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When I attempt to backup a file using the Windows XP backup utility I get the following error message: The backup file name could not be used. H:\10aug.bkf Please ensure it is a valid path, and that you have sufficient access. I can use the program to backup a file to a floppy, and then drag and drop the .bkf file to the CD, but the program won't backup to the CD.


I don't use Windows Backup... anyone have a solution or suggestion?

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This article was posted by on 23 Aug 2005

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Posted by:

23 Aug 2005

I haven't been able to backup any OS backup files to a CD!!! I've used several OS's,,ME,XP,2000..And no go on my end and I consider myself pretty educated! :-) Just one of those let-me-dig-a-bit-longer issues!

Posted by:

23 Aug 2005

I just backed up my laptop (important documents and such) to a CD. I don't know if this is an efficient way to do it, but here's how I did it. I used Windows Backup Utility and picked what I wanted to backup (up to the capacity of the CD) and chose my desktop as the destination. Then, once it was "backed up" to my desktop, I copied it to a CD. It's impossible to back up the entire computer to a CD without calculating the MB's of the files and creating multiple back ups to the desktop. I have googled this topic as well without any success. It would be nice to have a program that will backup everything to a CD without going through all the mess. However, my process worked for the few files I wanted to backup.

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Ken Klein
23 Aug 2005

Do they have the same problem if they try to backup to a CD-RW? Writing a file to a CD-R changes the file attribute to Read Only (since CD-Rs are a "write once" medium), while using a CD-RW would allow the file attribute to remain the same as it originally was. A floppy, being re-writable, also maintains the original file attribute.

Posted by:

24 Aug 2005

From Expert Zone Column - Microsoft's Site:

... "Unfortunately, the Windows Backup utility can't save files directly to a CD-RW drive. "

Posted by:

30 Aug 2005

Unless you have packet-writing software, the CD must be written to all at once, then finalized. Packet-writing software would allow it to be used as a giant floppy disk.

Note that dragging a file to the CD merely creates a copy on the hard disk. That copied file is then actually written to the CD when you tell XP to do so.

Posted by:

05 Sep 2005

To use Windows backup to a CD, you have to make the CD look like a big floppy. That's what packet-writing software does - you format the CD (typically a CD-RW) with the software, then Windows sees it like a big floppy. The file system the packet-writing software creates is called UDF.

Windows doesn't come with packet-writing software, just packet-reading. If you have Roxio EasyCD or Ahead Nero, you already have packet-writing software. Roxio calls their product DirectCD, while Ahead call theirs In-CD.

Note that this formatting uses about 25% of the space on the CD, so a 740MB CD-RW only ends up with about 550MB usable space. For this reason, both EasyCD and Nero come with stand-alone backup programs. These programs can back up to CD (or DVD) without having to preformat the CD's with UDF.

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