Free Online College Courses - Part Deux

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My previous article about universities that offer free online college courses had readers calling for more. So here are another ten institutions that offer free online college courses. All you need is a computer with an Internet connection, a web browser, and the will to learn...

Take College Courses Online

Did you know that many well-known universities offer free college-level courses that you can access online? In my article Free Online College Courses, I mentioned courses that you can take from MIT, Carnegie Mellon and Stanford.

In this follow-up, and in Free Online College Courses - Part Three, you'll find web-based college courses in text, audio and video formats, from schools like Yale, Oxford, Notre Dame and other notable institutions.

  • Open Yale Courses provides online access to selected introductory courses taught by Yale faculty. About half of the course selection reflects Yale's liberal arts emphasis. Topics include Economics, English, Art History, Italian Language and Literature, Religious Studies, Philosophy, and Political Science. But the online line-up also includes Astronomy, Biomedical Engineering, Chemistry, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, and other hard sciences.
  • Free Online College Courses

  • The University of Notre Dame provides access to course materials through the popular Open CourseWare platform. Departments include Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering, African Studies, Anthropology, Arabic and Middle Eastern Studies, Architecture, Asian Studies, Civil Engineering, Geological Sciences, Gender Studies, and several Catholic and other religious courses.
  • The University of Washington offers online courses in the American Civil War, Greek Mythology, the novel Gulliver's Travels, Hamlet, HTML Basics, the history of New Orleans jazz, the American Revolution, Shakespeare's Comedies, J. R. R. Tolkien's heroic fantasy novels, and World War II. (OK, they probably won't help you get a job but you'll learn something while waiting for that unemployment check to arrive.)
  • The Berklee College of Music offers free music-related courses online, including Bass, Guitar Chords, Voice, and even a Music Business lesson.
  • The University of the People was founded in 2009 as a "tuition-free" Internet school. However, it recently started charging modest ($15 to $50) fees for application processing and end-of-term tests. Its learning model emphasizes peer teaching and collaboration.
  • Peer 2 Peer University ditches the whole ivory-tower university model. Literally anyone can upload a course and start teaching. You don't have to be an expert, but don't expect to get paid; all instructors are volunteers.

You generally cannot get transferrable college credits for free online college courses. But if your objective is simply to learn, not work towards a degree, there is no easier or cheaper way to do it. What will you learn?

Do you know about another university that offers free online college courses? Post your comment or question below...

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Most recent comments on "Free Online College Courses - Part Deux"

Posted by:

H. R
05 May 2011

Your site is great. You seem to always have topics that answer questions I have. And you also have great reports that I didn't think about. And you have done it again today. Thanks!

Posted by:

10 May 2011

Your site is good. I had finished electrical and electronics engineering. I need free online courses in any one of following topics. If it is possible it will be helpful to me please

1. Engineering field
2. MBA courses
3. Energy engineering
4. Nanotechnology
5. Embedded systems
8. Power electronics
9. Engineering drives
10. Signals and systems
If anybody knows please help me

Posted by:

27 May 2011

Thanks Bob. You are a Genius. @ Screedhar: Bob isn't a search engine, just google "free online courses in Engineering etc" and be rest assured you will be the next Bob.

Posted by:

02 Jul 2011

Welcome back, Bob! I've been a subscriber for more years than I can remember, and you are ALWAYS a great source of information. Just wanted to say thank you!

Posted by:

04 Jul 2011

Khan Academy offers 2100 free educational videos

Posted by:

14 Nov 2011

I was able to take one free college course from Kaplan University by taking an online test and participating in a telephone interview. It is of course designed to get you enrolled as a student but there is no obligation. In my case I did not encounter any pushy sales people. The credits are transferable and it was a real online course which I took right along with paying students. I have heard that other colleges have the same program but I don't know which ones. I found this with a search of "free online college courses". Happy Learning!!!

Posted by:

Erenst van Niekerk
22 Dec 2011

Rice Universaty at is also offered free
educational material in various languages under
Connexions is:
a place to view and share educational material made of small knowledge chunks called modules that can be organized as courses, books, reports, etc. Anyone may view or contribute.

Posted by:

13 Mar 2012

Check out (Kahn Academy) it has great tutorials and is free. I am 67 years old, relearning basic math and headed towards the harder stuff. Easy, fun, self rewarding and I'm hooked!

Posted by:

08 Jun 2012

I found another resource:

Posted by:

18 Jun 2012

The University of Notre Dame also has web based open courses

Posted by:

23 Jun 2012

Hallo Bob,
The last time (November 2011) that I referred to this article it promulgated the UK's Online Open University too. It seems to be omitted now, although the link still works.

With all the extra links people are supplying, perhaps you should consider starting a "Part Trois" (or simply extending the page).

Posted by:

06 Mar 2013

This website for free online college courses was brought to my attention:

It lists both American and European Universities that are offering free courses of study in different areas of interest.

If you are interested in a Humanities course for example, you would click on that category on the web page and then it lists the universities that offer various Humanities courses.

Posted by:

29 Mar 2013 is a great site offering courses from many universites. Please note that the site is, not

If you do not need a degree, education is now available to anyone with access to the internet. I am 71 and having a great time learning new things.

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