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I had a problem with Windows XP. A friend entered the registry and did something to it. Now every time I turn the computer on I get a notice saying that Windows Installer is preparing to install. I can't now open pps or ppt attachments. I don't know how to fix the problem and I don't want to reformat my computer. Any suggestions?


Yes... don't let your friend mess with the Windows registry again! You can cause heaps of trouble by messing about in the registry, even if you are an experienced user.

Fortunately, there is a tool that can help you undo the mess your friend made. The System Restore tool built into Windows can roll back changes to your registry and other system files. For help using this tool, see my System Restore article.

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Most recent comments on "Registry Problem"

Posted by:

11 Mar 2007

hello bob, I'm stuck with a "good"problem the first time, downloaded many reg cleaners,they show different results,they doesn't really fix them i think. I have reinstalled windows 4 times and still the errors continue, desperately need help, and also i would be very thankful if you could tell me about the connection between hard and software,i mean if there is a problem in the hardware, does it effect the registry? sir,I will be greatly thankful if you could help me out.

EDITOR'S NOTE: You say "the errors continue" but you didn't mention what specific problems you're having...

Posted by:

04 Nov 2007

My computer was infected with some worm.It has changed some registry settings and now my Task Manager is disabled.Also regedit does not work.I get a message "It has been disabled by your Administrator".I have installed symantec corporate edition now.

I searched on the net and it seems it was the W32/Trax-A worm, which sets some entries in registry.Is there any way to remove these entries from Registry.How can I restore my windows to as it was before

EDITOR'S NOTE: I suggest System Retore. See

Posted by:

27 Jan 2008

Hi Bob: Is there any working registry cleaner out there available (that cleans registry, not just downloads it, tells you its messed up, then demands money via a charge card to fix it)

that a ) really fix your registry b) under 10.00 where they tell you the amount up front or is there a process one can go through to clean there registry themselves?

EDITOR'S NOTE: See RegSeeker:

Posted by:

16 May 2008

Hi Bob: my computer has sata hdd in which my OS was installed. And now I want to add another HDD which is the IDE type. The problem I'm facing is that the system cannot detect my IDE. Is there a way where I can solve this via BIOS configuration?

EDITOR'S NOTE: Make sure it's jumpers are set as Master.

Posted by:

ron m
11 Jun 2008

(1)When I start the computer there is a lot of whirring and tic a ticing and it takes forever to get to a point where I can use the computer. It locks frequently.

(2) Is there a way to disable Windows Live Messenger? This is one of the things which seems to slow my startup. I would like to have it so that I can bring it up IF I want to use it or see who might be trying to contact me. I do not use this feature very much -if at all.

(3) Any way to disable MS Script Editor? I don't use it and it annoys the hell out of me every time it pops up. I don't know how to use it and see no good reason for it!

EDITOR'S NOTE: First see to clear up the Messenger Mess, then in Internet Explorer, go to Tools->Internet Options->Advanced and UNCHECK both “Disable Script Debugging (other)” and “Disable Script Debugging (Internet Explorer).

Posted by:

Matthew O
01 Sep 2009

Ive never really experienced any registry problems on my own computer..on the other hand my friend had a great deal of crap problems with his..i do not remember the exact problems but the program used was called Driver seemed to work for him it may for you...idk..just giving helpful info Deatails on Driver Robot

Posted by:

19 Sep 2009

when i double click on my drives say C or D,openwith dialog box appears on my desktop......wht should i do??

EDITOR'S NOTE: Try this: Open Windows Explorer. Go to Tools -> Folder Options then click View tab. Enable the "Show hidden files" option. Now look for the file Autorun.INF in the root directory of C: or D: drives. Delete if found.

Posted by:

01 Oct 2009

Hi BOB,thanks for the reply.I tried what u said but could not find anything in my drives.But when i searched that from search tool in start menu I found many notepad files of Autorun.INF related to some applications.What type of file is it?.And where exactly i should search.Is there any other alternative way?.
Before that problem was with all the drives,but when i reinstalled XP in C drive,it's fine but other drives are showing that problem i.e when i double click on my drives openwith dialog box appears on my desktop.

Posted by:

17 Oct 2010

I had problem like this before and what I'm dis is I just refer to pc health advisor and everything went smoothly, everything happens in terms of registry cleaner. I'm not pc health expert so I appreciate to many pc health advisor.

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