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Completing a high school education is the first step towards college enrollment and career advancement. Some students are better served by online high school education for a number of reasons. Work schedules, distance from local schools, physical disabilities, and social issues may be factors in considering an online high school education. Here's where to look, and some scams to avoid...

Where Can I Find Online High School Classes?

Online high school courses are offered by websites, public school districts, and some colleges as alternatives for qualified students. Such public school programs are often free to students within a district. These programs are paid for by tax dollars and are usually restricted to students under the age of 20 with special needs. is a leading online high school education program among public school districts. partners with school districts to provide distance learning services and support for students and parents. Experienced teachers are available to consult with students and parents online or via phone calls. Record-keeping, testing, and other legal requirements are all handled by the school. In many cases, students can even receive free computers and reimbursement for Internet access charges. To find a local partner school, visit the school locator page.

Insight Schools is another nationwide firm that partners with public schools to provide online high school education. Students can choose from 120 courses ranging from basics to advanced placement and vocational/technical classes. Experienced teachers are available to inspire and mentor students through video conferences, instant messaging, and one-way streaming video lectures. The Resource Center even provides employment assistance and referrals to social services.

Classes For College-Bound Students

Colleges and universities also offer online high school education programs to prepare students for higher education. Some of these schools may be diploma-granting programs. Others may help students make up credits needed for college admission. Still others provide remedial classes.

MU High School enables distance learners to earn high school credits by taking any of more than 200 courses offered online. A project of the University of Missouri's distance learning program, MU High is accredited by AdvancED and the North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement. High school diplomas earned through accredited programs are widely accepted by colleges nationwide.

George Washington University Online High School is fully focused on college preparation. It offers over 100 courses with emphasis on advanced placement, and provides ACT test preparation. The school also offers college evaluation services, scholarship assistance, and more.

It's best to stick with online high school programs that are affiliated with recognized brick-and-mortar educational institutions such as public school districts and universities. The Better Business Bureau receives hundreds of complaints each year from students who paid hundreds of dollars for worthless diplomas churned out by so-called "private online high schools."

These scammers typically promise credits for "life experience" and a high school diploma in as little as two weeks. All you have to do, they say, is pay a fee and take an online test. But when you try to apply to a real college, you will learn that that the fake diploma is invalid. GED certificates offered online are always scams; the GED test can only be administered in person at locations designated by each state.

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Most recent comments on "Online High School Education"

Posted by:

Tiffany Nash
13 Jul 2011

Many in the homeschool community are alarmed by the K12 program that is partnering with public schools. Be forewarned, this is public-school-at-home and you may not be allowed to discuss God and religious teachings. We are also concerned that they are enticing people from the homeschool community back into public school so that they can benefit financially and politically. Concerns have been raised that if enough homeschoolers switch to this program that we could 'lose our rights to homeschool' and ultimately be required to use this program exclusively. For more info please see: Exposing a Trojan Horse -

Posted by:

Larry S. Gomes
15 Jul 2011

To add a suggested online high school resource, I would strongly suggest the program offered by Brigham Young University. As one would expect, the online high school program at BYU is world class.

As a university testing specialist and administrator I have found their program to be very successful and complete. They provide faculty instruction, guidance and assistance, not just a here is the book then test. Their students have a success rate that is unmatched by any legitimate education program of this type.

With the cuts in school funding now days, more and more schools and districts are relying on online courses as a complete replacement for summer school (almost a thing of the distant past)
and needed remediation. So respected is the BYU program, most Southern California high school districts use them exclusively.

At the university level I was able to closely evauate their out comes and can say that theirs is often better than students who come from the classroom setting where teachers are all to often unable to provide each student with the individualized instruction they may need. The online instructor, having to only lecture the class one time is left with far more hours each day to give direct assistance to a student.

Give the people at consideration. They also offer a complete compliment of university courses and degrees. All are fully accredited and transferable.

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