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When on some websites, if I click on a link a red fist icon appears next to my pointer and I am not redirected to that link. What is this red fist, and how can I access those links?


red fist It's probably an overzealous popup blocker. Earthlink and others offer popup blockers that try to protect you from unsafe sites, or sites with questionable content. Sometimes the software may flag a perfectly good site, preventing you from accessing it when you click on the link. The dreaded Red Fist appears, and You May Not Pass!

I noticed that you wrote to me from Earthlink, and I've seen other Earthlink users complaining about this. I don't use the Earthlink software, but there should be some way to turn it off. Or you could try holding down the Ctrl key while clicking the link. Let me know if that works!

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Posted by:

23 Oct 2006

I was very frustrated with the "red fist" icon...not sure how it was activated, either. Anyway, I tried holding the CTRL down while clicking the link and it worked like a charm. Thanks so much!

Posted by:

02 Mar 2007

As I.D. implies, I was clueless re how to get rid of the Dastardly Red Fist. Your advice to hold the Ctrl key works great. I've searched high and low and no one else ever suggested doing that. I know it isn't a real fix, but beats not being able to open the links. Thanks, oh cyber wizard.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Getting the red fist is a function of some EXTRA software on your PC. Remove that (or switch ISPs) and the problem is solved for good.

Posted by:

11 Mar 2007

Your suggestion of holding down the Ctl key worked!!! After a couple of months of aggravation at the stupid red fist. Thank you.

Posted by:

02 Jun 2007

I'd never seen the red fist icon 'til I got on Pop's computer. He started with Earthlink and that fist gets so in the way, he hardly gets online anymore. This "fix" will help, but if you can point out more about EXTRA software on the PC, that'd be great. Thanx.

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