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28 Oct 2010

I fried my computer 3 times several years ago. Once using Norton and twice when my anti-virus was AVG. My computer tech advised switching to Avast. I am still using it today and have found it superior to both Norton and AVG. It detects viruses, Trojans & worms plus malicious downloads that the other programs do not detect. I use MalwareBytes for malware detection. I no longer use Ad-aware; I have found SuperAntiSpware much more effective and it will find malware that MalwareBytes doesn't detect. All these programs are free to use, however; after using free for over a year, I have upgraded all of them and feel it is worth it for semi-peace of mind.

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30 Oct 2010

AVG internet Security is a bit heavy on system resources and really bad in detecting malwares and providing good surfing.Often it is unable to block a sites having hidden spywares or worms..

Avast 5.0677 Internet Security is really much better than AVG 2011.It has a powerful MultiShield scanner engine that is much efective in blocking infectious sites while surfing; also got a good compact size $ look.

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01 Nov 2010

I had AVG9 and no problems. Then upgraded to AVG2011 and found that my Outlook was freezing when downloading new messages, even though email scanning was not selected, and even if I switched off resident shield.

The only resolution has been to system restore back to AVG9.

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03 Nov 2010

I have been using AVG for a few years now and have recommended it to many of my friends but I'm not convinced with AVG 2011, It installed without any problems but Windows is constantly reported that I do not have any Anti Virus installed.

Has anyone else come across this problem?


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Robert Deyoung
04 Nov 2010

i tried the new avg 2011 on my older xp pro sp3 desktop system from asus and it doesnt seem to like my desktop. it added a bunch of things at start-up and has slowed it down considerably. i had to uninstall 2011 and reinsatll an older avg version and had to disable the autodate feature. my toshiba laptop with win 7 on the other hand, loves avg 2011. no problems to report on it.

Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP Professional 5.01.2600 Service Pack 3

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26 Nov 2010

The only complaint I have is that there was no comparison tests with Avira Free or avast 5.0 Free. I tried AVG 2011 Free and it didn't seem to be as good as the other two. I would advise others to wait until independent blind comparison tests are complete until anyone should sing their praises about AVG 2011 Free. It is way too soon. I will stick with avast 5.0 Free.

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02 Mar 2011

I downloaded it, it crashed my PC, then it locked it up when I got it goijng, then one I got it going again it threw my internet connections out and the program wouldn't let me delete it, it took 24 hours, two phone calls, 8 reboots and hours of swearing to get it off my machine. They gave me a patch that didn't work the first time as well. I wouldn't go near AVG if they paid me to have one. NEVER ever deal with that free version, it's dangerous.

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