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Emailing a group of 4 or 5 JPG photos from the 'My Pictures' folder is no problem. But Emailing a group of 50 seems to clog the system for ever and nothing actually sends. The pictures are taken with my digital camera, saved as JPG images, and I'm using MS Digital Images Suite 10 for the photos. How can I fix this please?


Some email programs have a limit on the maximum size for a single transmission. You could hit this limit on the sending OR receiving end, and in some cases, the message and attachments are silently discarded. I've seen this limit as low as 5 MB. I don't know if MS Digital Images sends the images directly, or if it uses your default email client. But it's also possible that MS Digital Images is simply choking or timing out due to the huge attachment you're generating.

There are two possible solutions to your problem. Remember the old joke where the guy goes to the doctor? He says "It hurts when I do this." So the doctor says "Don't do that." JPEG image files can be quite large, depending on the resolution of your digital camera. So your chances of getting the emails successfully sent AND received are much improved by sending smaller batches. You can also reduce the resolution and size of the images with your photo editing software. If your application doesn't demand super high resolution, you can probably reduce the file sizes by a factor of 5-10X. And that will allow you to send more images in a single batch.

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Most recent comments on "Emailing Photos"

Posted by:

29 Sep 2006

I still think the best bet is using an image hosting service like PhotoBucket and emailing a link. It avoids a lot of headaches. Remember not everyone has broadband, receiving 4 or 5 pictures on dial up can take a 10-15 minutes do download.

Posted by:

Fred Romig
29 Sep 2006

My solution is to use '' (FREE) to send a zip file of several jpegs. Works like a charm and is available to everyone.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Yes, this is a "drop box" service where you can upload files. The recipient is notified by email, and can pick them up when ready.

Posted by:

Louise Thompson
29 Sep 2006

I send many photos via e-mail using Picasa (Google) and never have any problems. Hope this helps.

Posted by:

01 Oct 2006

I use "photo Show " by comcast it's free,and you can add music to your photos....

Posted by:

04 Oct 2006

I've never used it but there is a program called PANDO at that may be of interest to you. It claims to be designed for the purpose of emailing large files.

Posted by:

05 Oct 2006

As a followup to your recent article, I thought I'd remind you that a novice user can also use Windows Explorer to make his/her pictures smaller when emailing them.

Right click on the picture, "Send To", "Mail Recipient" and Windows will ask you if you want to make your pictures smaller. It saves the step of resizing them in graphics software which few novice users know how to use. Been a subscriber for years. Thanks for all the good work you guys do.

Posted by:

13 Oct 2007

I use "showmee" by airsens it's a full web application for private photos HD sharing. Very simple, and fun and they provide a free subscription.
Look at

Hope this helps.

Posted by:

21 Jun 2008

Great info, all the time, thanks Bob. Your my 1 and only favorite, I use to find answers. 14 days Free trial, is WWW.YOUSENDIT.COM,for large files.Since I used up my 14 days, I see, here, I can try others, thx, for all the great work you do.

Posted by:

03 Dec 2008

I am having serious problems trying to get my pictures off of 1 computer onto my laptop do you have any suggestions.

EDITOR'S NOTE: You don't say what the problem is, so it's hard to guess. It might be easier to send yourself an email with the photo(s) attached.

Posted by:

04 Feb 2011

I've noticed that when the actual file size is around 242kb, when I download it, it becomes around 121kb. Why is that and what is the solution to avoid the loss of quality?

Posted by:

k james
27 Mar 2013

I have used a program called 'blubox' which compresses photos with loss. I do get good results and have emailed 20 to thiry photo at a time.

Posted by:

17 Sep 2015

How can I find a good photo program? Comments are years old and wonder if there is something new around?

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