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20 Mar 2007

I think for the lay man, there should have been just a few lines on how to recognize the type of ram module you have, to be able to purchase it in the first place.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Try the Crucial Memory Advisor Tool or System Scanner to detect your RAM, it works great.

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Scott Nelson
29 Mar 2007

Beware of the four ram slots that have 2 in parallel.So you can not use double sided ram. I was updating a Asus P4B533 4 slot board from 1Gig (2..512 MB) to 2Gig.Using Crucial to determine what I needed. I bought a 1gig ram.When I installed it my computer locked up. After reading my book on the board, I found you can't use double sided ram. I removed one of the 512 and ended up with 1.5 Gig.

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29 Mar 2007

I had the same issue as Scott - 2 of the slots require single sided RAM, so I got 1.5 GB instead of 2. I've not used the Crucial tool but you do need to know what you have in terms off DDR and speed (PC###). If the Crucial tool tells you, thats a bonus as some RAM is not marked. AIDA32 (free) will also give you exact details of existing RAM under MB, SPD. You get better results with a type match, even better results with a maker match.

Some MB's support different speed RAM but may run it all at the lowest speed present. Some suggest you put the fastest in the first slot. If you don't have the manual for our motherboard, it should be available from the makers web site with the MB's model number - usually printed on the board.

Finally, some MB's will support a bit faster RAM with a BIOS update. Check the makers web site for the current BIOS version and instructions. (The installed BIOS versions displays during your computers boot, usually at the top.)

The other issue people will occasionally run into is a RAM chip going south. So the RAM is present but one chip is bdt which causes read-write errors and random crashes. Its not that common but I've seen it a couple of times. The free Memcheck software can help check your RAM.

Posted by:

Alan Wheatley
29 Mar 2007

Hi, Bob. As you point out, RAM requirements have rocketed over the past ten years. I was asked some months ago to help a pensioner install a broadband service to her laptop. Before visiting, I checked out her telecoms service provider's website for minimum system specs and procedures. Her laptop had 64MB RAM; the minimum requirement was 128MB! The 'free broadband' service cost more than she had bargained for, without her even being able to use it!

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04 Apr 2007

I am having a problem installing 2 sticks of ram into my mother in law's computer. Both of the sticks work seperately and 1 has a heat sink cover on it but I did not think that would matter, but when I put them togather in the computer, it powers up and says it is not a matched pair. Any ideas? It is a Sony Vaio VGC-RB53.

EDITOR'S NOTE: There's probably nothing you can do, if the motherboard is reading the identifiers of the RAM sticks and expecting a matched set.

Posted by:

07 Apr 2007

I added 128M RAM - it works but my HP printer dissapeared. it said something about RPC and 'Operation could not be complete'. microsoft's website didn't help at all. Anyone Any Ideas??

EDITOR'S NOTE: What operation could not be completed?

Posted by:

06 Aug 2007

Touching the metal surfaces when the unite is unplugged, will not ground yourself or discharge static electricity when installing memory.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Okay... what's your suggestion?

Posted by:

Joe M. Marinez
18 Sep 2007

I have an Hp a6019h pavillion that has two 240 pin slots with 1 Gigabyte in each slot. My computer will support 2 more gigabytes of memory. Is there an adapter that will allow me to install two memory sticks per slot? HP says there is, but who sells them?

EDITOR'S NOTE: I haven't seen such a device. Surprising that HP didn't try ti sell you one...

Posted by:

23 Sep 2007

What should I do if the Ram is installed properly, but the motherboard does not reckognize the new memory?

Posted by:

Jim W
08 Oct 2007

I have 512m DDR2 400mhz memory in my dell E310 and want to add 1GB. Every thing I see at the store is DDR2 with higher numbers such as PC5300 ,6400 or 4200 with speeds of 667 and 533mhz. Can I use any DDR2 memory or do I have to buy the 400mhz size?

EDITOR'S NOTE: The Crucial site mentioned in the article may help. If not, I'd ask Dell.

Posted by:

13 Oct 2007

Got the problem... Tried to insert 512+512-1 gb to three slots in my ASUS P4B533 crashed out.. and after I tried just by pairs.. but still my computer wont startup again.. So what should I do know to recover it again and get it working again? what went wrong?

EDITOR'S NOTE: It's hard to say. What exactly happens when you turn it on? It's possible you damaged the RAM.

Posted by:

07 Nov 2007

just wondering, how can i increase my RAM without buying it? like, do i delete my programs or what?

EDITOR'S NOTE: You're confusing RAM with hard drive space. The only way to increase the amount of physical RAM is to buy more. You can take certain steps that will decrease the amount of RAM that you're using, though. See

Posted by:

Brad D.
19 Dec 2007

RAM memory's dirty little secret... Over the years, I probably have spent several hundred dollars upgrading/adding more (higher RAM) memory sticks. What REALLY irks me is that on most computers all you get are two slots. Invariable when one upgrades, you left with an unusable memory stick.

About the only option is to give them away.

Geez, how difficult would it be for PC manufactures to place (four) slots on a motherboard. Every unit I've opened, there's gobs of free space. I feel better (sorta) after this little bit of complaining! :)

EDITOR'S NOTE: Most motherboards I've seen in recent years do have four RAM slots. Usually it's the "bargain" models that only have two slots.

Posted by:

12 Apr 2008

hi i have a mother board of intel 102cc dual core. previously i have 512 mb ram but now i got a 1gb ram and installed in the new port but problem is that,that the sytem is detecting only one ram. and in bios there is only single memory mode enabled .how to solve this problem

EDITOR'S NOTE: Your system may require identical pairs of RAM. Check the manual or vendor website.

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17 Apr 2008

What should I do if the Ram on an HP is installed properly, but the motherboard does not recognize the new memory? I've reinstalled and restarted.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Are you certain it's the right type of memory? Just because it fits in the slot, doesn't mean it's compatible with your motherboard. Consult the mobo manual to make sure.

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21 Jun 2008

I only have 2 DDR RAM slots in my e-machine PC. Is there a way to plug a double slot into each, so that I could plug in a total of 4 DDR RAM boards? Pls. advise. Thanx much.

EDITOR'S NOTE: The amount of RAM is probably limited by the motherboard. I would check with the pc vendor first.

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11 Sep 2008

hi, i am a gamer RPG game is my fev. but sometimes when im on the middle of the game my computer will restart!what would be the problem?..i have my computer as AMD athlon (tm)64 Processor 3000+ 1.81 GHz, 448 MB of Ram. what would i do? more RAM?????please help me.....tnx


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23 Dec 2008

Oh, for the halcyon days when we dreamed about a memory extention to 128 ko.....

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16 Oct 2009

I have two SD RAMs of 256 & 512. My pc is still sluggish. Some say it is due to two different RAMS & that I should buy single RAM of 1 GB.He also says it is due to conflicts for which RAM is to be used first by application. This seems to be ridiculous. What should I do to speed up my PC? I weekly do scans and defrags.

Posted by:

11 Nov 2009

One thing I've noticed when contemplating an upgrade is that in many older computers, the BIOS has a memory max. Don't think you can go past that no matter what size memory stick is used.

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