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I recently upgraded Firefox to 1.0.6 and downloaded the latest extension for the Roboform tool bar 6.4.0. Now I get error messages saying I don't have the latest extension for Roboform and specifies the one I installed. The toolbar doesn't show any buttons, just a blank. How do I correct this?


I would try removing and then re-installing Roboform. Try that and report back here. Anyone else have this problem or a suggestion?

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Posted by:

Edward Ridgway
12 Sep 2005

Hello Bob,
I contacted Roboform support, since I owned Roboform Pro. They suggested exactly the opposite; uninstall Firefox and reinstall. I was sceptical, but it did correct the problem. Thanks for the reply.

Posted by:

steve zimmett
07 Feb 2007

So I installed Roboform but do not see the icon on my web page. I had used this Roboform before and the icon appeared on my webpage. I use Firefox. I was using autofill and today it simply removed itself. Cannot get in back on my web page either. What to do?

EDITOR'S NOTE: Try right-clicking on the toolbar(s) and see if there's an option to re-enable it.

Posted by:

steve zimmett
08 Feb 2007

Thanks for the above comment, it worked. Cannot get autofill to work so I guess I'll use Roboform thanks again

Posted by:

18 Aug 2007

Whats the Roboform for linux Firefox? is there an alternative??

EDITOR'S NOTE: I understand that KeePass and Revelation are good password managers for Linux.

Posted by:

30 Apr 2008

If the user gets a Roboform taskbar in the browser with only a Roboform button (IE or Firefox), then the version of Roboform that they have installed is too old for the "adapter" they installed. (Siber's way of getting you to buy the latest version)
If you get the Roboform taskbar with just a "Roboform" button, click the bar, and Roboform should come up just fine, and work until you open a completely new browser window. In the new browser window, click the taskbar again, and it comes up fine.
With Roboform, it's a good idea to save a copy of your Mozilla Adapter file with the "setup" installer for your version of RoboForm.
Roboform is the best Windows browser password tool available, but more and more people are leaving Windows for Unix/Linux. RoboForm has stated in their customer forums that "there is no interest for Siber to write a non-Windows version of RoboForm."
I figure that when Siber stops getting ANY paid registrations, they'll stop producing the program, and announce that they are closing.
Then, someone will write a replacement under OpenSource or GPL (or KeePass will be requested to completely replace the functionality), and then there will be no reason not to.
Me? I run WinXPPro on my desktop, Dual-boot WinXPMedia/Ubuntu on the Gateway laptop (AMD Turion 64), and WinXPHome on the Dell laptop(Intel Centrino).
As soon as I get a better understanding of Ubuntu, I'm replacing WinXPHome on the Dell, praying that Ubuntu can has access to the drivers for the Dell, and getting my wife completely off of Windoze.


Posted by:

john cross
15 May 2011

I have tried to buy and install Roboform pro and upgrade from v.6 to 7. I keep getting recycled back to the purchase form.

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