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John R.
08 Jun 2009

I have a CD-R disc that has both audio and video on it. I can't seem to copy the info on this disc onto my computer. Windows media player does not recognize it as regular audio, and a dvd encrypter doesn't view it as video either. How can I do this?

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21 Aug 2009

Hi, hope you advice will be of help, im trying to get into (heard of it) to download and burn some music to my media player, and just cant seem to do that, can you help? Thank you

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wally rogers
03 Apr 2010


I want to copy my audio disk but do not want
the songs stored onto my computer's hard drive.

What way is best or what program is best?

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14 May 2010

Here is a site CD Burning Software Review that contains 13 of the top software products for burning cd's. None of products on this site are free but the site is a good resource for product comparisons and reviews.

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12 Dec 2010

I would like to rip AUDIO CLIPS only from DVDs. The purpose of this would be to make a playlist that would contain dialog clips from movies between audio tracks. This would then be burned to CD. Any suggestions?

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29 Dec 2010

windows media player will not recognise that an Music/audio disk has been does recognise any standard cd.?

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Larry Newhouse
01 Apr 2011

When I open a music CD to view it content all I see are tracks. Who do I see the title and artist.

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07 Apr 2012

I download cd audio books onto my computer via itunes. I purchased a new computer and now about 50% of the time the last 2 tracks dont download or may take 40-60 minutes to download. I'm thinking its my new cd player on my computer but wasnt sure if there are some settings on my computer i am overlooking. Please help.

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