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Jean Lockwood
18 Jul 2010

A week ago last Friday, I installed AVG 9, free edition, and it immediately screwed up my PC. I've been dealing with my own PC problems since I bought the first PC in 1984, but this finally just brought the PC to a screeching halt. Couldn't do ANYthing. Called my daughter and her BF came up (40 miles) on the 10th, worked all day on it but couldn't get it fixed. So, he took it home with him and they brought it back this morning---all cleaned up and working normally. Needless to say, I'm not installing AVG Free edition.

But, my real question is this: Because I've used AVG most of my PC life, with no problems, can it be that some evil force has hijacked the installation program and caused all the problems. If you look at a Google search result on "problems with AVG 9", you'll see what I'm talking about. It seems to have installed a whole bunch of viruses and Trojans.

I hope someone with more time/knowledge than I have will look into this and let us know what happened.

Jean Lockwood
A little 84-year-old lady in near Washington DC

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29 Oct 2010

Avira AntiVir Premium - If you're not a "techie" like most computer users, this software may be a bit advanced. It doesn't detect behavioral activity, but it is good at cleaning and detecting malware and viruses. antivirus review

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jim sheils
16 Mar 2011

I, too, bought and paid for AVG9 package and took the 50 some dollar two-year package because it saved money ove r obe year.Had my son in law install---as I am very much amatuer,Never did get it installed.Have been monitoring malware manually for 1.5 years. Notified AVG with NO results and NO refund. I can provide much detail. I just want to know why I can't turn the AVG9 'on'?

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Edward Hess
18 Apr 2011

I have a paid version of avg9 that is up to date. It caught a virus and it messed up my computer, big time. I do not think it is fair to charge me $89.95 to fix a virus problem
when this a antivirus program. I am not happy with avg pure junk.

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