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15 Mar 2006

Bob another simple, easy to read tutorial. I wish I had read this article when trying to configure my network. After various calls to tech support, I found out on my own it was my desktop's firewall preventing other computers from printing.

Anyone who follows this if you're having trouble printing from another computer on the network, disable the firewall on the computer that the printer is physically connected to and try again.

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30 Mar 2006

Hello. Some companies are making hub-sized print server boxes that connect to your printer and your network. This allows you to print over the network without having to turn on a server computer. Some laser printers can even be outfitted with a card that does the same thing. Then you just plug the network cable into the back of the printer.

EDITOR'S NOTE: That's another alternative, but not sure what you mean by "turn on a server computer". All the PCs on my network are peers. I could attach the printer to any one of them and share it.

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30 Mar 2006

I just bought a router and print server combo. It's one of the best investments I've made in a long time. Forgetting to turn on and login to the computer that printer was physically connected to always caused a hassle in my house. Especially with me using Linux which no one else knows how to use.

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24 May 2006

May I use a manual switch to switch between two printers on my one computer? Can the printers still be shared on the network. I have plugged everything in to the manual switch but it doesn't work. The printers: HP Deskjet 697C and HP Laserjet 1320 both work when I connect directly to my computer.

I have been switching the cable back and forth when I need to print the occasional color document. When I do switch to the Deskjet though it doesn't work until I plug in the Deskjet and restart my computer, which is a major pain. I am using the same cable for both printers.

EDITOR'S NOTE: It seems to be a (silly) limitation of that printer. Does it work without a restart in the opposite configuration?

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05 Oct 2006

· Would like to use a switch to share a parallel (IEEE-1284) printer with two computers. One computer has a parallel port and USB ports and runs WinMe; second computer has only USB ports and runs WinXPsp2.

· Was thinking I could install a parallel-to-USB adapter cable to "convert" the printer to USB, then use a USB switch to connect to the computers.

· Will this cause problems with the WinMe computer, to which the printer was originally connected through its parallel (LPT1) port? Will I have to "re-port" the printer on the WinMe computer and, if so, how?

EDITOR'S NOTE: A computer with no parallel port? I'd sooner add a parallel port card. But if you go with the Parallel to USB, you may have to re-install the printer software.

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14 Oct 2006

I have Brother MFC4800 multifunctional printer that comes with both USB and Pararelle ports. I have two PCs now (one old and one new) close to the printer. The old pc is currently connected to the printer's parallel port. Please advise if the new can also be connected to the USB port of the same printer?? Thanks!

EDITOR'S NOTE: Sounds like it should work... unless you print from both at once!

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22 Oct 2006

Hello Bob, thank you very much for the information on sharing a printer for multiple computers. So easy to follow and saved me a lot of money. Following your instructions helped me in setting up all four computers at home.

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19 Mar 2007

Hi Bob !.. I have a printer attached to my desktop (runs XP).The laptop (runs Vista) that i have uses the router for internet. I want to be able to print documents from laptop.I have tried enabling my desktop printer to "shared mode" and i attempted to find the printer on my laptop...No luck...Not sure what am i missing..I even installed the driver in my laptop..Still no help I have looked through many webpages and some talk too technical for me to trouble shoot the problem.. Can you help?

EDITOR'S NOTE: Are both computers using the same Workgroup name?

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25 Mar 2007

Hi bob, i have a epson R300 photo printer .. which the photo colour ink is not cheap ... is there a way to set it so only network user's can print in black and white ?? only ? as i do not see this in the share settings tab ?

EDITOR'S NOTE: I don't think so... you could try whacking people with a stick AFTER they print in color.

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01 Dec 2007

Bob: your guide was great, and I now have my 2nd PC running Vista Home able to print over wireless Network on printer attached to my main PC running Vista Business. BUT, this only works when I am logged onto the 2nd PC running vista home: other users can't see the Networked printer. I would appreciate your advice please on how I can make this fantastic printer sharing work for all the family? We'll buy you a snickers, we promise!

EDITOR'S NOTE: That would depend on the configuration of the other users. What platform are they using? Do they have the correct workgroup name? Can they connect to other resources on the local network?

Posted by:

Shanel Clodwick Komba
16 Jan 2008

Hallow Bob: My institute has two vista computers one being attached to a printer and one xp computer. All have been connected to the internet. Please assist me with a procedure which will be used to share the printer to all of these computers

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12 May 2008

Hi Bob, I have two computer, both running on XP SP2 and printer HP LaserJet P1505. I bought manual USB printer switch. When I connect everything as I should it doesn't work. It shows me error, that the new hardware wasn't recognized. I even bought expensive good quality USB cables (2m), but no change. I ran out of ideas! Can you help me please? Any suggestions?? Many thanks Upsiaus

EDITOR'S NOTE: You'll need to install the printer software on both computers, with the switch in the correct position to access the printer.

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15 Nov 2008


I have a problem with my laptop, i can't share epson c66 because the computer is asking me some driver that i can't find any where. please help

EDITOR'S NOTE: And the name of the driver is....?

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01 Jan 2009

I have 3 users on my comouter with myself being the host.

I have screen saver listed but the other users do not, how can I place a screen saver on their side??

EDITOR'S NOTE: You don't say what operating system you're using, or if the users are local or remote...

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14 Jan 2009


I have a 4 year old destop running Windows XP and a new laptop running Vista they are connected to the internet via a router that's wired to the desktop and wireless to the laptop. they are networked and that works fine. The problem is I have an HP deskjet all-in-one printer-copier-scanner that is wired to the desktop and I want to be able to print from the laptop through the network. I went throught all the steps I found in your article "Sharing Files and Printers" plus a set of instructions I found on another site, but I still can't print from the laptop, unless I plug the printer's cable into a USB port on the laptop. I didn't want to tie up a USB port by wiring the printer to the laptop plus then I can't print from the desktop.

The step that didn't work was when I tried to add the printer to the network. On the laptop I clicked on the network, then add printers and went throught the steps but still can't print from the laptop. Please advise me what to do.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Does your All-in-One have the ability to connect to the router via wireless? My HP L7780 does that. If not, it could be a Vista driver issue. Maybe HP has an updated driver on their site.

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17 Jan 2009

Hi Bob, Thanks for the info. I have a Windows XP machine and a Mac OS X (10.4) machine connected to an HP LaserJet 3550. I can connect to the printer with the Mac via printer sharing, but the output is garbage. If I connect directly to the printer with the Mac everything is fine. Am I missing something important here?

EDITOR'S NOTE: I assume the printer is connected to the Windows machine, and you're trying to print from the Mac via the network? Maybe the Bonjour software will help.

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10 Feb 2009

I have a Samsung laser printer ML2150 plug into a desktop w/ Windows XP. My other 2 computers another desktop and a laptop w/ XP are able to print thru my home network but my 2 Vista laptops and a Vista Desktop cannot. All computers have the same workgroup. Is there anything I missed to do?

EDITOR'S NOTE: I hear this a lot, and my usual suggestion is to try it with the firewall(s) turned off.

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16 Mar 2009

hey bob, i have a problem, i set up a LAN in our school but one of the computer cant be networked, is there a set up for the BIOS?

EDITOR'S NOTE: Need more info on what you mean by "can't be networked"... Did you check the workgroup name? They must all be the same.

Posted by:

Les Huber
22 Mar 2009

Hi Bob, I followed your instuctions, very easy even for a 'dummy' like me to follow, but I must
have something wrong. Could it be that I'm running
Vista on my DeskTop? That's the PC with the printer LexMark X3350)?

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07 May 2009

hey bob i have a problem with my epson lx-300 office network printer. ive already check it to the main computer which is the main user of the printer.. then ive got a laptop Asus eec my other local administrator accounts can easily print through the network printer... but when i already use the other account connected to the main group i have to set up adding printer time and time again and it frustrates me... when i shutdown the computer and turn it on the other day.. ive have to add that network printer again in my laptop. please help me im getting piss off with this network printer..

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