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Both my IE title bar and Windows Explorer title bar display only one letter. For example the present site that I am typing this at shows the letter A and that's all. It should probably say Ask Bob Rankin This has been this way since before SP2 which I was hoping would correct the problem, but didn't.


Sorry, I searched for an answer but found nothing. Anyone else have this problem, or a solution?

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This article was posted by on 23 Aug 2005

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Most recent comments on "Only One Letter in Title Bar"

Posted by:

David Watts
23 Aug 2005

Here are possible solutions:


Posted by:

25 Oct 2006

If you are using Google toolbar then this could be the cause, try remove and install the toolbar. (It worked for me)

Posted by:

06 Jul 2007

I you have installed google toolbar, try to uninstall it. Open your IE browser again and see the title is complete.

Posted by:

21 Oct 2007

The problem will be fixed, when the toolbar is updated automatically.

Posted by:

13 Nov 2007

I seem to have this problem as well. I removed google toolbar and now my IE is ok but my system title bars are not. It is very annoying as they just open with one alphabets (the first one from the name). Anyone know of a fix please?

Posted by:

17 Dec 2007

I had the same problem. What I did was a System Restore to an earlier date. That fixed my problem.

Posted by:

17 Jan 2008

My title bar is still showing "one letter"... this prob still persist when i rebooted my system afew times since yesterday, and i do not hv any Google toolbar install in my system.. SOS pls, Thx !!

Posted by:

Rob van der Woude
12 May 2008

I encountered the same problem this week, in Firefox only. I disabled all add-ons, restarted Firefox and the problem was over. I then re-enabled the add-ons one by one, each time restarting Firefox, until the problem was back again. In my case, the cause was Comodo's recently updated Verification Engine.

Posted by:

Siva Prakah
04 Jun 2008

Problem with virus.Use any active anti-virus and scan the comp.

Posted by:

12 Aug 2008

Rob van der Woude's solution worked for me. I had the problem only with Firefox so was going to disable add-ons individually. Thanks to his suggestion I began with Comodo's recently-updated Verification Engine and found that to be the cause of the problem.

Thanks very much!!

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