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walter hellmig
04 Dec 2013

I am cloning daily with the free software easeUS running XP Pro. Never any problems, no need for a different operating system.

Posted by:

Bill D
30 Dec 2013

Bob; Are there any Internet Providers that give UNLIMITED INTERNET Service ???

The best deal i have seen is 250GB for $25 a month for the first 6 months. I need around 500gb per month so I can watch Netflix and Hulu Movies as much as i want plus use the Internet for Browsing , and Emails and P to P groups.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Verizon FIOS service is advertised as "unlimited" and for most purposes it is. They'll complain if you use more than 10 TERAbytes per month. (That's 10,000 GB)

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05 Jan 2014

Umm - CloneZilla (and I would hazard a guess most cloning software) doesn't care what operating system you use. In your article you said "for Linux users" - but I'm positive that a Linux user could use one of the other offerings and I know for certain that a Windows user can use CloneZilla.

Posted by:

Dennis E
28 Jan 2014

I've used Acronis True Image for years with very few problems.

No matter which imaging software you use, you need more than one image, just in case the latest one doesn't work. Erasing the old images is just foolish. You never know when you might need some or all of those old files. Keeping one image from a year ago and the last three months (imaging monthly) should suffice.

One trick that nobody mentioned is keeping the disk image within a reasonable size. How many 100GB images can you save, and do you really need to save movies and videos? Partition the C: drive to 100GB or smaller, but keep large files like videos and movies on a separate partition. I've never met an individual user (not professional) that needs more than 30GB on the C: drive. But twice the size of your normal amount of storage space gives you plenty of room on the C: drive, or about 90 - 110 GB size of the C: partition is plenty for most people.

I use the first day of each month to do maintenance and make an image of the C: drive. First, I move any large files to the D: drive. I then run C-Cleaner to get rid of all the junk files then optimize the disk with Auslogics Defrag; usually takes ten minutes. With only 30GB on the C: drive, it only takes 15 minutes to create the image with Acronis True Image.

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29 Jun 2014

I have been using Macrium to clone my laptop's 1tb hd (windows 8.1). I do this once a week and in the interim, I use Crashplan to do incremental data backups.

Both HDs are identical size, mfr and model. I am trying to address a situation where the laptop hd fails and I just slide out the dead one and insert the clone.

I've never actually tried to do this yet. Somebody please tell that this will work.

Posted by:

Dave munger
25 Dec 2014

It may or may not have been mentioned but Seagate drives once came with Seagate Disc Wizzard on a CD. I've used it to clone my HDD a few times. When my drive became unusable later on I just replaced it with the cloned drive and all was fine although of course I had to update some files from a flash drive from after the date I cloned the new drive. Not so much work though.

Posted by:

07 May 2018

Macrium Clone failed-read failed-13-permission denied-32. After getting this message twice, I used AOMEI Free clone software and it worked.

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