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10 May 2014

These companies that are dropping their consumer product lines.From most of the research that I've done on this type of product. They have been progressively developing inferior products over the years.The reason that I think they are doing this is.They think they know what is best for the consumers.What ever happen to consumer feed back analysis.That is what these companies are over looking IMHO.So I say " good riddance" to their lack of concern and their self preceived
superiority!Before I would install one of them or any other type of product on my computer.My advice
,is to first do a through evaluation and research
on any type of product you want to purchase.
It seems to me that any well developed bussiness plan should put their customers needs and concerns first.IMHO that is what makes a great company to do bussiness with.So,thank you very much to the companies that follow this kind of bussiness plan.I don't mind paying for a product from a company that holds to these principles and bussiness plans! And THANK YOU very very much for people like Bob Rankin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Steve Matzura
11 May 2014

There's a growing and marketable community of computer users with vision impairments that use screenreader technology to render the contents of what's on-screen in synthetic speech, and many of the better-quality a/v and lately malware programs do not work with this technology. Too bad, as this means that computer users with visual impairments are being totally ignored and left out of the game because the designers of said software are more interested in eye-candy than getting the real job done. On the other hand, programs that *are* accessible with screenreaders, such as Vipre, statistically come up short in a/v and m/w best-of roundups. This definitely needs to change.

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