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There's a tradition on the Web to celebrate 'World Backup Day' on March 31st, as a way of promoting backup awareness. So I'll be publishing a series of articles this week to join in the fun. The first will highlight iDrive - one of the oldest online backup and storage services, which traces its roots back to 1995. But that doesn’t mean the service is outdated. On the contrary, iDrive has won the PC Magazine Editor's Choice award for best backup five years in a row! iDrive continually refines its features and offers at least two that no competitor has, to my knowledge. Read on to learn more about the online backup that I use and recommend, and how to get a 90% discount on iDrive...

What Makes iDrive Unique?

With just one iDrive account you can back up, restore, and sync data among an unlimited number of Windows PCs, Macs, iPhones, iPads and Android mobile devices. All of your data from desktop computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets can be kept in one secure place, neatly organized and accessible from anywhere.

The iDrive Personal plan normally costs about $5/month for 2 Terabytes of online backup space. But because I think iDrive is the best cloud backup solution, I've negotiated a special deal for my readers. If you sign up with this link you'll get a 90% discount on your first year of iDrive, and up to 5 Terabytes of storage. So your price will be just $6.95!

There's a really nice perk that comes with an iDrive subscription -- you get one free Express Backup per year. Here's why that's so nice: iDrive sends you a portable external drive, you fill it with your initial large backup and mail it back (with free return shipping), saving time and bandwidth. The result is a MUCH quicker initial backup and upload process. Without the Express service, it would take about SIX WEEKS to upload two terabytes of data, assuming a constant 5Mb/sec upload speed. Data is encrypted before transit, so you needn't worry about privacy.

iDrive Online Backup

iDrive Features

iDrive’s user interface is wonderfully intuitive, simple, and fool-resistant. :-) It makes management of multiple devices (PCs, Macs, smartphones, tablets) simple, regardless of how many devices and operating systems you mix and match. You can even use your mobile device to access files backed up from a PC or Mac.

iDrive backs up data incrementally, copying only changes made to files since they were last backed up; this saves space and bandwidth. iDrive also saves up to 30 past versions of a file so you can restore it to a previous state if you accidentally lose or damage a file.

Selected files of less than 500 MB can be backed up continually so that they’re sent to iDrive the moment they’re modified or at 10, 20, or 30 minute intervals. Lower-priority backup tasks can be scheduled conveniently. There’s even a daily backup scheduled by default for the forgetful.

If you have a limited monthly data allotment, you'll pleased that iDrive's bandwidth management functions are robust. They include an exclusion list for certain files, compression, and the smarts to transfer only the modified portions of a file.

When you need to restore a file from your backup, it's equally easy and intuitive. Restore features include a handy search function; folder tree browsing; and restore of files or folders with a single click. You can initiate a restore from your desktop, mobile or a web browser, so wherever you are, your backups are available.

iDrive is My Recommendation for Cloud Backup

iDrive shows how gracefully a venerable product can mature, instead of degenerating into obsolescence or bloated feature-itis. It's a backup service that's easy to use, with advanced features for those who need them. Support for backup and sharing of data with your PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone or tablet sets iDrive apart from the competition.

The free Express service is another unique feature that I don't see anywhere else. By way of comparison, the Mozy Data Shuttle service costs a minimum of $275, and requires a $20/month Mozy Pro account. Crashplan no longer offers the Seeded Backup option. Carbonite doesn't offer the express seed/shuttle service at all.

If you're considering online backup, iDrive is my recommendation. PC Magazine gave it their Editor's Choice award for best backup five years in a row. In my opinion, it's currently the best of breed online backup solution with an excellent price point, and right now you can take advantage of the 90% discount for AskBob readers.

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