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If you want the best quality paper prints of your digital photos, you have two choices: spend several hundred dollars on your own dedicated photo printer or use a photo-processing service. Since the original photos are in digital files there's no reason you can't deliver them online to the photo-processing service. Here are some of the best online photo printing services...

Online Photo Printing

Which Online Photo Printing is Best?

Online photo printing is simple, at its most basic: just upload your photos to the service; specify the size and quality of prints that you want; provide a mailing address and credit card number. In a few days you will receive your lab-quality prints in the mail. But there are many online photo printing services, so of course they all offer slightly different features and prices.

Think more than standard photo prints when you use an online photo printing service. Most of them offer a vast array of personalized products including stationery sets; greeting cards; business cards; coffee mugs; apparel; 2 x 3 foot posters; even mural panels large enough to cover a bedroom wall. gets good reviews for its user-friendly ordering process and downloadable order management application. During the ordering process, Snapfish will recommend tweaks to help you get better prints from your uploaded digital image. For example, digital photos tend to be more square than film photos and don't fit on standard photo paper without drastic cropping. Snapfish can detect this potential problem and recommend custom paper sizes to minimize cropping. Snapfish also accepts uploads directly from phone cameras. The price is right, too, starting at just $5.00 for 50 4x6 prints including postage to U. S. addresses. is another popular online photo printing service. Its 4x6 prints can cost as little as 9 cents each - 10 per cent cheaper than Snapfish - but there's a catch. You have to prepay for a bundle of print credits, starting at $24.00. Otherwise, 4x6 prints cost about 15 cents each.

For basic, no-frills prints, Walgreens Photo Center is a safe bet. At ten cents a print it's a good value though not the cheapest. The photo quality is above average in most users' opinions. You can share photos with other online users for free.

Professional photographers like for its exceptionally high quality and wide range of print formats (from 4 x 6 inches to massive 32 x 90 inch exhibition prints). Folioprints, mounted photos, canvases, and multiphoto prints are also available. myPhotoPipe provides many options to help professional and serious-amateur photographers sell their works. In fact, anyone can buy prints of any photos hosted on myPhotoPipe, and the creator gets paid.

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Most recent comments on "Online Photo Printing"

Posted by:

Alejandro Dembo
21 Sep 2010

I have used and it is good, but now I use to print my pictures in books and the book's materials and finish are great.

Posted by:

Helene Mayer
21 Sep 2010

The quality of the photos depends on whether you're getting prints or books. I wasn't happy with Snapfish's photo books, though their prints are fine (and cheap!). Shutterfly's books are of a much higher quality and they offer substantial discounts if you subscribe to their emails. I'm up for trying other services, so I'd love to hear more recommendations.

Posted by:

21 Sep 2010

I have been using Winkflash for prints and calenders for several years. Somtime they will be as low as 5 cents on 4x6 prints. I am also using Shutterfly. Both sites have unlimited picture storage with no purchase necessary.I am very satisfied with both.

Posted by:

21 Sep 2010

You did not mention Costco which is inexpensive (13 cents for 4 x 6) as well as many other sizes and services. You can pick them up from the store in about an hour or have them mailed for free for the small prints.
I have used them for many years and find their service excellent. In fact, I never print my own. Why print your own when you can get great results from Costco at a much cheaper price and probably a better print.

Posted by:

David Allen
21 Sep 2010

I have used with good results. 9 cents for 4x6, if you order 100 prints -- plus postage , otherwise 11 cents -- plus postage. Fast service.

Posted by:

Bill Wittmeyer
23 Sep 2010

Snapfish has been a good experience. Also, if you're near a Costco, their service and prices are competitive. You upload your photo and pick up the print at a store you select.

Posted by:

David Buffaloe
23 Sep 2010

I use for my photos. 15 cents each for 1 hour service. Good quality.

Posted by:

Mike Noss
23 Sep 2010

I have used DotPhoto for years and they provide great quality prints and unlimited storage. I also use Snapfish, which has improved the past 2 years. I can order through Snapfish, and have them printed at Walgreens for $0.19 each- usually within an hour!

Posted by:

Krissi D
02 Oct 2010

I use Snapfish and Adobe Pgotoshop Service (Kodak) and have had good luck with both.

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