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16 Jan 2009

Hi Bob, I have my desktop (Asus) that is wired to my printer (Samsung). Then both my desktop and laptop (Compaq) are hooked up to my wireless Linksys router. Both use XP. I followed your instructions to a T but my laptop can't find my printer ...... I even tried turning off my firewalls. Please Help

EDITOR'S NOTE: Can the laptop see the desktop on the network?

Posted by:

Alex Ku
22 Jan 2009

Hi Bob. I followed your instructions and also downloaded Bonjour for Windows as I also have a Mac. While doing the Completing the Bonjour Printer Wizard, a window presented this - "YOU DO NOT HAVE SUFFICIENT ACCESS TO YOUR COMPUTER TO CONNECT TO THE SELECTED PRINTER".

I am the administrator & have checked that it is allowing the installation. So far, I have not gone beyond that window with the no access message. What should I do next. TIA.

EDITOR'S NOTE: This may help: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/279753

Posted by:

Alex Ku
23 Jan 2009

Sorry Bob but I still can't figure it out after following the support link you sent since the account being used to log on to the network is a member of the local Administrators or Users group. Something else must be screwing the connection.

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24 Jan 2009

Did as instructed, however I keep getting an error message when I run the wireless network wizard.

Error message reads as follows: Depending on the wireless software running on this computer the wireless network wizard may not work. For details see article 871122 in the knowledge base at microsoft.com, Did as microsoft told me to do.

Dell Desktop is running vista, dell laptop is running xp. Wireless internet works fine, however I cannot find the laptop on the network. Getting frustrated. Any info would help

Posted by:

28 Jan 2009

thank you! makes my life that much easier

Posted by:

04 Feb 2009

Thankz a lot I have vista and it still helped a ton!!!

Posted by:

09 Feb 2009

Dear bob, I was looking to your artical; I need help in hooking up a Lexmark Z82 to my Macbook pro for printing via a Dell inspiron 8100, will you please help. I was thinking about using the Linsys simultanious Dual N w610rtn router; so what do you thinK? I have found myself using the macbook pro more than the pc, but there is no printer driver to support the mac to print to the Z82 Lexmark!

EDITOR'S NOTE: I don't think your choice of routers makes any difference. Here's are some articles that describes doing something similar to your scenario: http://macs.about.com/od/macwindows/ss/sharewinprinter.htm and http://iharder.sourceforge.net/current/macosx/winmacprinter/

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12 Feb 2009


Posted by:

Robert Brown
14 Feb 2009

Bob, You are the Wizard. I just connected my PC Laptop to my Mac network by dowloading Bonjour. It was so easy with your directions. Next I plan to connect the PC desktop and eliminate a bunch of wires from my office.

Thanks so much!

Posted by:

15 Feb 2009

Excellent instructions, the only addition, which I did discover in at least one user comment was making sure that your Workgroup name is the same on the computer that you are attempting to network as the computer that the printer is connected to. I successfully networked a Vista laptop to an XP desktop and was printing in less than 30 minutes and did not even have to download any additional drivers. You rule, Bob!

Posted by:

Jei Ci
15 Mar 2009

Hey Bob, it's great to see many people enjoying one of many sides of Technology. I did a test trying to get my Vista Home Basic-32 bit OS to be the "middle man" for the two printers I got at home; But for some reazon my two Laptops (XP-Pro) will not see the printers connected to Vista. Any ideas why..?

Be advised that I will see my workgroup since they all have the same name, also I was able to get the printing by using my XP OS as middle contact and Vista will see,connect and print to the shared printers, but not the other way around.

Any tips will be helpfull Bob or anybody..!

Posted by:

27 Mar 2009

I just have a regular 4 in 1 printer, a laptop, and an aircard for internet access. I would like to be able to print to my printer without manually hooking up my laptop to the printer. What is equipment is required to do this??


Posted by:

19 Apr 2009

I have a Linksys WRT54G wireless router and a Linksys WPS54GU2 Wireless-G Print Server that has one USB and one parallel printer ports. How can I connect two USB printers

EDITOR'S NOTE: A parallel-to-USB adapter should do the trick.

Posted by:

27 Apr 2009

I followed the instructions with my base computer as XP. The other wireless computers are XP and printing just fine. Why won't my Vista os detect any printers?

Posted by:

13 May 2009

Bob, very simple instructions, I got all the way though them, until the last step. When I clicked on the printer I wanted my laptop to print to (from the network category) I saw the printer that I had named clicked on it and a box appeared that said Windows cannot connect to the printer. Access is denied. I'm running windows xp from the Desktop where the printer is hooked up to and the laptop is running windows vista....can you help with this issue?

Posted by:

18 May 2009

Recently moved offices. Printer too far away from computer. Old printer without wireless. New computer with wireless. However, we are now hooked to DSL. I could get extra long wires, but I thought that there was a way to go wireless between the computer and the printer. Help!!

EDITOR'S NOTE: You need a Wireless Print Server, which allows you to connect a USB or parallel printer to a wireless network.

Posted by:

23 May 2009

hello i can hook up my wireless printing just fine but i have a question. when hooked to wireless network do you still have to have one computer as the "main" computer because when that comp is off my other comps cant print..i was thinking if its on wireless network it can print from any comp it doesnt matter if the others are on or off??

Posted by:

24 May 2009

Installed new desktop,vista, connected to Netgear gateway and a laptop, vista. Can't print remotely from the laptop even after following your instructions, It could not find the printers on the desktop. I could not access the desktop, even after propted for the IP address. I can see the laptop from the desktop but I can't see the desktop from the laptop.

Posted by:

25 May 2009

Problem resolved. On Laptop went to start button typed in (\\name of my desktop) and pressed enter. I was able to see the desktop on my Laptop. Right clicked on printer and then clicked on connect. The printers do not show on my Laptop under printers. When I click on a document or website to print both remote printers come up. I found the answer at Microsoft Techet under file and printer shaing in Windows.

Posted by:

Ursula B Adamson
18 Jun 2009

I followed your advice on how to setup up the wireless laptop to print to my desktop printer. Everything seems OK, on the laptop, the printer icon shows on the info line with a "?", I now have 5 docs in queue but nothing is printing!

What's wrong?

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