Access Manager" by Citi-Sofftware, as a password securing & storage program? I have used the free version for years, you password protect the program & use a copy & paste feature to insert your details. You can also print out a complete list, import from a CSV or XML file & you can change, add & delete the title groups for your passwords.


Rodney Henderson

Posted by:

Paul H H
02 Nov 2015

One issue that has not been addressed: compatibility with the (relatively) new Edge browser from Microsoft (replacing Internet Explorer). I've been using LastPass (free version) but it does not seem to work with Edge. What about the other programs THEY work with Edge?

Posted by:

02 Nov 2015

Password Safe is the best I know of, can't figure out why you didn't mention it???

Posted by:

02 Nov 2015

The best Password Manager I've used for years is Password Manager XP by CP-Lab. It's fee to try, but you will need to purchase a license to use it beyond that. It's highly configurable & customizable. Best feature? It has multi-user support (great for a network environment & a small business that shares passwords amongst it's users). It is NOT cloud-based, and the databases it stores on your machine/network are highly encrypted and very small. I've tried the others, and I don't believe they compare. The web address is:

Posted by:

02 Nov 2015

To Paul H H: I use RoboForm and found that it does not work with Edge either. Ended up setting my LT up with IE 11 & Chrome instead.

Posted by:

02 Nov 2015

I am linux user and had used keepassx for sometime.
Also use LibreOffice spreadsheet to have my passwords listed in alphabetical order.

Posted by:

03 Nov 2015

Just installed bitdefender antivirus pro and it remember passwords I use on Firefox for me, now, though I'm not altogether trusting of anything I don't control completely. I have other browsers that don't use that and, instead, save my passwords in one particular format type, zip encrypt it with one password only I could know, saving it, and then renaming it to a different file extension type. Has worked very well for me for a couple decades now.

Posted by:

08 Nov 2015

KEEPER I have been using keeper for many years across numerous computers & phones without a problem. There is a free version & the paid version which I use for $9.99 a year.

Posted by:

10 Mar 2017

I also use KeePass. It's free. Local, so my passwords are not in the cloud. Also a flash drive option for remote use. Excellent product.

Posted by:

DBA Steve
11 Mar 2017

Allowing my security info (e.g. userids, passwords, security Q&A) to be stored on some random server has always scared me. I've used RoboForm for years, but only on my desktop. The RoboForm data is encrypted via VeraCrypt.

Admittedly, I am paranoid. Because I spent so many years working as a security specialist on mainframes, I just can't bring myself to trust RoboForm or LastPass or any "cloud" service like that.

Can I have your thoughts and suggestions, please?

Thanks in advance.


Posted by:

17 Feb 2018

I am using S10 password vault, it is small and simple, one password to open. It is not synced so it is for desktop, but with a 5$ contribution, it can be synced to other devices. Holds unlimited # of passwords & is free. It has a feature to make it safe from keyloggers, it has a click & drag feature which is so easy. I also have used Dashlane, but find this S10 much easier to use & it is so small it will not bog the computer down. It also has a free offering which is mobile, can be saved to a flash drive.

Posted by:

02 Apr 2018

I know this is kinda old now and there are multiple newer some for FREE and others are a subscription with an annual fee. I have used LastPass as a paid user for years now. Paying $1 a month for the longest time. Next year they are doubling it to $2 per month. This will push them outside of what I care to pay for. So I am re-looking at password managers to use. I would like to know what is thought of bitwarden or KeePass? THANK you in advance for All You Do!!

Posted by:

Dan Valleskey
02 Apr 2018

password box is now defunct.

Posted by:

18 Jul 2019

I just went to PassWordBox and although you indicate it was purchased by Intel, the screen comes up showing McAfee and with the name: McAfee | TrueKey

Posted by:

18 Jul 2019

I have used Roboform for many years but in the past several years they have tried to get to fancy and I am not impressed. I tried to set it up on my Android phone and it will not sync. On another computer it keeps asking me for a new login. Not really happy with it anymore, don't have time to be contacting support for a solution.

Posted by:

12 Aug 2019

2FA is optional? If you use a password manager without 2FA then you are not very bright.

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