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04 May 2020

Thanks for this resource, Bob. I was just thinking, isn’t anyone else concerned that almost all the antivirus software scanning our personal data is not made here?

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Sir Poon
18 May 2020

** Here is what people don't understand or discuss, including the author of this article. When you install a program, you grant that program privileges to your computer. For anti-virus to work it must be allowed to automatically update itself at any time. This means you've granted an outside authority to rights to change how your computer operates at any time.

If a nation-state wanted to attack millions of users around the world at one time it would simply push out an update that runs instantly, installs itself, and goes to work. I'd rather take the chance that my country would not attack its own citizens than trust an authoritarian regime with no regards for me or my country. And we all have zero recourse if anything happens.

If we've seen anything this past six months is that government does not have a clue about protecting its own economies. They, too, make knee-jerk reactions.

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03 Feb 2021

I'm agast at the naivete of the concept from just 4 years ago. Bad actors only need $ and a willing vendor to buy their way into your network. China has has been shown to have done just that in addition to potentially influencing 'paying off' people and organizations who should be keeping us safe. In fact I now have doubts about almost every 'big tech' firm.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Alec Baldwin and Charlie Sheen are hacking into our networks? Yikes.

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