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Arno Pucher
27 Oct 2011

Hi Bob.

As a TOURBUS Rider from 1995 it's sad to hear.
I remember all the joy which THE BUS brought to us. How many sites would have been unknown w/o the brave bus drivers ...

Thanks for 2^4 yrs of fun from Austria,
Best Regards Arno aka Eol Ruin

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27 Oct 2011

Hello bob I've been receiving the tour bus newsletter and it's sad to hear that you're putting an end to Tour Bus but the good thing is that I'll keep receiving your ask bob ranking news letter yay!! well keep up the good work bob.


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28 Oct 2011

Thanks for the help, advice and tips. Without you I wouldn't have had one of the first addresses, nor would I have learned about some of the crafty ways to avoid spam, viruses and other nasties floating around the info superhighway. Thanks to you, and your colleagues for the effort and keep up the good work on your site!

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