Mozilla Interferes With McAfee

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I switched to the mozilla browser as you suggested, but I am not able to download updates any more. For example, I have McAfee Antivirus software, and when it needs to be updated, I get a message saying that Mozilla has cancelled my update. How do I fix this?


Hmmm, that's a tough one. Perhaps you picked up a virus around the same time as you downloaded Mozilla? Anyone have a suggestion?

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This article was posted by on 21 Aug 2005

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Posted by:

Russell Coover
23 Aug 2005

You'll have no security problem if you use another brower than Mozilla to fownload updates. The problems with Internet Explorer occur when you go to some dangerous URLs (usually Adult sites). If Mozilla won't download the update, go ahead and use IE, Opera, Avant or Maxthon, all excellent browsers (and yes, you can download Mozilla updates using IE or one of the others. The update, may, in fact, fix your problem.

Posted by:

Larry Johnson
23 Aug 2005

I use McAfee Virus Scan on my Desktop & Laptop With mozilla as my brower and have had it in use about a year & a half with no problems. The only suggestion I would say is uninstall it and go to a different host & redownload it again, because it sounds like to me that you got some sort of bug or a bad download, in which I have had a few of thos , that is why if it don't work right the first time, then I will go to a different host server and redownload it in which it usually works, because sites with a heavy download traffic jam has caused me to get some bad downloads at times.

Posted by:

clifford babcock
23 Aug 2005

Two things: 1. Check and make sure cookies are enabled in Fiefox/Mozilla.
2. Use I.E. for your updates. I don't use Mcafee, but Microsoft sure won't let you download updates with anything but I.E. Could be Macfee is further in bed with MS than thought.

Posted by:

23 Aug 2005

I also use firefox and mcAfee.You have to be sure internet explorer is open to download McAfee updates.Go to add remove programs. Set program access and defaults. click custom. click use current browser and make sure that the internet explorer box
enable access to this program is checked. Hope this also helps you as it did me. Ron

Posted by:

Hoopy Frood
24 Aug 2005

When I got my Dell PC last December, I had McAfee's security center (firewall and antivirus)preinstalled by them. I downloaded and installed Firefox at the time and everything went fine. Until one of the later releases (1.03 or 1.04, I forget which) came along. I uninstalled the old Firefox version, reinstalled the new Firefox, and could no longer connect to the Web. I discovered that the firewall settings remained for the old version which no longer existed, and McAfee refused to recognize that I had a new application and prompt me for allowing it to access the network. So I manually adjusted the settings and was good to go. I don't know if this is your issue, but if you're using McAffee's firewall as well, it may be a firewall issue. Though, the fact that you can connect to the web at all would imply that it isn't. I don't recall if McAffee firewall lets you micromanage application functionality (i.e. browsing and downloading having separate settings), but it might be something to check. I'd look into it, but I have since dropped McAffee security center entirely when I got sick of them nagging me 3-4 times a week to upgrade to their spam filtering and spyware service as well. Besides, I get AV protection free from my grad school (McAffee coincidentally enough) and use Sygate as a software firewall.

Posted by:

24 Aug 2005

i use mcaffe on my daughters PC, win98 se. it seems that it will not update using any browser that does not support activex. also, it seems that the user who installed the software must also do the updates. i set up users in her win98 environment so i can have multi environments (work, play, father, mother, child, etc.) and even tho' the icon appears in all the user's task bars, only my user could update the mcafee software. i had to set IE to be the default browser and disable firefox as the default browser.

Posted by:

09 May 2008

I use firefox and McAfee and have no problems. Incendently, occasionally McAfee will update their software and Thunderbird (email) will stop working. It usually takes them a couple of days but it fixes itself.

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