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My husband and I are considering homeschooling for our two children. I'm a college grad, but don't feel qualified to teach every subject. Are there any online homeschool classes my children can take to supplement the material I will be teaching?

Online Classes for Homeschool Students

Over 2 million children are educated at home in the United States, and parents who take on the monumental job of homeschooling their children often feel overwhelmed. Whichever parent stays at home must manage the household, care for the kids, and do all the work of designing a curriculum, teaching, testing, and keeping government-required records. But there is help for homeschoolers in online homeschooling programs.

The Grace Academy is a Christian-based homeschooling program for grades K-12. Tuition is normally $2,595 per year, with discounts for early enrollment. Over 180 lesson plans are available. In addition to online classes, CDs, videos, books, and other materials are provided. Attendance logs, progress reports, and other record keeping are done by the school. Teachers are available during business hours for online or phone consultations.

Forest Trail Academy offers Christian and secular curricula. Tuition ranges from $675 to $2,195 per year, depending on grade level. Individual classes can be taken for $350 each. Upon graduation, students receive a nationally accredited high school diploma. This school also handles record-keeping, transcript requests, etc.
Online Homeschool Classes is a publicly traded online school. It partners with school districts in many states to provide alternative homeschooling classes for selected students. In most cases, a program is free to parents, paid for with local school district funds. The school offers over 200 online courses. Teachers, often from the local school district, are available for consultations online or by phone. K12 also offers a la carte classes.

Learning By Grace is another Christian-oriented homeschooling program. It even has its own, moderated social network where students can socialize with each other safely. Over 150 online courses can be taken, with or without the aid of an instructor. The program has been in existence for over 10 years and is available to students in all 50 States.

The Keystone School offers self-paced online homeschooling classes for middle-school and high school students. After paying for a course, the student has six months to complete a module. Placement testing is available. The curriculum includes advanced placement and credit-recovery classes.

The Cambridge Academy offers a full spectrum of online homeschooling programs, from single courses to high school diploma tracks. Unlimited online teacher help is available, and all materials are provided. Tuition varies; payment plans and financial aid are available.

In addition to homeschooling schools, there are many support sites for homeschooling parents and students. See my Top Ten Sites for Homeschoolers article for links to sites that will help those who are just starting to consider homeschooling, resources that will help parents design their own homeschooling curriculum, and other helpful sites.

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Most recent comments on "Online Homeschool Classes"

Posted by:

12 Jul 2011

The Trent School ( worked great for my kids. One of them turned out to be a National Merit Scholar.

Posted by:

13 Jul 2011

Many in the homeschool community are alarmed by the K12 program that is partnering with public schools. Be forewarned, this is public-school-at-home and you may not be allowed to discuss God and religious teachings. We are also concerned that they are enticing people from the homeschool community back into public school so that they can benefit financially and politically. Concerns have been raised that if enough homeschoolers switch to this program that we could 'lose our rights to homeschool' and ultimately be required to use this program exclusively. For more info please see: Exposing a Trojan Horse -

Posted by:

30 Apr 2012

Thank you so much for these christian home school program suggestions. I was home schooled for a lot of my education and now my kids want to do it as well. These ideas will really help me out. Thanks again!

Posted by:

ACE home school curriculum
24 Jan 2014

American Academy National Home School works as a complete service academy wherein students are enrolled in a home school academy. They are in charge in keeping the academic records of students, high school transcripts and they issue a high school diploma upon graduation. The parents are trained on how to become a home school supervisor because they will be the partner of their children's learning process using the American Academy Program. The school of the students is the home, and the student will learn from the delegated self-instructional ACE home school curriculum. Once the students have completed their assignments, their tests will be graded and it will be send to the school for auditing and for record keeping.

Posted by:

chris james
16 May 2017

The above shared resources are very helpful. I recommend the above blog to my friend as he was thinking to enroll his child for online homeschooling programs. On searching he finally ended his search with Ogburn online school.

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