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30 Nov 2016

I always have and do look forward to your articles in my email. I believe I have learned as much and probably more from your site than everything else I've read on the internet since 2003. So this is a thank you and well done for interesting, informative, and entertaining information that is well received and anticipated by me.

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06 Dec 2016

The iDrive One
Holiday Offer

Hi Bob
this is Pat in the UK...this offer I guess is not available to guys like me in the UK....let me know if there is something that can be done for us here.
We are a loyal following and enjoy all the help you provide.
ps Happy holidays

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04 Feb 2017

Hi Bob, I've been reading since Tourbus and have purchased many of the things you have sold and recommended, just bought you backup cd and downloaded the bonuses using your recommended Foxit free reader.
Apparently my OS (Vista) isn't recommended and I had some trouble with my printer spooling when trying to print their user manual. Did you know that their customer service is in China? They sent me a URL to buy their version 6 downgrade of Foxit Phantom PDF but I am very wary about installing anything else from them. Do you know if I will still be able to read your bonus PDFs that I have downloaded after I remove Foxit? Any suggestions?

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