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Alfred Thomas Priest
25 Jul 2023

Based on your recommendation, I ordered black ink for my Epson XP-7100 printer on June 28th. My order arrived on July 19.

I installed their cartridge on July 22. I printed a 4 page booklet test file and noted several characters with problems. I printed 2 more copies; same problems. I thought I could live with the problems so I started to print 18 copies of the same file. I stopped printing when I saw the first 2 copies; they looked like the printer had run out of ink.

I replaced the LDP cartridge with an Epson black ink cartridge and got 18 normal prints with no problems.

My test is completed, LDP does not work for me! PDF copies of the LDP and Epaon ink prints are available if desired

Comment Page:  1  |  2  | 3

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